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ARTH 430 Week 3 Notes

by: Tia Goebel

ARTH 430 Week 3 Notes ARTH 430

Tia Goebel
GPA 3.93

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About this Document

Hey classmate - included are the notes from Week 3 on Napoleon Bonaparte and his propaganda scheme. Notes include images of the works we looked at in class as well as interpretative/historical deta...
19th Century Art History
Dr. Todd Larkin
Class Notes
Art History, ARTH, Napoleon Bonaparte, jacques-louisdavid, Lecture Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tia Goebel on Friday September 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 430 at Montana State University taught by Dr. Todd Larkin in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see 19th Century Art History in ARTH - Art History at Montana State University.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
th Art History 430: 19 Century Art History Tia Goebel Week 3 Notes September 12, 2016 Arts under Napoleon: David and Late Neoclassicism I. David and Neoclassicism, 1760-1820 Herculanueum, Pompeii in 1738/48 Ger. Johan Joachim von Winckelman (one of the first art historians) Robespierre falls 1795, David imprisoned Intervention of Sabines Romulus & Remus Sabines Ersilia (leader of the Sabine women and wife of Romulus) Jacques-Louis David, Intervention of the Sabine Women, 1799 Sabine women come in between the fighting tribes and urge for peace, as on one side, they had fathers, and the other, husbands. Painted at the end of the revolution – political statement about wanting peace after the revolution Fean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Achilles Receiving the Ambassadors of Agamemnon 1801 (Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax) (next page) th Art History 430: 19 Century Art History Tia Goebel Love on the left, patriotism on the right Story from Homer’s Illiad; it’s about the war between the Trojans & Greeks Neoclassical art, conceived no real place for women Male and female coexist together, without even women being represented The S curve  defined by William Hogarth as the source of beauty/grace David is a second generation Neoclassicist II. David and Napoleon David was the first painter to the consul Propaganda th Art History 430: 19 Century Art History Tia Goebel David, Self Passage of the French Army across Saint Bernard, 1808, engr.  this drawing shows how the landscape dominated the people, and gives us a sense of reality compared to David’s glorified version David, Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard Pass, 1800-01  was looking at Bernini, Constantine, Scala Regia, St. Peter’s Vatican City, 1654-70 and Riders from the Parthenon, Athens, 446-432 B.C. This painting is at Napoleon’s tomb-site Names in the stone: Karolus Magnus, Hannibal  other two famous commanders to cross the pass December 2, 1804 (the date that Napoleon was crowned): The Imperial House of Bonaparte Francoi Gerard, Emperor Napoleon I, 1806  Symbols… leaf-like crown (like Roman emperors), bees (like industrious bees), eagle on his staff – from Ancient Rome, red – also imperial Rome, orb, scepter (finger of blessing) of St. Louis, N for Napoleon on his chair Gerard, Empress Josephine, 1806 Inges, Napoleon on His Imperial Throne, Salon of 1806 Paint strokes have disappeared Terrifying image Napoleon made god-like (omnipotent) At his feet, there are symbols that refer to the dates when he took power, used astrological symbols like Scropio and what not – N’s power is written in the stars th Art History 430: 19 Century Art History Tia Goebel PROBLEM PORTRAIT :it doesn’t quite make sense that Napoleon would have asked for something like this …would the people of France just accepted the new “body” of France so easily, when Napoleon did not have blood lines with the old king and the old king’s head was literally chopped off (separated from the people of France)? st Augustus of Primaporta, 1 c. CE  influence for Canova’s sculpture: Antonio Canova, Napoleon as Mars, 1803-6  definitely a little laughable, Napoleon was embarrassed and it was put into a broom closet and it didn’t look like him at all Canova, Pauline Borghese as Venus, 1804-08 Napoleon’s favorite sister, Pauline Very lifelike and sensuous th Art History 430: 19 Century Art History Tia Goebel David, Benediction of Napoleon and Coronation of Josephine in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, December 2, 1807-07 This painting took a year of preparation HUGE, controlled the amount of ego actually expressed, because Napoleon crowned himself – instead, shown crowning Josephine David called this, “the most important of my works.” Influence from?  Peter Paul Ruebens, Coronation of Marie… 100 figures shown with accurate likenesses (even American ambassador is shown) Right side: clergy, center: royal family, left: Napoleon’s other family


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