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Week 1 Day 2 - Integration into Document Analysis

by: Mariana Morgan-Sawyer

Week 1 Day 2 - Integration into Document Analysis OLPD 3324W

Marketplace > University of Minnesota > OLPD > OLPD 3324W > Week 1 Day 2 Integration into Document Analysis
Mariana Morgan-Sawyer
U of M

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About this Document

We went over document analysis: how Barbara would do it, what to look for and ways of determining necessary information versus unnecessary information. We also received that handout for the first p...
Writing in the Workplace
Barbara Hodne
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mariana Morgan-Sawyer on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to OLPD 3324W at University of Minnesota taught by Barbara Hodne in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Writing in the Workplace in OLPD at University of Minnesota.


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Date Created: 09/20/16
Day 2: Integration into Document Analysis - Attendance - Paper 1 Assignment Handout and Overview: Also Available on the Moodle Page Under “Paper 1 Resources” - Site Listings – in our disciplinary groups we devised a lists of sites (specific to our areas of study) that we’d be able to do document analysis on over the course of this semester - (1-3 people per site group) - Outline Key Messages Exercise – based on the readings for today (A Collective Brainstorm):  Main ideas:  What the company/organization is trying to get across (core ideas)  The take-away/s  What the organization wants people to remember about them  A task for the organization is to make sure that what people are taking away from their documents is intentional on their part o Repetition o Re-articulation  Branding – the core consumer/audience is most useful to focus on for effective branding (you’re not going to please everyone) What to focus on:  Image  Self-presentation  Persona (the face/mask? you show the world) – organization and/or individuals  The target audience – focusing on not trying to please everyone  Ex: Youth Studies folks are advocates for young people and in that way should focus on young people as a target audience, not parents, teachers, politicians, etc. - Disciplinary Groups – we were divided up into groups based on our major and given prompts to discuss:  Tasks – what do people in your major do?  Values – what are the values that drive the work in that field? What are the beliefs of those in that field?  Make a list of local workplaces you know of where that work happens. - Group PPL Document Analysis: Project for Pride in Living is a non-profit organization in Minneapolis. In groups of 3-5, we analyzed documents from handouts and brochures to the organization’s budget report. As a class, we picked four of the documents to analyze collectively using the table below as a guide: DOCUMENT AUDIENCE KEY MESSAGES STRATEGIES History-Web Page Tab  Written for low income  Over time they’ve 1-2 sentences per decade perspective clients been a successful (showing longevity)  Written for people with organization interest and (internet) (supportive of their access – a narrower goals) audience As evidenced by Barbara shared a story about their presentation of going to the library and there a timeline being a line to use the internet,  This organization is providing an example about how responsive to folks don’t always have access. community needs Brochure: PPL Was found in the PPL Office – PPL Supports/offers: . Unnecessary repetition available for people seeking out  Housing stability . Unclear – missing information about the organization  Youth achievement information in the format (ie:  Family stability what does PPL stand for?)  Economic . overuse of white space advancement Brochure: Volunteer Potential volunteers  Get involved . mix of images and text (not with PPL  Make and impact overwhelming) . headings and groupings make the document clear Budget Summary Donors How much money was spent . heavy in numbers Maybe general public and on what; how PPL helps . mix of numbers and need Gratitude for support (testimonials) - Take-Aways from this Exercise o The importance (and proof) of Consistent Messaging  Mission/idea (repetition and presence cross-documents) Ex: “Helping people help themselves” is the message relayed across documents presented in these words or words presenting the same idea  Lists of core services/beliefs (repetition and presence cross-documents) Ex: o Housing stability o Youth achievement o Family stability o Economic advancement  The colors presented cross-documents suggest that a color pallet exists Blue, green and sometimes orange:  There’s also a consistent logo o The importance and impact of evidentiary support: If you make a claim, you have to have something (data, numbers, testimonials, etc.) to back it up or support it.


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