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by: Alison Bews

French_week_2_3_notes.pdf FRENC-100A

Marketplace > San Diego State University > French > FRENC-100A > French_week_2_3_notes pdf
Alison Bews
GPA 3.76

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About this Document

Weeks 2-3 notes; sorry two of the days aren't there because we didn't take notes
Elementary French 1
Holly Ransom
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alison Bews on Monday September 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRENC-100A at San Diego State University taught by Holly Ransom in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Elementary French 1 in French at San Diego State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/16
Week Two and Three Notes: French 100A Day Five Notes: Être- to be Je suis I am Tu es You are Il/Elle/On est He/She/One is Nous sommes We are Vous êtes You are Ils/Elles sont They are Day Six Notes: Les adjectifs *Most adjectives come after (aprés) the noun they are describing, but ones describing beauty, age, goodness, or size come before (avant) Beauty (La beauté): beau/belle/beaux/belles (bel if the noun is masculine and starts with a vowel) C'est un bel homme. Age (L'âge): Young: jeune/jeunes Old: vieux/vieille/vieilles (viel if the noun is masculine and starts with a vowel) C'est un viel homme. Goodness (La bonté): Good: bon/bonne/bons/bonnes Bad: mauvais Day Seven Notes: Expressions utiles (useful expressions) Found on page ## Just note that these are typically commands that require an "ez" ending to show that you are commanding or asking someone to do something with the formal or plural form (vous). This can be used with any subject-verb agreement ending, but typically vous is used. ex) regardez la tableau look at the board Day Eight Notes: Worksheets and music videos. Day Nine Notes: Les conjugasions (conjugations) L'infinitif (the infinitive) Different kinds of verb endings: "er," "ir," "re," or irregular (we are only working with "er," "être," and "avoir" Ex) Aimer- to like J'aime Tu aimes Il/Elle/On aime Nous aimons Vous aimez Ils/Elles aiment Manger- to eat Je mange Tu manges Il/Elle/On mange Nous mangeons* Vous mangez Ils/Elles mangent *Normally we would drop the entire "er" ending but in order to pronounce the word correctly, we often leave the "e" after a "g" and then add the "ons" ending. Avoir- to have J'ai Tu as Il/Elle/On a Nous avons Vous avez Ils/Elles ont Les verbes de préférences Aimer- to like Adorer- to love Préférer- to prefer Je préfère* Tu préfères* Il/Elle/On préfère* Nous préférons Vous préférez Ils/Elles préfèrent* *The accent above the second "e" switches for "je," "tu," and "il/ils/elle/elles/on" because it is pronounced differently. The accent remains the same for "nous" and "vous." Detéster- to detest/dislike Les adverbes Beaucoup- a lot Bien- well Assez bien- fairly well Pas du tout- not at all Ex) J'aime beaucoup danser. J'aime bien danser. J'aime assez bien danser. J n'aime pas du tout danser./ Je n'aime pas danser du tout. Les possessives Mon/ma/mes Mine Ton/ta/tes Yours Son/sa/ses His/Hers Notre/nos Ours Votre/vos Yours Son/sa/ses Theirs Day Ten Notes: Sorry guys, I wasn't in class this day. Day Eleven Notes: Worksheets and music videos. Day Twelve Notes: Les jours de la semaine Lundi Monday Mardi Tuesday Mercredi Wednesday Jeudi Thursday Vendredi Friday Samedi Saturday Dimanche Sunday Les mois de l'année Janvier January Février February Mars March Avril April Juin June Juillet July Août August Septembre September Octobre October Novembre November Décembre December


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