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Rock 'n Roll and American Society (MMC1702) Week 4 Notes

by: Cassandra Alamilla

Rock 'n Roll and American Society (MMC1702) Week 4 Notes MMC1702

Marketplace > University of Florida > Journalism and Mass Communications > MMC1702 > Rock n Roll and American Society MMC1702 Week 4 Notes
Cassandra Alamilla

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About this Document

These notes are from Week 4 of Rock 'n Roll and American Society taught by Professor Carlson in Fall 2016
Rock 'n Roll and American Society
Carlson,David E
Class Notes
Communications, journalism, history, RockandRoll
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassandra Alamilla on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MMC1702 at University of Florida taught by Carlson,David E in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Rock 'n Roll and American Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 09/19/16
Rock ‘n Roll and American Society (MMC1702) Week 4 Blues Influences on Rock and Roll - Country/Rural Blues (Mississippi) o With folk and gospel influences o Gritty singing style and harsh sound - Urban Blues/Electric Blues (Chicago) The Sound of the City Part 2: Chicago Electric Blues - The Big Three (The Holy Trinity) o Muddy Waters o Howlin’ Wolf o John Lee Hooker o All three were born in Mississippi and all moved to Chicago. And all recorded for Chess Records. Chess Records - Most important indie blues label - Signed the most popular blues artist - Founded by Leonard Chess and his brother Phil Chess - Etta James was one of the female artists under Chess - Address of Chess Records: 2120 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL o The Rolling Stones recorded here in 1964 Muddy Waters (1913 – 1983) - Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: 1987 - His grandmother gave him the name Muddy Waters because he would always play in the mud as a kid - Known as the finest blues artist - “Rollin Stone” (1950) o First hit o One of the sources of the name of both the magazine and the band - Waters was discovered by Alan Lomax, when he recorded Waters for the Library of Congress - “(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man” (1954) - “I Just Want to Make Love To You” (1954) o Covered by The Rolling Stones in 1964 o Covered by Foghat in 1972 - “You Shook Me” (1962) o In this song, he has a band o Covered by Led Zepellin - “You Need Love” (1962) o “Whole Lotta Love” (1969) – Led Zeppelin  Stole from Waters and did not give credit Howlin’ Wolf (1910 – 1976) - Inducted in 1987 in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - “How Many More Years” (1951) o “How Many More Times” (1969) – Led Zeppelin  Did not give credit to the original composer - “Smokestruck Lightin’” (1956) o Covered by many artists and Soundgarden - “Wang Dang Doodle” (1961) - “The Red Rooster” - “Spoonful” (1960) o Covered by Cream in 1966 - “Back Door Man” (1961) o Covered by The Doors in 1967 - “I Ain’t Superstitious” (1961) - Wolf never had the recognition that Muddy Waters did Willie Dixon - Willie Dixon co-wrote a majority of the songs of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf - Dixon sued Led Seppelin - Songwriter, Producer, Creative Partner - Also produced and wrote for Chuck Berry and Bo Didley John Lee Hooker - Inducted in 1991 in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Did not record for Chess Records - Recorded for many labels under different names - The only bluesman from the “old days” to enjoy the rock and roll fame - His style is the “walking blues style” - “Boogie Chillin’” (1948) - “Crawlin’ KingSnake” (1948) - “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” (1966) - “Boom Boom” (1961) o His most famous song o Performed the song in the movie The Blues Brothers Another important man in Chicago Urban Blues… - Elmore James o Covered more than any other Chicago Blues artist o “Shake Your Moneymaker” o “The Sky is Crying” (1960) o “One Way Out” The Sound of the City Part 3: Memphis Who made the first true Rock ‘n Roll record? - Sam Phillips o Producer, label, owner, talent scout o Recorded many of the early rock and roll artists o Opened Memphis Recording Service which became Sun Records  Address: 706 Union Ave Memphis, Tennessee”  “The Delivery Room of Rock and Roll”  Sam Phillips and Marion Keisker made history in the little studio on Union Avenue. Phillips and Keisker were partners.  Phillips started the Memphis Recording Service in 1950 and Sun Records in 1952.  Phillips had a great ear for talent.  The recordings were released in other labels such as Chess Records  Rock ‘n Roll might have started in 1951 with Ike Turner and Sam Phillips meeting up.  “Rocket 88” – Jackie Brenston (ft. Ike Turner) – (1951) Sam Phillips discovered: - B.B. King o “Three o’clock Blues” (1951)  Breakthrough song o Born in Mississippi - Howlin’ Wolf o Wolf recorded at Memphis Recording Service before he recorded at Chess Records o “Moanin’ at Midnight” (1951)  Recorded in Memphis but released by Chess When Sun Records was opened, the Memphis Recording Service was still in service but just named Sun Studios Sun Records and Chess records assembled and recorded early Rock and Roll artists First signings of Sun Records - Rufus Thomas – “Bear Cat” o Answer to “Hound Dog” by Mama Thorton - Junior Parker – “Mystery Train” (1953) o The phrase “mystery train” doesn’t appear in the lyrics o Covered by Elvis Presly - The Prisonaires – “Just Walkin’ In the Rain” (1953) o A quintet - Other recordings: Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley Elvis Presley – “The King of Rock and Roll” - Born in Tupelo, Mississippi - Died in Memphis - The catalyst of rock and roll – He performed black music in a white sort of style and performed white music and black sort of style o He was able to crossover - Sam Phillips and Marion Keisker found Elvis Presley o Marion Keisker first recorded Elvis and told Phillips to give him a chance - “My Happiness” (1963 acetate) – First recording Elvis did - Elvis was a catalyst for the musical revolution of rock and roll o He was the first person to define rock and roll in terms of style, attitude, music - Elvis meant different things to different people o To his young fans, he was a symbol of rebellion o To parents, he was a symbol of evil o Yet his courtly manners eventually won over all of his critics - Elvis was a nice guy and a weirdo and that was part of the problem - Phillips teamed Elvis with Scotty and Bill o A guitarist and a bassist - “That’s All Right” (1959) o First record in Sun Records o Sun Record #209 o Blues song done in a white style o Original version by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup - “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (1954) o A country song done in a black style o Original version by Bill Monroe - Bewey Phillips played Elvis’ songs on his radio and made Elvis popular - “Good Rocking Tonight” (1954) o 2 nd record in Sun Records - “I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone” (1955) - “Milkcow Blues Boogie” (1955) - Elvis Presley never wrote a song. He is not a songwriter but a song stylist. - “Baby, Let’s Play House” (1955) o Purest rock and roll record - Enter the Prince of Darkness o In 1955, Elvis met an illegal immigrant names Andreas van Kujik who was known as Col. Tom Parker o Became Presley’s manager in 1955, signed him to RCA Records – That’s when he became a star o The “colonel” took 50% of Elvis’s earnings and probably ruined his life and music career, includes earnings after his death o At RCA, Elvis missed his creative collaboration with Sam Phillips, and his partnership with Scotty and Bill o Elvis’ signing by RCA and his success led to other major labels taking tentative steps to RCA o First RCA Album released in early 1956 - Elvis in 1956 o Year when he becomes a star o “Heartbreak Hotel”  First hit o “Hound Dog and “Don’t Be Cruel” became the first record in history to top pop, R&B, and country charts. Was #1 for 11 weeks.  “Hound Dog” – original by Big Mama Thorton o “Love Me Tender” – Elvis Presley  #1 song in 1956 o Elvis being on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1956 made him known to mainstream America o The Million Dollar Quartet (Dec 1956) – Sun Records  Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley  Recording of an impromptu jam session  First super group in history - Elvis in 1957 o Another 4 #1 singles o “All Shook Up” (#1) o “Jailhouse Rock” (#1)  Also the title of a movie which Elvis starred in o Elvis was also an actor by this point – He made 33 movies in 15 years o Then at the height of his career, came the news…  A draft notice came to Elvis in 1957 from the US Army  1958 – Served 2 years in the army, stationed in Germany  He was the world’s most famous enlisted man  RCA kept Elvis in the public eye  In 1958, Elvis’ mother, Gladys, died. o After his mothers’ passing, he became a different person (in a bad way) - Sam Phillips also recorded o Harmonica Frank – “Swamp Root” (1951) o Rufus Thomas – “Walking the Dog”


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