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APN III Clinical Objectives

by: Jessie Lamberty

APN III Clinical Objectives MSN 853

Marketplace > Concordia University > NURSING > MSN 853 > APN III Clinical Objectives
Jessie Lamberty

GPA 3.82

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About this Document

Clinical objectives for my final semester of clinicals - Urgent Care and Women's Health for the MSN/FNP program.
FNP III Advanced Primary Care
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessie Lamberty on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MSN 853 at Concordia University taught by in Spring 2014. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see FNP III Advanced Primary Care in NURSING at Concordia University.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Student Clinical Objectives Name: Date: Clinical Semester: APN III Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time Frame Completed Objective Peds: Complete at least Look at Build Throughout Able to Increase comfort 3 WCE in each schedule daily comfort the semester. independently level with well child age group; 0-1, for well child level with complete WCE exams. 1-3, preschool, exams. pediatric and Epic note schoolage, and wellness for all age adolescent. visits and groups preventative independently. care. Increase efficiency Independently Build number Ability to Build toward Able to and workflow to a work up to of patients complete a goal efficiently provider level. seeing majority independently provider throughout complete a of or entire seen each level the semester. daily scheduled schedule of clinical day. scheduled of patients at patients daily. day. the provider level. Increase comfort Track and Note most Increased Track Able to with diagnosis of efficiently common comfort and conditions accurately and common pediatric diagnose the 5 complaints accuracy over first 3 efficiently complaints. most common seen in first 3 with weeks, then diagnose and complaints seen weeks, then diagnosing throughout treat common in pediatric assess patient common the semester complaints of practice. schedule for complaints. regularly see pediatric similar Many similar practice. complaints for conditions complaints to other rest of seen by all improve the semester types of NP accuracy of when choosing practice. differentials, patients to see ordering independently. diagnostics, and prescribing treatment. Increase comfort Become familiar Use evidence Comfort This goal will By the end of with common with typical based with be fulfilled unfed semester treatments for both treatments for 5 resources to common throughout I will be able to acute and chronic most common recommend therapies the semester. select the best conditions within complaints. treatment and relevant treatment for the ped population. correctly across all common figure dosing practice complaints and schedule types. seen in ped for each Researching practice treatment and efficiently. prescribed. developing personal 'go to' treatments helps with practice efficiency. Most of my resource Collect relevant Add evidence Print and/or This will be Evidence based library from literature for based practice bookmark done weekly literature with previous clinicals is preventative ped guidelines, relevant throughout a ped focus will focused on adult care as well as expected topics at the semester. be added to primary care. common illness milestones, time of care reference complaints. and common each week. library for complaint preventative guidelines to and illness personal care. reference library. I have had no NP I will include at Discuss any User first NP This will be I will be able to preceptors and least one NP barriers or preceptor to fulfilled distinguish would liked to specific ability or specific help throughout independent become more limitation within abilities of NPs differentiate the semester. mid level ability familiar with the weekly SOAP with preceptor MD from and practice role within primary notes. as they arise. mid level and when to care. practice and collaborate or the refer based on collaboration license that occurs. limitations. Jessie Lamberty, APN III Clinical Objectives- Urgent Care January 28, 2014 Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time Frame Completed Objective Urgent Care: I will complete an Collaborate This carries This will be I will be able to I would like to acute assessment with provider over to fulfilled do at least 3-5 expand my on at least 3-5 to select the primary care throughout acute assessment skills patients per day. most as most the semester. complaint with more acute beneficial acute independent complaints. patients as complaints assessments they arrive. can be seen per day with in a variety accuracy. of settings of practice. I need to become Observe then I will observe Many This will be I hope to be familiar with more complete at least the technique procedures completed able to procedures- such as 3 procedures as and then are seen throughout complete a suturing, joint available. complete with more the semester basic suture aspirations/injection assistance if frequently in as cases are procedure. s. the urgent care, available. opportunity but carry arises. over to family practice. I would need Determine the Discuss the The need for This will be I will be able to practice with acuity and H&P and at determining completed for determine the appropriate urgent necessary means least 3 workup vs. each patient appropriate care setting testing for diagnosis differentials referral throughout venue based on vs. referrals. and/or treatment for each occurs in all the semester. patient for each patient. patient. practice condition and settings as diagnosis. patients do not always choose the correct venue of care. I need to add acute I will add at least Utilize The One resource I will have at resources to my 1 new acute resources complaints or reference least one new reference library complaint, from providers seen in this will be added resource to add from APN I & II. condition, or and/or from setting to personal to broaden my treatment per research on present a library reference week to my specific wider variety weekly. library for each resources. diagnoses. than is week in the typically clinic. seen in family practice. I would like to refine I will present at After The accuracy This will occur I will formulate and improve my least three developing and with each a correct diagnosis accuracy. independently differentials efficiency patient preliminary developed and diagnosis I with independently diagnosis or differentials will discuss processing seen correct leading to an with the possible and throughout differential for accurate provider to correct the semester. each patient diagnosis for each determine diagnoses is seen ultimately patient. direction of necessary leading to care or for accurate final accurate independent diagnosis. diagnosis. practice.


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