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Class Notes on Sept 19

by: Maggie Kennedy

Class Notes on Sept 19 COE 4023

Maggie Kennedy
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About this Document

Class notes on Sept 19
Intro to Counseling
Chelsey Hess-Holden
Class Notes




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maggie Kennedy on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to COE 4023 at Mississippi State University taught by Chelsey Hess-Holden in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Intro to Counseling in Psychology at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/16
Intro  to  counseling     Test  2  Ch  6   Seriousness  of  the  Presen▯ng   Problem     •  High  levels  of  distress  generally=  longer   therapeu▯c  rela▯onship  (&  more  work)   •  Serverity  is  impacted  by:    -­‐Diagnosis    -­‐Trauma  History      -­‐  Sobriety      -­‐Ra▯onality/  Ability  to  use  logic      -­‐Resources  available       Structure   •  Structure:   characteris▯cs,  condi▯ons,  procedures,  and  paame▯ers  of  counseling    egarding   •  The  ▯me  (length  of  session,  length  of  treatment,  etc)   •  Ac▯on  limits  (confiden▯ality  and  excepta▯ons)   •  Role  Limits    (expecta▯ons  for  each  party)   •  Procedural  Limits  (how  therapy  is  going  to  look)   •  Informed  concent  and  professional  disclosure  statement  (ex  in  book)     •  Allow  clients  to  ask  ques▯ons     •  Clarifica▯on  of  unreasonable  expecta▯ons  (1  and  done  doesn’t  work)     •  Things  o▯en  get  worse  before  things  get  be▯er     Ini▯a▯ve     •  A  client  level  of  willingness  to  change     •  Two  structure  are  present  at  the  begging  of  the   counsleing  rela▯onship      -­‐  Ba▯le  of  Structure      -­‐  Ba▯le  of  ini▯a▯ve  (client  needs  to  find  this,   counsler  deosnt  need  to  do  all  of  the  work       •  Comes  from  Carl  Whitakers  Experien▯al  Therapy   (sytemic  theory)   Ini▯a▯ve  (cont)   •  Resistant  Client:    -­‐person  in  counsleing  who  is  unwilling,  inready,  or  opposed  to  change       •  Ways  for  the  counselor  to  meet  resistant  clients  where  he  or  she  is  at:    -­‐  An▯cipate  the  anger,  fustra▯on,  and  defensivness  that  come  clients   display      -­‐  Show  empathy,  acceptance,  pa▯ence,  understanding,  and  non-­‐ judgmental  a▯tude      -­‐Use  persuasion  or  nego▯a▯on  (teamwork)    -­‐  Use  confronta▯on      -­‐Use  Metaphors      -­‐Using  “ma▯ering”-­‐  holding  and  sharing  the  view  that  people  are   valuable  and  significant      -­‐Pragmatcu  Technique  (silence,  refelc▯on,  empathy,  ques▯oning)     Physical  Se▯ng     •  Counselors  should  consider  these  aspect  of   space:    -­‐Accessories      -­‐Color      -­‐Furniture  and  room  design      -­‐Ligh▯ng      -­‐Smell    -­‐Sound  (privacy)      -­‐Texture  (textured  surface  absorb  sound)      -­‐Thermal  Condi▯ons     Client  Quali▯es     •  If  you  were  a  counselor,  what  kind  of  clients   would  be  easuer  for  you  to  work  with?   •  Clients  come  in  all  shapes  and  sized  and   personali▯es     •  Some  people  are  naturally  more  likeable  or  easier   to  work  with  –  that’s  part  of  lif     •  Self-­‐Awarenss  comes  in  to  play  to  make  sure  you   monitor  your  reac▯ons  and  don’t  make   assump▯ons  about  your  client   Counselor  Quali▯es   •  Five  improtant  counselor  quali▯es:    -­‐Self-­‐Awarenss      -­‐Honesty    -­‐Conguernece      -­‐Ability  to  communicate      -­‐Knowledge     •  Eknowledgable      to  which  a  counselor  is  perceived  as   •  Aand  client,  physical  feature,  manners  or  respondning  to  and   interac▯ons  


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