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BUSN 3005 - Business Communications

by: Garrett Henson

BUSN 3005 - Business Communications BUSN 3005

Marketplace > University of Louisiana at Monroe > Business > BUSN 3005 > BUSN 3005 Business Communications
Garrett Henson
GPA 3.341
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About this Document

These notes come from lecture of Professor Allison Jarrell's Business Communications class. They cover a variety of material focused on the basics of effective communication in business settings. T...
Business Communication
Allison Jarrell
Class Notes
business, communication




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Garrett Henson on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUSN 3005 at University of Louisiana at Monroe taught by Allison Jarrell in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Business Communication in Business at University of Louisiana at Monroe.

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Date Created: 09/19/16
8.31.16 CH. 5 Wk. 2 Wednesday, August 31, 2016 11:12 AM Learning Objective 1 • Informal Research Methods ○ Search company digital or other files ○ Talk with the boss ○ Interview the target audience ○ Conduct an informal survey • Formal Research Methods ○ Access Electronically ○ Search Manually ○ Investigate primary sources ○ Conduct scientific experiments Learning Objective 2 • Tips for Product Brainstorming ○ Define the problem ○ Establish time limits ○ Set a goal; focus on quality rather than quantity ○ Require participation ○ Encourage out-of-boxthinking ○ Write down ideas ○ Organize and classify ideas • Grouping Ideas to Show Relationships ○ Group similar ideas ○ Organize into lists or outlines • Tips for Efficient Outlining ○ Define the mail topic (purpose of message) in the title ○ Divide the main topic into 3 to 5 major components ○ Break major componentinto exclusive sub-points (no overlapping) ○ Use details, illustrations, and evidence sub-points • Organizing Ideas Into Strategies ○ Use the Direct Strategy for receptiveaudiences  Positiveinformation/readerpleased/Interested/neutral  Main point 1st or 2nd sentence  Saves reader's time, proper frame of mind ○ Use the Indirect Strategy for unreceptive audiences  Hostile/displeased/negativeinformation/badnews  Only reveal main idea after offering explanation/evidencefor conclusion  Respects the feelings of the audience  Facilitates respectful hearing • Achieving Variety with four sentence types ○ Simple sentence  one independent clause ○ Compound sentence  two independent clauses ○ Complex  One independent and one dependent clause ○ Compound-Complex  Two independent clauses and one independent clauses  Two independent clauses and one independent clauses • Three CommonSentence Faults ○ Avoid Fragments  broken-off parts of sentence ○ Avoid Run-Ons  Two Independent clauses without coordinationconjunction or semicolon ○ Avoid commasplices  Two clauses joined without proper punctuation • Prefer Short Sentences Sentence Length Comprehension Rate 8 Words 100% 15 Words 90% 19 Words 80% 28 Words 50% • Achieving Emphasis ○ Emphasize important ideas by using vivid and specific words General Vivid, Specific She has a new gadget Lisa lover her new Ipad That skyscraper is tall The Burl Halia in Dubai is 2,723 feet tall Unlabeled Labeled Explore the possibility of leasing a sitExplore the possibility of leasing a site, but, most but also hire a consultant importantly… Un-Emphasis Emphasis Labor lawyers say that companies Most internship programs are illegal if inters are not should review their internship paid programs because most offer they are illegal in interns are not paid for their work • Using active and passive voice effectively ○ Use active voice verbs for clear expression  We lost money ○ Use passive voiceverbs to de-emphasize the performer or to be tactful  Money was lost □ By us • Use active voice for directness, vigor, and clarity Indirect and less Clear in Passive voice Direct and more clear in active voice • A customerservice blog was started last year Rosario started a customer serviceblog last year • Use passive voiceto emphasize the action, not the doer Less tactful in ActiveVoice More Tactful in passive voice • We cannot grant you credit Credit cannot be granted • Use Parallelism to achieve balance • Use Parallelism to achieve balance Lacks Parallelism IllustratesParallelism • We focus on money-earning it, investing it, and how We focus on money-earning it, investing it, and to spend it spending it • Avoid Dangling Modifiers • Avoid Misplace Modifiers Not this But this • An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be An autopsy by the coroner revealed the cause of strangulation by the coroner death to be strangulation • Drafting Effective Paragraphs ○ Direct Plan ○ Picoting plan ○ Indirect Plan ○ Sustain the Key Idea ○ DovetailSentences ○ Use a pronoun ○ Use transitional expressions to build coherence ○ Short Paragraphs are better paragraphs


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