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Biology 1305 study skills and testing strategies

by: Gabby Scheck

Biology 1305 study skills and testing strategies bio 1305

Marketplace > Baylor University > Biology > bio 1305 > Biology 1305 study skills and testing strategies
Gabby Scheck
Baylor University

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About this Document

Hey class, So this week we haven learned much so i decided to make some notes over how to study and take Dr. Holmes tests. I used these strategies to make an A on his test so if you are strugglin...
mod concepts of bioscience
Walter Holmes
Class Notes
Biology, Testing, studying, skills
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabby Scheck on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to bio 1305 at Baylor University taught by Walter Holmes in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see mod concepts of bioscience in Biology at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
Testing strategies for Holmes  So we haven’t learned enough this week for me to make notes due to the test so I have decided to make a list of study skills and test taking habits that I used for this last test to make an A.  Study skills o GO TO SI o Go to every single SI session, every one. o If you can’t go still do the worksheet and then go to Sam’s office hours to go over it or talk to a friend who went. o Take good lecture notes, and write down EVERYTHING he shows on the screen o Every weekend make a word document with a compilation of lecture notes and SI notes, see where they overlap and study those points the most, or buy mine. o Find a friend and take turns teaching each other the information, that’s the most effective way of learning material. o Start studying 30min to 1 hour every day a week before the test o Don’t waste time doing chapter outlines or even reading the whole chapter, if you need clarity on a topic Dr. Holmes has talked about then reference the book. The book gives you more information than you need! o Nuemonics are your best friend o Attend the test review SI Session and stay the whole time, he gives out important information and questions he knows will be on the test o Get a good night sleep before the test, don’t stay up until 4 am cramming, if you start studying a week before the test you shouldn’t feel the need to cram anyways o The basement of moody library is a great place to study o Create your own study guide using your notes, or buy mine a few days before the test o Quiz and test yourself on information  Testing stratiegies o Dr. Holmes is tricky and tries to throw you off with one word in an answer that makes the whole answer wrong o Read carefully o When you think you have the right answer write out why it’s the right answer in a few words o Circle the words in answer that make it a bad choice o Go through and read the test twice. o Cross off wrong answers as soon as you know they are wrong o Pay attention to adjectives (in the question and answers), not, always, never, except, and all but. o If at least 2 answers in a question are right all of the above is an appropriate choice even if you are not sure about the rest.


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