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RES 351 Week 4 Day 7

by: Cassidy_SWK2018

RES 351 Week 4 Day 7 RES 351



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About this Document

Gospel of John
Jesus and the Gospels
Dr. Shannon Grimes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassidy_SWK2018 on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to RES 351 at Meredith College taught by Dr. Shannon Grimes in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Jesus and the Gospels in Religious and Ethical Studies at Meredith College.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
RES 351 9-15-16 John 1. Authorship a. Probably written between 90-100 AD b. Who is John? i. There’s the John who the Gospel is named after and then the actual author of John’s Gospel ii. Will the real John please stand up? 1. John was one of Jesus’ disciples 2. Son of Zebedee 3. Church tradition says the John of Patmos who wrote Revelation and the disciple are the same 4. John the Disciple was probably dead when John’s Gospel was written iii. “Beloved disciple”? (named in John) c. So who wrote it? i. John the Disciple had a school of discipleship, so it could be someone from there 1. Most likely ii. Could be a forgery, Paul mentioned this happening to him as early as 50 AD 1. Wasn’t necessarily criminal, could have been to add credibility to their own views 2. There are many other Gospels and Acts, probably not by the people they are named for 2. When written a. Why do we think it was written so much later? b. The Gospel refers to the crowds of people as “the Jews” i. This either means he is referencing or creating a separation between Christianity from Judaism 1. Christians were trying to keep one foot in Judaism while operating on something new, a new interpretation ii. Or the author is an outsider, Greek c. John’s theology portrays Jesus as divine i. This took a while to develop, it’s not seen in the other Gospels 3. THe Gospel of John a. John 1 is like a different birth story, but of the divine Jesus b. Ways that John is different i. John writes John the Baptist as makes prophetic claims about Himself, whereas Matthew and luke write in the claims as comment to the story ii. John’s Gospel has the only Temple Cleansing where Jesus refers to his body (the temple) being destroyed and rebuilt in three days iii. John doesn’t use parables like the other Gospels do iv. No fear or anger/outbursts from Jesus v. Jesus’ travels are different than in the other Gospels (maybe longer ministry?) vi. Excorcisms are absent c. John has his own sources for his Gospel i. There’s no overlap with the others d. John has Greek philosophy i. Logos=word in Greek 1. Also mind or reason 2. God creates through word 3. In Prov. 8:22, “wisdom” is present at creation 4. Logos and Wisdom are the same idea, melded in John to create the idea of God and divine Christ e. John’s style i. Sign + discourse 1. Jesus does a sign (or miracle) and then explains it ii. Everything is symbolic, but the people often take things literally and Jesus has to explain it 1. Typical of early Christian writers


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