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Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande, Uzbekis, US teens

by: Estefania Notetaker

Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande, Uzbekis, US teens ANTH 1002

Marketplace > George Washington University > anthropology, evolution, sphr > ANTH 1002 > Witchcraft Oracles and Magic among the Azande Uzbekis US teens
Estefania Notetaker

GPA 3.94
Introductions to Sociocultural Anthropology
Sarah Wagner

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About this Document

Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic among the Azande, Uzbekis, US teens March 25, 2015 Guest Lecturer
Introductions to Sociocultural Anthropology
Sarah Wagner
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Estefania Notetaker on Saturday March 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 1002 at George Washington University taught by Sarah Wagner in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 291 views. For similar materials see Introductions to Sociocultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 03/28/15
Witchcraft Oracles and Magic among the Azande Uzbekis US teens March 25 2015 Guest Lecturer I EvansPritchard and the Azande Background a Anthropology Why are we different How are we different i Linguistic anthropology What is the role of language in making us different b EvansPritchard looks at how witchcraft serves as an explanation for unfortunate even ts i Significance It was an important account because of the way he described them 1 In the 190205 and 19305 most of the work in describing and analyzing ways human find explanations saw primitive cultures as backward and superstitious 2 He studied spoke to them and try to understand them c EvansPritchard develops a functionalist explanation i Institutions like witchcraft that fit into logic system It is there because it helps them do stuff ii Not only does magic help the society stick together but it helps it make sense of the unknown 1 Durkheim 9 stick together 2 EvansPritchard 9takes it further saying that it makes sense d EvansPritchard 19021973 i His first field work begun in 1926 resulted in the books Witchcraft Oracles and Magic Among The Azande 1937 1 quotThe anthropologist must follow what he finds in the society he has selected for study social organization of its people their values and sentiments and so forth I had no interest in witchcraft when I went to Zandeland but the Zande had so I had to let myself be guided by them Appendix IV Pg 242 2 Anthropologists guide their questions by what the people being studied find salient in their existence II Accountin for misfortune rationalit irrationalit a Re ection 9 Is Azande thought so different from ours Or it explained in an idiom that we are simply unaccustomed to b Question How do we explain misfortune i Azande like you and me perfectly aware that there are natural cases to many occasions of misfortune 1 Note that they explain of misfortune is NOT done inexplicably or in a chaotic manner ii Clear distinctions between natural and supernatural 1 Supernatural only applied in cases where the natural cannot be used to explain a Explain particularities of events that cannot be accounted by natural explanations b Evans resounds with respect 2 Witchcraft fulfills the function that science fulfills in our modern society a We use science to explain unusual events They do the same with witchcraft b Like science witchcraft doesn t try to explain what ought to happen Instead it explains what happened 3 Pg 18 9 there is no niche or corner of the Zande culture into whichquot Any failure of misfortune is accounted by magic c In essence rationality and irrationality are 111 Witchcraft examples from the Azande Pg 2023 a Example one the injured toe i Why did the boys who knock his foot against the stump of a tree Was that witchcraft at work 1 If its just his foot 9 its natural to stump your feet 2 If its get infected and he almost dies Why did it get do bad 9 It starts to get to magic for explanation b Example 2 the collapse granary pg 2223 i Now why should these particular people have been sitting under this particular moment when it collapse That it should collapse is easily intelligible but why should it have collapse at the particular moment when these particular people were sitting beneath it Pg 22 ii EvansPritchard saw the Azande as similar to those in any modern societyquot 1 Societies organize their world in a meaningful way 2 All social communities come with explanatory patterns IV Example from Luria in Uzbekistan a Alexander Luria looked as the Soviet Union expanded he was interested in finding out the obstacles of true union i The backward regions were seen as irrational and holding back that union b Luria s experiments in Uzbekistan in the 1930s 9 i Question quotIn the Far North all bears are white Novaya Zemyla is the far North What color are bears there ii Reponses you should ask the people who have been there and seen them Here we only speak of what we see We don t talk about what we haven t seen 1 Why this response To them it was illogical to ask them that They haven t seen it why would they know Their epistemology was different from ours iii Context Stalin s collectivization programs iv Historical figure of literacy 9 in uences their logical reasoning 1 Finding cues that those with literacy responded by making a logical inference 2 Questions asked in Syllogism 9 usually occurs in very specific historical settings where people are literate V US Science classroom a 4 kids in a science class have weighed closed and open bottle with baking soda and vinegar i Is the weight the same or different 1 One of the kids figures out the kind of answer the teacher would be looking for 2 Another kid seeks to truly find out the answer 3 Dynamics of social context some are quotgiftedquot ESOL or normal 9 it plays into the other believing their answer is correct VI Summary a EP9 Rationality is a social constructions b Luria9 it is an historical constructions c Science Education example 9 reasoning occurs in a social context VII Glossary mangu witchcraft benge oracle a Explained in next week s film Note on Class Film The Azande March 27 2015 Azande 9 Magical practices to explain the unexplainable 0 Walking along is really hot you go under granary and it collapse What is the reason 0 To them it s because someone was pissed and sent magic to hurt you Magical systems tend to work because they are coherent about how the world work while counting for times when it doesn t work normally and how to resolves 0 Complex system of practices to solve problem of the every day life Christianity has come in to the tribe 0 However in their eyes it doesn t do it It doesn t account for all of their problems in farming rain and other particularities of Azande life Oracles articles that can reveal a truth in the community Local Chief 9 dispenses justice via the use of Mangu Azande word for Magic 0 Soro 9 Chief of Police and Judge 0 Benge sorcerer who asks oracles to reveal truth I Administers poison to chicken 9 weather they lived or died will dictate No such thing as bad luck or accident it is due to magic or witchcraft 0 Notes You can be a witch without knowing it Glossary 0 mangu witchcraft benge oracle


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