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Week 9 Lecture Notes

by: Monica Weisenbach

Week 9 Lecture Notes BIO110

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Biology > BIO110 > Week 9 Lecture Notes
Monica Weisenbach
GPA 3.819
Introductory Biology for Science Majors
Christiane Healey

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About this Document

This is the lecture notes for the 9th week of class. It covers speciation. A study guide for the upcoming exam is also available.
Introductory Biology for Science Majors
Christiane Healey
Class Notes
UMass, Umass Amherst, Biology, 110, Healey
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Monica Weisenbach on Saturday March 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO110 at University of Massachusetts taught by Christiane Healey in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 121 views. For similar materials see Introductory Biology for Science Majors in Biology at University of Massachusetts.


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Date Created: 03/28/15
Week 9 Lecture Notes Mini History Break Typological thinking first PlatoAristotle vs evolution Lamarck Charles Darwin Alfred Russell Wallace The idea was natural selection and that variation is important not annoying Darwin was a perfectionist he didn t publish his ideas because he wanted to write a giant book with all the evidence Wallace traveled and collected animals to sell to museums and he observed so he wrote a letter about natural selection to Darwin They decided to present their ideas together prompting Darwin to finally publish his book Speciation What is a species How is that word defined Biological Species Concept two organisms used to refer to entire populations that cannot interbreed reproductive isolation Morphological Species Concept skeletal differences used for dinosaurs Phylogenetic Species Concept using genetic evidence to create evolutionary relation carts Speciation is not always a clear divide Subspecies different populations can interbreed but are geographically distinct for one Also used when biologists don t want to say that two organisms are diff species Hybrids some diff species interbreed very rarely Ring species Definition of Speciation A splitting event that creates two new species from an ancestral species Gene flow must be interrupted for enough time to prevent interbreeding Allopatric Speciation Geographic barriers can interrupt gene flow enough to create a new species The Grand Canyon separated populations of squirrels so the barriers can grow over time Allopatric living in different geographical areas Sympatric living in the same geographic area Questions An isolated population of water striders are kept in the laboratory There are 3 alleles for exoskeleton flexibility Imagine that no mutations can occur True or False A 4th allele can never arise TRUE bc no mutations Genetic drift can not occur in this population FALSE bc genetic drift doesn t need environmental pressures Population cannot evolve because it s an artificial environment FALSE bc genetic drift Are horses and donkeys different species although they can produce mules which are sterile Yes because mules are sterile and so it s not a viable breeding What about dogs Dogs breeds are breeds not species Extremes in size prevent physical breeding although the possibility of interbreeding likely still exists Pizzly Bears and Grolar Bears polar bear and grizzly bear crosses Not diff species based on the biological species concept NO bc they can interbreed Not diff species bc there are no barriers to reproduction NO bc ranges didn t overlap really until more recently cutoff by last ice age Diff species bc hybrid is very different from either parent NO bc the appearance of the hybrid doesn t matter Time since divergence hasn t been long enough for complete reproductive isolation to occur YES again separated by ice age


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