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GEOG 1010: South America 2

by: Ashleigh McClure

GEOG 1010: South America 2 GEOG 1010

Marketplace > Auburn University > Geography > GEOG 1010 > GEOG 1010 South America 2
Ashleigh McClure

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About this Document

South America 2 Exam 2 Notes taken on: Monday, September 19 Concepts: -Regions of the Realm -Brazil -Physiography
Global Geography
Dr. Jim Norwood
Class Notes
#geog1010, #Geography1010, #norwood, #jimnorwood, #auburn, #auburnuniversity, #Geography
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashleigh McClure on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 1010 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Jim Norwood in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Global Geography in Geography at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 09/19/16
SouthAmerica2 9/19/16 10:01 AM • Regions of the Realm ○ North § Colombia § Venezuela § Guyana Suriname § § French Guiana ○ South § Argentina § Chile § Uruguay ○ West § Peru § Ecuador § Bolivia § Paraguay ○ Brazil • Northern end of the Andes is in Caracas, Venezuela, they don't stop in Colombia. ** • The North ○ Regional Character § Coastal locations § Early European plantation development § Forced migrations of African and Asian laborers ○ Colombia § 48.2 milllion people § Coffee, oil and coal are major exports § Cocaine- leading economic activity § Torn by internal violence § Bogotá and Medellin are key cities ○ Venezuela § 27.9 million people § Oil from Lake Maracaibo is chief resource § Caracas and Valencia are key cities ○ The Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana) § Population less than 1.5 million § Ethnically diverse § Face environmental crisis • The West (Andean South America) ○ Regional Character § Amerindian populations § Subsistence agriculture Mountainous environments § § Poverty ○ Peru § 21.9 million people § Distinct regions: □ Coast □ Sierra (mountains) □ Oriente (east) § Lima- primate city § Economic activities □ Fishing □ Irrigated agriculture □ Sugar □ Cotton □ Rice □ Fruit □ Oil □ Minerals ○ Ecuador § 13.9 million people § Main exports: □ Oil □ Coffee □ Bananas □ Cacao § Guayaquil is the largest city and commercial center § Quito- capital and administrative city ○ Bolivia § 9.5 million people § Landlocked § Main export- tin and zinc ○ Paraguay § 6.5 million people § 85% Mestizo § A transitional st- strong links to the South • The South ○ Southern Cone § Mid-latitude feel § Strongly influenced by European immigrants § Original area of Mercosur/Mercosul ○ Argentina § 39.8 million people § 90% urbanized § Buenos Aires- a classic primate city § Exports □ Cereals □ Meats □ Vegetable oils ○ Chile § 16.8 million people § An elongatedstate of 4,000 kilometer(2,500 miles) and over 30°latitude § Great environmentalvariability § 87% of its people concentrated in tcentral Mediterranean area § Exports □ Copper □ Nitrates □ Fruit § Atacama Desert is located heethe driest place in the world** ○ Uruguay § 3.3 million people § Montevideo- classic primate city § Old buffer state § Exports □ Hides □ Meats □ Textiles • Brazil ○ South America's giant ○ Borders 9 out of 11 of South American states ○ World Rankings § Population Size - 5th § Territory Size- 5th § Economy-14th ○ Contains half of the continents land and people ○ A federal republicconsisting of 26 states and a federal district ○ Ethnic diversity - a mix of European, African and Amerindian peoples blending into Brazilian culture ○ Portuguese -speaking and dominantly Roman Catholic (with Protestant inroads) ○ Mineral Resources § Iron § Bauxite § Manganese § Oil § Gas A two class system? ○ § Per capital gross national income= $8, 230 § Largest income gap in the realm which has the largest in the world § Wealthiest 10% of the population □ Own 2/3 of the land □ Controls over 50% of the country's wealth • Regions of Brazil ○ Northeast § Sugar plantations § African culture § Drought prone ○ Southeast § Centered in São Paulo § Coffee production ○ South § Temperate zone § Crops □ Wheat □ Rice □ Soybeans ○ Central-West § Savanna □ Area of grassland between swamps and mountains □ Pampas grass ideal for cattle § Location offorward capital of Brasília ○ North § Amazon basin □ World's largest tropical rainforest


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