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APN II Clinical Objectives

by: Jessie Lamberty

APN II Clinical Objectives MSN 852

Marketplace > Concordia University > NURSING > MSN 852 > APN II Clinical Objectives
Jessie Lamberty

GPA 3.82

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About this Document

These were my clinical objectives for my 2nd semester of FNP clinicals - Family Practice/Primary Care setting.
Advanced Primary Care Nursing II
Class Notes
fnp, msn, clinical, FAMILYPRACTICE
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessie Lamberty on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MSN 852 at Concordia University taught by in Fall 2013. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Advanced Primary Care Nursing II in NURSING at Concordia University.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Clinical Objectives- Fall 2013 Name: Date: 8/28/13 Clinical semester (check): APN 1______ APN 2__X___ APN 3______ Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time Completed Frame Objective I need to Fully complete I will complete Epic charting is Build up to I will be able to become documentation the chart and commonplace at least 3 efficiently and comfortable each clinical day then have my in our area; so patients fully chart on 5 utilizing Epic on 4-5 patients preceptor learning to charted or more system to independently. review it in utilize the daily at mid- patients per complete order to co-sign. provider semester clinical day by provider H&P or charting and up to 5 the end of the visit note. capabilities is or more by semester while essential to semester familiarizing future practice. completion. myself with the Taking typical EMR of advantage of nurse having a Super practitioners in User for a our area. preceptor will accommodate this goal. I need to Complete at I will assess the Each stage of By the end I will have become least one daily schedule child of the significant comfortable with physical from each clinical development semester exposure to well child each age group: day and seek presents a complete an pediatric physicals. appropriate different exam H&P and patients within -Infant (0-1 yrs) patients to and interview; visit note the family independently this semester with practice setting, -Young child (1-3 see. presents education successfully yrs) possibilities of within each completing a -Preschool (3-5 good exposure of the five well- child visit to a wide array age groups and appropriate yrs) of children and mentioned. documentation -School age (5- their families. of the age 12 yrs) groups mentioned in -Adolescent (13- column 2. 17 yrs) I would like to Provide at least I will offer This skill was Throughout I will present improve my 2-3 differentials differentials to learned in APN- the patients to my differential for each patient my preceptor 1, and is semester preceptor along diagnosis skills. seen related to during always this skill will with at least 2-3 presenting consultation applicable. be applied differential problem. time after Improving to each diagnoses after interviewing upon it and patient assessing the and assessing becoming seen. patient. the patient. more accurate Through this using critical process of thinking is accurate appropriate for diagnosis I will APN-2. also take into account being financially responsible in diagnostics and work up. I would like to Present each Preceptor will To provide By mid- I will be able to improve my patient seen be able to follow professional semester effectively patient independently my presentation and accurate present with communicate presentation in a SOAP note easily. I will use information to some extra my patient skills. format. my in-visit Epic my preceptor questions presentations notes to do so. for effective given by with minimal use of consult preceptor to feedback and time during the improve suggestions for patient visit. accuracy of additional differentials information at and the end of the treatments; semester. then minimally at the end of the semester. Gain exposure to Complete an I will research The ability to By the end I will familiarize prenatal visits. interview and and observe see these of the myself with assessment for typical goals patients within semester I educational and patients within and the family will see and health goals for each of the 3 assessments for practice document pregnancy trimesters. each trimester setting is quite on at least stages and be patient before unique and I one patient able to seeing them am fortunate in each of complete a independently; to have this the 3 prenatal visit then complete possibility this trimesters of for patients at this goal. semester; I pregnancy. various stages plan to build upon my of pregnancy. previous nursing inpatient OB background and see the in- office process. I would like to Complete “After Using the AVS Providing This will be I will utilize become Visit Summary feature I will written done for Epic’s “AVS” for comfortable (AVS)” pick topics education each patient every patient I formulating education relevant to each topics for the I see see to provide education plans materials for patient. patient to take independent and discuss for common each patient home allows ly. relevant topics conditions within seen for more based on the family independently. effective individual practice setting. teaching; problems and utilizing Epic’s health literacy built in ability ability. to do so is appropriate for every patient. I would like to Discuss and Depending on Building a Every week I will add new continue to build research at the patients personal at least one topics to my my resource least one new seen each week resource new topic resource library library that I topic each week or current library as a will be that my APN-1 began in APN-1. with my medical news a reference for discussed preceptor and I preceptor. new topic will future and further started last be explored in independent explored semester. New depth. practice is while away topics to important to from the include will suit me. In APN-1 clinic the common or we focused on setting. unique patients chronic to this conditions; I population. would like to build it to suit the populations seen this semester at a new location. This allows for building my knowledge base, but also with critically analyzing data for evidence based practice.


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