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BUSN 3005 - Business Communications Week 3 (9.7.16)

by: Garrett Henson

BUSN 3005 - Business Communications Week 3 (9.7.16) BUSN 3005

Marketplace > University of Louisiana at Monroe > Business > BUSN 3005 > BUSN 3005 Business Communications Week 3 9 7 16
Garrett Henson
GPA 3.341

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About this Document

These notes cover revising and improving communication in businesses through various forms of media.
Business Communication
Allison Jarrell
Class Notes
business, communication
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Garrett Henson on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUSN 3005 at University of Louisiana at Monroe taught by Allison Jarrell in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Business Communication in Business at University of Louisiana at Monroe.


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Date Created: 09/19/16
9.7.16 CH 6 Wk. 3 Wednesday, August 31, 2016 11:27 AM • Revising: improving content and sentence structure • Proofreading:correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, format,mechanics • Revising takes the most time in the writing process • Revising for Conciseness ○ Eliminate flabby expressions. Flabby Concise At this point in time Now Due to the fact that Because In very few cases Seldom Despite the fact that Although In the near future Soon ○ Limit long lead-ins. Wordy Concise This is to let you know that Monday is a holiday Monday is a holiday I am sending this email to Our internal audit announce that our internal begins on January 5th audit begins on January 5th. ○ Drop Unnecessarythiere is/are and I is/was fillers. Wordy Concise There were more than 45 visitors who commented More than 45 visitors commentedon on her blog her blog ○ It was a hilarious animal video that went viral A hilarious animal video went viral ○ Reject redundancies Redundant Concise Combined together Combined ○ Exact same Exact OR same My personal opinion My opinion Refer back Refer ○ Pure empty words Wordy Concise In the case of general motors,the car company was General motorswas reorganized reorganized We are aware of the fact that many managers need We know many managers need We are aware of the fact that many managers need We know many managers need ○ assistance assstance When it arrived, I deposited your check immediately I deposited your check immediately • Making your message clear ○ Keep it short and simple (KISS) Wordy Concise It would not be inadvisable for you to affix your signatre You should sign it now this point in time ○ Here are implements that are necessary for the job to be Here are tools to do the job cmpleted in a satisfactorymanner satisfactorily ○ Dump trite business phrases Trite Improved Persuant to your request As you request ○ Please do not hesitate to Please Thanking you in advance Thank you Enclosed please find Enclosed ○ Drop cliches (worn phrases) slang (informal words with extravagant meanings), and business buzzwords. Cliché, Slang, Buzzword Improved Last but not least, we must cut costs. Finally we must cut costs ○ Hey, prof, what u think of my killer paper? Professor,wht dd you think of my paper Our point man will telephonically communicate ?? our ○ Unbury verbs that are needlessly convertedto wordy noun expressions Buried Verbs Improed Give vonsideratio to Consider ○ Reach a conclusion Conclude Create a reduction in Reduce Make a decision about Decide ○ Control Exuberance by using sparingly such wrods as very, definietlym quite, totally, etc Excessiveexuberance Businesslike We are acutually very certain that they otally agreWe are certain that they agree with ○ with our proposal our proposal ○ with our proposal our proposal • Enhancing Readability throguh document design ○ Empty White Space  Adding headings  Including bulleted ornumbered lists  Using short sentences  Writing shor paragraphs  Setting effectibe margins ○ Setting Margins  1 to 1.5 inch margins ○ Font  Use 10 to 12 point font  For special effects consider: □ Capitalization □ Small caps □ Boldface □ Italics □ Underline ○ Use numbered lists for items that show a sequence ○ Use bulleted lists for items that do not show a chronology ○ Employ Parallel (balanced) construction when listing similar ideas ○ Add headings to enhance comprehension • Proofreading to Catch Mistakes ○ Proofreading  Spelling  Grammar  Punctuation  Names and Numbers  Format • Routine Documents ○ Read though, but detailed study isn't necessary • How to Proofread ComplexDocuments 1. Print a copy, preferably double spaced 2. Set it aside and take a breather 3. Allow adequate time for careful proofreading 4. Expect errors and congratulate yourself when you find them 5. Read the message at least twice - once for meaning and once for grammar and mechanics 6. ?? • Evaluate your writing ○ Is it polished and clear ○ Does it say what you want it to ○ How will you know if it succeeds ○ Does it attract the reader's attention ○ How successful will this message be ○ Will it achieve its purpose


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