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Microbiology Microbial metabolism

by: La-Teisha Allen

Microbiology Microbial metabolism Bio 3150-800

La-Teisha Allen

GPA 3.52

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About this Document

Microbial Metabolism
Marilu E. Santos
Class Notes
metabolism, anerobic, glycolysis, catabloism
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by La-Teisha Allen on Sunday September 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 3150-800 at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Marilu E. Santos in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Microbiology in Microbiology at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months.


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Date Created: 09/18/16
Microbiology Important Coenzymes +  NAD  NADP +  FAD  Coenzyme A Factors Influencing Enzyme Activity  Temperature  pH  Substrate concentration  Inhibitors Oxidation-Reduction Reactions  Oxidation: Removal of electrons  Reduction: Gain of electrons  Redox reaction: An oxidation reaction paired with a reduction reaction The Generation of ATP  ATP is generated by the phosphorylation of ADP Substrate-Level Phosphorylation  Energy from the transfer of a high-energy PO 4 to ADP generates ATP Oxidative Phosphorylation  Energy released from transfer of electrons (oxidation) of one compound to another (reduction) is used to generate ATP in the electron transport chain Photophosphorylation  Light causes chlorophyll to give up electrons. Energy released from transfer of electrons (oxidation) of chlorophyll through a system of carrier molecules is used to generate ATP. Photosynthesis Oxygenic: 6  C  O2   12  HO  +   i gt h n2rgy                                         6   2   1  6  H2  ++     O2 Anoxgenic: 6  C  O2   12  HS  +   Li gt  ne2rgy                                         6   2   1   6 H2  ++   2  S Carbohydrate Catabolism  The breakdown of carbohydrates to release energy  Glycolysis  Krebs cycle  Electron transport chain Alternatives to Glycolysis  Pentose phosphate pathway  Uses pentoses and NADPH  Operates with glycolysis  Entner-Doudoroff pathway  Produces NADPH and ATP  Does not involve glycolysis  Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, Agrobacterium  Aerobic respiration: The final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is molecular oxygen (2 ).  Anaerobic respiration: The final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is not2O . Yields less energy than aerobic respiration because only part of the Krebs cycles operates under anaerobic conditions. Anaerobic Respiration Electron Acceptor NO 3– SO 4 CO 2 – 3 Prod–cts NO 2 N 2 H O2 H 2 + H 2 CH 4 H O2 Carbohydrate Catabolism Pathway Glycolysis, Intermediate steps, Krebs cycle, ETC Eukaryote Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, Mitochondrial matrix, mitochondrial inner membrane Prokaryote Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, Cytoplasm, plasma membrane Energy produced from complete oxidation of one glucose using aerobic respiration Fermentation  Any spoilage of food by microorganisms (general use)  Any process that produces alcoholic beverages or acidic dairy products (general use)  Any large-scale microbial process occurring with or without air (common definition used in industry)


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