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Week 3 notes

by: Nisha Bhakta
Nisha Bhakta
GPA 3.61

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About this Document

notes for chapter 3
Gender, Crime, and Criminal Justice
Joanna Pearson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nisha Bhakta on Sunday September 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to crj 305 at Arizona State University taught by Joanna Pearson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Gender, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 09/18/16
Crj 305 – Gender, Crime, Criminal Justice Chapter 3: Feminist and Pro-Feminist Theories (September 8, 2016)  General Strain Theory * o Robert Agnew o Goals, response, and strains may vary depending on race, class, and gender o Three psychosocial strain sources:  Presence of negative stimuli (bills, low income)  Loss of positive stimuli (lose of a spouse)  Failure to achieve positive goals (did not get job or did not graduate)  Critical Race Feminism o Race was made by people and the legal system reinforced it o Feminist jurisprudence - Developed by White feminist legal scholars to address ways that lawmaking and enforcement work to the detriment of women and girls o Critical race feminism: Response by women of color law professors concerned that feminist jurisprudence was dominated by White women and Critical Race Theory was dominated by African American men  Masculinity Theory o Some Men express masculinity through criminal acts o Masculinity is key to explaining criminality  Cycle of Violence Theory * o Individuals who experienced childhood abuse or neglect were more likely than their non-abused and non-neglected counterparts to be arrested later in life. o Once started on the cycle it is very hard to stop  Life Course Theory * o Theorizes that various life events, particularly those during childhood and adolescence, affect one’s risk of offending behavior o Examines pathways through the age-differentiated life span  Pathway Theory * o Fundamentally posits that childhood and sometimes adulthood trauma can serve as trajectories to offending o Other Research Findings:  Parental deviance plays a role  Abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual abuse has a profound impact on girl offending  TRAUMA IS A KEY PATHWAY TO OFFENDING  Merging Theories and Summary o Life course theory is prospective o Pathways theory is retrospective o Cycle of Violence is lifelong o SUMMARY  Cycle of Violence and Pathways are the most useful to help understand girls’ and women’s entries into delinquency and crime  There is a gendered impact of factors such as different traumas, economic disadvantage, and varying relationships with parents, children, and intimate partners (boy and girls experience things differently)


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