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Chapter 6 Notes

by: Alexis Notetaker

Chapter 6 Notes HUM 2210

Alexis Notetaker
St. Petersburg College

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About this Document

The last notes that covers Chapter 6
Western Humanities: Ancient to Western Humanities 1
Sharon L. Whipple
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Notetaker on Sunday September 18, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HUM 2210 at St. Petersburg College taught by Sharon L. Whipple in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Western Humanities: Ancient to Western Humanities 1 in Humanities & Western Civ at St. Petersburg College.


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Date Created: 09/18/16
Chapter 6 Romans Vs. Greeks  Greeks: intellectual, artistic  Romans: looked down on Greeks because they were artistic I. Practical II. Farmers Government (Pg. 181)  Monarchy (King) I. Counselor of landowners (patricians) II. Poorer class (plebians) III. Had a vote of the council  If enough people voted “no”, they would find another council  Women were citizens but not could vote I. Educated II. Went everywhere w/husbands III. Well-respected Etruscans Pg. 177 Fig. 6.3  Came and conquered Rome I. Made a written language (gave it to Romans), which was Latin II. Kicked out Etruscans and did not want to back to Kingship  Roman Republic I. Senate (equivalent to Council of land) II. Every year, elected 2 councils III. Had a lot of power governing people of the country IV. Check in power V. Had veto power  Assemblies for lower class  Would be selected as a council Architecture  Used wood and mud bricks for buildings Pg. 178  Etruscans and Greeks traded together  Doric order vs. Tuscan order I. Tuscan order has a pedestal II. Tuscan has a shaft that is smooth Rome  Wanted to insure allegiance to people I. Made them Roman citizens  Started conquering other areas (huge empire) pg. 176 Battles  Got involved with Punic wars I. b/w Rome and Cartridge (Africa): Same side of Alexandria but opposite side of Peninsula nd II. 2 Punic: (Hannibal) scorched to farms. Got elephants across the water into Spain III. Romans always came ahead IV. Caesar (famous general) Pg. 183  Explained thought process of wars  Came home a great warrior  Became a great dictator  Became the one and only council  40 senators (Brutus) got together to stab Caesar b/c they thought he was to become an emperor of Rome.  Grandnephew Octavius became empire of Rome (Augustan era) Literature  Virgil I. 2 ndstory about the finding of Rome (Pg. 166) Reading 6.1a II. Warned Trojans not to take the horses III. Aeneid was asked by the Gods to go find Rome in order to get out of Troy IV. Jupiter reminded him of his destiny  Pg. 181 Reading 6.1c I. “we rule and we have the laws” (Virgil) II. There are better artists , speakers, scientists, etc. III. Good rulers IV. Good government Finding of Rome Pg. 185 Fig. 6.12  Cupid- half brother of Aenas.  Sculpture indicated that Augustus was the founder of Rome


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