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HIS 315L

by: Mariah Arevalos

HIS 315L HIS 315L

Mariah Arevalos

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About this Document

These notes were taking on September 8, 2016.
Michael Stoff
Class Notes
United, States, history
25 ?





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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariah Arevalos on Saturday September 17, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 315L at University of Texas at Austin taught by Michael Stoff in Fall 2014. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see THE UNITED STATES SINCE 1865 in History at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/17/16
H#:s', llurnt+cllttvUwutrk5 (ont\ ,l fot, L> (lu burttrn t00v qertsoL 61y ;,J.*\-atrsha[l t'cus:\ L> gabcyt tertill t FrP,. mnJulh rfOuY w\'t ,o",ivx-ltvtnitwWj -?J ic \von u5td gtr:Kr.ltfurtrh0.l lll4Aitt - |L,ur#,rr, Vnl/r- -i cJilrt{(* rltf;vtflfift b''roorctlln nl roJrbnd3e -) JL,rgent{ibi i6( lr ChbVs I L)'Sk(r " t 0vey W\t{&.ty\ t(lr1H,, L; rt tritkct"r{dl.rqrir gpg{ nrfi\ WrW y^tn) \,1,.!\/a1^.Afitr-J1. li{ .l tt]'* e!4'ttreUvoa@ nwg1,{' }'nusit- tcttC Ic4rh ttvl\rr'r1 L> Rorrtitnu ,I t;:i,\1-'.t.'^L L;"fpsvcr"'rl\UliL f,r ti\ft5 btt Ofurr yufil[Cr,, CrirU -> thougnk b lrleJ\nfu\ MmotraCul - tould t.:avv on 'ba.JrhG\l Jtctlt crboul islufS , Vott 0Y1\sJUeJ fDtJ!\ t^vl(ntl,l, ffu\K ?rntcr".'ttttl[ uiout\d Sh6ta1 UP w ' l/-\Oea:on dt'octe, inrsKcrd \g(d ru t-'Ct:s *> cihes u*,ltr{JKcttfnl t1A[ tjoovlt ?hqsitn\ ltrvtcLt gitreI -> \uUst,v clilsut i{i\ln[&[ Dtno"vtor vs- Buv ct\tlrn en I ct ;:2 Klid \D be \trotvftltit pottfits Pqvhes Ps\rhctr\ L> \Yrovt oYqftnit(d, \tftder PonHtnt lltnthtyrg 5 rn polintr\t pcrvhcs rDnnl ovd(r"1DbL5 etr 1pt clrtr.'tk> CCvVUpn0F -' S Lirrdrta - Citi$ ItCr{tzprt::t':\uiu'frt-!.itJ*x*qir * , ru0fuf'[iN; (v*l NLLIS to bt tontCtr]rtd Ltrfnr\e,J) J Y?t" [1qsnW.u\\tcrn 0n - tnttws d B0\On(f) -> ?nr \he. boss 1 \fctdtvs\rgd $vtr,trn f0Wtv: T Bosr-0ontt Ccmr( ftonr ynr Jhn'It SYDUP ot ptople ovdtnoyl peoytc wtK \obssei tkDrvr {4tIJlrctlrStmet toyctt\ nfryvl$ trr5hr->t0"\Kftn r?otph h proplL 0l \4r,q,rvi$tn5 tnru:t\',t\ ?ub\ic 5g.vvtCe IullpotinS\ \vtspniripilrna) Po\iflis \btLur)Lt r,r rn \mK \qrh rrnrirn4) lVUtrss\On - trtot.L \riLiiil\t\PLunk tt\ poilntAl ftt,elllii\fT,i(i'i;r-1orhh A.o1rrep - tso:l ,Yh-rn 11ri& \{vet \}1s,*r*tt".t0y5on\hnl*erds\rY}utr vp(v! bos/ ht s rnrnionr wtw fttlcuv a[J - p\.,u\rrusutCrrltt YhrDuqfr p0J5 , \r\i'filC{,th\ne Wt t\tftK 4fuUn -> tr>Ottb pro?ur uu voF( rQo rnruu ffilputrtirr,ti")]f,rii:ii'r Pufrbnqte -> Powtv -> .1,:, i,,.,.:ri, ,o I [ftiitv0teslvonn4 - tttr.r!]ct\rt\lLtyili 0\ Ki r\i en dr1olr bnbtd fD yo\{ ffi\tc v1r{}t1fS ',.D$lt w t\i-lfiWd fD h urt ppl fuO L;whq ? Po\sei \uv( pU\flts L) bo5stl \ovt murrt 1 L', ?uq ftv prolerts thrrl-ru'lad,t\n6nu{ t,,vt1'4r}.}",v\,_,r1r1 trutilr,honrU,*i:rclln{, ,xtr:vyrunIuitP\r,{siu.turtt\,iu'!li"r1!'iitjrq?T"tt"i]*t\ ft1, lliflnr Twt L) tr:y111plr t0ntYc,t"Lks L> rnenh(rttfin t"oun\ t0uvr Hu1,,st t\3 rnillion I}\ - nleKr!fiis s\utt *)Hiu rb\\rLKd J&rcrn$ a!d{.s,-,r{r::ipicu,t*-: b, , \N:(5 vrCIYth mitt\0Y15 $ L0 vruPt\on \n Dtrnotrfi cL{/h oY, r> Ile6flroy-,'tfrr, Jhp voh u''1Ipqy h(dSrgnn1 \t0s<-{uwr ir'\ ?t\t3ov. (tupl{ Lrvt5 ot


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