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videos and cases notes

by: shannon ueberfluss

videos and cases notes Marketing 340

Marketplace > University of Miami > Marketing > Marketing 340 > videos and cases notes
shannon ueberfluss

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About this Document

notes for exam 1 cases
into to personal selling
Ian Scharf
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by shannon ueberfluss on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Marketing 340 at University of Miami taught by Ian Scharf in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see into to personal selling in Marketing at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/20/16
MKT 340 Exam 1 Cases and Videos 7 CASES Justin Diamond  Justin is taking a course on selling and is discussing it with his group of friends  His friends compare the pros and cons of selling as well as stereotypes  “Don’t need a college degree but it helps”  Him and his female friends discuss being a sales person but say many things that are not necessarily true, there are many fallacies about the sales industry New Buyer Old Account  Tanita Dale sold office equipment  “100 years experience”  Main idea: had good relationship with previous business manager who retired, but now she has to deal with new people and compete with other suppliers and has dilemma on what to stress during her presentation pitch ▯ Tanita Dale can teach us a lesson. She could have avoided the issues if her loyalty was not only to the people who were not reelected, she should have been loyal to the district all along. When you are in business for 100 years you should have a great relationship with your community and the players in the industry. One Too Many  Edna Monaham,  fighting for shampoo promotion spot  Commodity- one persons oil is no better than another, so only difference is price  Difference between price and cost  **never let one client have that much control over you Tom Winger  Ethics Case  Ned Lutz dies, Tom replaced him as new sales rep  Terry, a key customer told Tom that Ned used to give him $500 bribes and Terry insinuated he expects the same incentives ▯ Unfortunately the previous territory manager died. He was giving a $500.00 bonus to his biggest buyer… Tom Winger, the new manager, does not know what to do. Tom should of course understand this is unethical. In addition to the unethical behavior, the relationship between the client and the company is not a real one. ▯ Coffee Delight  Cindy Sawyer sales rep, amiable personality type  Fred Morgan the beverage buyer, analytical personality type  Main idea: their personalities clash, Cindy botches the sales pitch especially when she closes with “Can I take your order?” ▯ Staples  Chris young sales rep for staples  Chen, older office manager, Driver personality type  Chris is late to meeting but gets combative with Chen  Chris misread Chens nonverbal body language during meeting Cable vision  Quincey salesperson for Cablevision, she is Amiable  Ross is new director advertising at Detroit National Bank, he is either Analytical or Steady Relator due to plaques in his office  Quincey is unable to adapt to Ross  Ross gives her three close ended questions in a row = interrogation 6 VIDEOS 1. Roehrig  Jersey pharmaceutical Rep  Nick Purelo  A day in the life of a salesperson  He enjoys what he does and has a good attitude/ has good relationships with gatekeepers ▯ ▯ 2. How not to Sell  guy selling portable dictation machine  “rule of 80-20” guy would not shut up ▯ ▯ 3. Ethics Videos  guy knocked over pencils, looking for info on desk  guy selling laser tron, unethical sales manager  worlds worst marriage, fur industry, eating hot dogs, woman and doesn’t want to sell ad space ▯ ▯ 6. Two Part Trade Video Upcoming tradeshow, ICX needs help getting tradeshow expertise. Three different salespeople Sally, Jeff, and Michael ▯ Margot the CEO - Driver ▯ Bill the Sales VP - Steady Relator ▯ Jennifer the VP of Finance - Analytical ▯ Howard the VP of Marketing - Amiable Sally  Called Howard unprofessional  Blows off Howard’s joke during initial dialogue Jeff  Sucked all of the energy out of the room Michael  Michael matched Margot’s body language with pen  Michael uses bridging technique- takes someones last remark and incorporates it in their remark Other things to know: ▯ the tie-breaker always goes to the decider, so Margot the CEO ▯ ▯ Compensation technique- can not handle the objection so you try to minimize it in the big picture ▯ ▯ Final message the last thing you hear, so Sally fucked up ▯ ▯ Matching or Modeling body language technique- when you copy someone’s body language it forms a zone of friendship


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