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CIS 105

by: Haley M Halter

CIS 105 CIS 105

Haley M Halter

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About this Document

These are notes from the lecture
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Wood, McCarthy
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haley M Halter on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 105 at Arizona State University taught by Wood, McCarthy in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views.


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Date Created: 09/19/16
9/6 Notes: McCarthy DUE: Knowledge Check 2 & 3 Friday Application Software ● Performs thousands of specific tasks ○ Spreadsheets ○ Database ○ Presentations ○ Powerful ○ Needs system software (operating system) to work ● *Attitude is important Suites ● Suites sold in one package ● Three to five basic business applications ○ Spreadsheet ○ Database ○ Word Processor ○ Presentation software ○ Project management software ● Applications that work alone or together ● Facilitates ease of use ● Similar functionality ● Similar graphical user interface (GUI) ● Presented in windows­ multitasking­like elements like “elements” Word Processing Software ● For creating documents ● Updating documents ● Editing documents ● Saved to secondary memory ● Microsoft word vs. Adobe Acrobat ○ Adobe is free and unable to be adjusted ■ Adobe is unable to be altered and work well in law ■ Legally binding documents use adobe alot Spreadsheets ● Interface of information in grid form ● Separated by columns and rows ● OFten for financial calculations ● Supports graphing ● Provides a “what­ if” scenario  Database Software ● Database software (this class uses ACCESS) (available through Microsofts suite) ○ Well thought out collection of files ○ Consists of records (rows) ○ Separated by fields (column) ○ Can be queried ○ Often called a Database management system (DBMS) ● Commonly used in business  ● A database query is only limited by imagination and fields in a database ● Querying is the most important function in a DBMS Presentation Software ● Displays information ● Slide Show ● Often on screen ● Allows users to: ○ Edit, update, insert and delete ○ Include graphics ○ includes videos ○ Includes hypertext ● Should not read off screens ● Bullets only Sharing information between applications ● A singular proposal is made using microsoft excel and word ● Calculations are made in excel and need to be reflected in the word portion of the proposal ● Best way to share data? ○ Cut & Paste/ Copy & Paste/ Static Copy & Paste ○ OLE/ Object Linking and embedding/ embedding/ static like copy  & paste ○ OLE/ object linking & embedding/linking. Dynamic like embedding Specialized Application Software ● Image editing Software like adobe photoshop ○ Raster Graphics ○ Vector graphics (drawing lines so quality does not decrease) ● Web authoring applications software like adobe dreamweaver's ○ Intention ○ Viewer ○ Content ○ Design layout ○ Search engine optimization (SEO) ● Microsoft office SharePoint Designer ○ Intranet Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) ● ERP ○ Incorporates all data and processes of a business into one  integrated system ○ Single database ○ Major Vendors ■ SAP AG ■ PeopleSoft ● Collaborative Application Software ○ Conversational interaction ○ Digital Interaction ○ Webinar ○ Skype


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