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by: Emma Silverman

Higginbotham Psych 105- Intro to Psychology

Emma Silverman
GPA 4.0
Psych 105
Jessica Higginbotham

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About this Document

Psych 105
Jessica Higginbotham
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emma Silverman on Saturday March 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 105- Intro to Psychology at Washington State University taught by Jessica Higginbotham in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see Psych 105 in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 03/28/15
32515 Self Determination Autonomy say in what you re doing Mastery feeling confident in what you re doing Purpose what you re doing is contributing to something bigger Deci amp Ryan s SelfDetermination Theory Autonomy Competence Relatedness Competence and Achievement Motivation Competence motivation I can do this Achievement motivation I can do this better than you Achievement motivation is correlated With higher levels of success Grades job performance worker output Chapter 13 The Stress System Written Assignment 3 Due FRI 43 2 observations from YOUR OWN LIFE Relate EACH to a psychological concept Find a peerreviewed Journal article explaining the concept Cite APA style within and at end of paper Date location brief case description psychological application complete reference FOR EACH ONE 23 pages double spaced t the right amount of stress Stress Reaction to a stimulus that disturbs mental or physical equilibrium InvertedU relationship between pressure and performance There is an optimum stress point KNOW WHAT S NOT THE DEFINITION OF STRESS book What doesn t kill you Seery et al 2010 Some adversity allows people to handle future stressors better Too little stress or too much is correlated with low life satisfaction and high levels of global distress Acute Stress Short intense and most commonly encountered Episodic stress Acute stress that is suffered too frequently Often due to selfinflicted unreasonable demands Chronic stress Longterm exposure to stressors Unhappy marriage traumatic experiences unwanted career orjob stress of poverty chronic illness relationship problem political issues dysfunctional families Which type of stress do Americans Experience most A Acute stress B Episodic stress C Chronic stress What father of Psychology did Walter take down with this research of physical responses to stress A William James B Sigmund Freud C Abraham Maslow D Carl Lange Fight or Flight The 1st Pathway Increased respiration increased HR increased BP blood flow to muscles decreased metabolism pupil dilation 1 Hypothalamus activates sympathetic nervous system 2 SNS activates adrenal medulla 3 Adrenal medulla secretes epinephrine amp norepinephrine Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal HPA Axis The Stress System Epinephrine amp Norepinephrine Increased respiration HR BP blood flow to muscles decreased metabolism pupil dilation Secretion of Glucocorticoids Increased release of stored energy Decreased inflammation Reduced immune function Cortisol A glucocorticoid corticosteroid released from the adrenals in response to stress or low levels of blood glucose Highest in the morning because you haven t eaten in a while Cushing s Syndrome Too much cortisol Causes obesity emotional disturbance thin wrinkled skin moon shaped faces premature osteoporosis muscle weakness skin ulcers etc 32715 General Adaptation Syndrome Exposure to intense and prolonged stress Hans Selye 1976 The 2nd pathway the HPA Axis 1 Enlarged adrenal glands 2 Stomach ulcers weight loss 3 Shrinkage of thymus glands and lymph glands General Adaptation Syndrome 1 Alarm State a SNSHPA activation 2 Resistance tate a Urge to maintain homeostasis b adaptation 3 Exhaustion Stage a Resources are exhausted b Breakdown of HPA system Explanatory Style halffull Optimistic explanatory style halfempty Pessimistic explanatory style Externalinternal What was her problem external vs I must have said the wrong thing She probably saw me trip when l was walking this morning internal Temporarystable I m really not looking my best today I didn t get enough sleep temporary vs Let s face it I m a pretty boring guy and really not very goodlooking stable Specificglobal She looks busy Maybe she s waiting for her boyfriend to arriveor girlfriend specific vs Women never give me a second look probably because I dress like a nerd and I never know what to say global Perseverancepassivity Whoa Who s that girl Alrighttime to turn on the charm perseverance vs Maybe I ll just hold down this corner of the buffet table and then go home and watch TV passivity Explanatory Style Optimists are significantly healthier Higher levels of lymphocytes T cells and helper T cells Optimists are more likely to cope in stressful situations Pessimists tend to experience MORE stress Pessimists have stronger reactions to the same stress iClicker 1 m so stressed There are so many things that I need to accomplish in one day and they have to be done right away I m only one person A Acute Stress B Episodic Stress C Chronic Stress 2My boss just gave my other less qualified coworker the promotion instead of me I swear that guy has always had it out for me since the Christmas party when I brought a better dessert than his I ll have to start getting in with the other boss if I ever want to go anywhere in this business A Optimistic explanatory style B Pessimistic explanatory style The Stressed Personality TYPE A BEHAVIOR PATTERN 1 Exaggerated sense of time urgency often trying to do more and more in less time 2 General sense of hostility frequently displaying anger and irritation 3 Intense ambition and competitiveness TYPE B BEHAVIOR PATTERN 1 Work steadily 2 Laid back 3 Enjoy achievement but do not become stressed when they do not achieve TYPE A BEHAVIOR PATTERN VS TYPE B BEHAVIOR PATTERN Type A are twice as likely to develoo heart disease as those classified as type B Rosenman 1974 Type A behavior does not reliably predict the development of heart disease Myrtek 2007 The strongest predictor of the development of heart disease is the hostility associated with type A personalities Chida amp Steptoe 2009 Prenatal Stress Shorter pregnancy miscarriage impaired brain development hyperactivity emotional problems conduct problems in girls 2 surges in hormones during pregnancy Genitalia development Brain development Inappropriate surge or lack of surge Female with masculine tendencies Male with feminine tendencies Childhood Stress Formation of a smaller brain Low threshold for stress Health problems Impaired learning and memory Social Supports Socially isolated people are twice as likely to die over a given period than people who have strong social relationships Lundstad et al 2010 Risk factor equivalent 15 cigarettesday Social Supports Chronic loneliness predicts poorer physical and mental health higher death rates and decreased cognitive functioning Hawkley amp Cacioppo 2010 1950 s study asks college students to rate their parents level of love and caring 50 years later 87 of those who had rated their parents as being low in loving and caring had been diagnosed with a serious physical disease Coping Problemfocused coping Aimed at directly changing or managing a threatening or harmful stressor Emotionfocused coping Aimed at relieving or regulation the emotional impact of a stressful situation iCIicker This year I m secretly stuffing the turkey with PRozacso we can finally have a stressfree hoHday A Healthy coping B Unhealthy coping As I ve gotten older I ve learned to relax and not stress over trivial matters Just kidding I m drunk A Healthy coping B Unhealthy coping


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