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week 3 notes

by: KelseyS Notetaker

week 3 notes THEA-UT 747-001

KelseyS Notetaker
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

cover the play the Newcomer and some guidelines for the 1st essay
Arab Theatre
Edward Ziter
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by KelseyS Notetaker on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to THEA-UT 747-001 at New York University taught by Edward Ziter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Arab Theatre in Theatre at New York University.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
9/20/16 About the 1 essay September 29 th 2 primary sources (plays) Secondary sources (articles) to make arguments about the primary sources *Optional secondary sources Internal citations with works cited list Make an argument about the play Contradictions or juxtapositions of modernity and tradition The concept of the ruler: the master and then the waiter and manager Flip Flap and The Newcomer Start with the plays and bring historical context in when needed to make points The Newcomer Mikhail Romane Relationship of this play to European modernism: Expressionism The play feels like its racing along and you’re a half a step behind it, series of references, because its written for a particular audience or are they too after the fact putting it all together Bureaucratic formality vs drives of emotion and hunger Banality of bureaucracy and a sense of menace Mikhail Romane Died at 46 He was a scientist Published half the plays he wrote some banned from production 6 have a protagonist names hamedy Range from expressionist to absurdist to naturalist Protagonists are all rebels against a higher source of authority Setting natural mountains but unnatural weird mountains apocalyptic kinda Hospitalish room weird paintings very specific set info but then he says it could also be a bare room Hyper masculinity (working man painting) and hyper femininity (ballerina picture) Communist idea from giant bowls everyone eats the same from the same bowls He’s been through something terrible for the last few days now he’s confused “express the state of mind of the newcomer” The newcomers past: grew up in a village with the manager their love for the fight against imperialism, references a lot of historical events resisting colonialism both patriots Arab nationalism supposedly friends w the playwright He hates anything that restrains him; he’s a rebel Hasn’t eaten in 2 days he’s very hungry but at times he refuses to eat meal before someone’s about to be hanged, something ominous Poet, spent some time in prison, is he Mikhail romane? But then how is he in his restaurant/hotel? Talking about turkey stuffed with communist manifesto… overhearing political allegiances no places where you cant be overheard, got caught up in being a rebel had never even seen the communist manifesto before, but served 3 years in prison They know everything, ask him to come work with them in the hotel Elaborate security service but poor citizens Its like he is getting interrogated He’s getting caught up in some process that he can’t control Been kept in cells and torture that draw attention to the filth of your own body You have to join the party (work in the hotel) or you’re gonna be tortured The button: he calls the man a louse; terrified that someone is going to push it Passage about electrocution he’s been through this before but now its being disguised as something else You cant stand on the sidelines you either support the revolution or you oppose it Evokes patriotism of the past saving himself from accusations that he is a newcomer What does it mean to press the button, follows speech about electricity How anybody can take on the evil, play about someone desperately trying to keep their humanity in this interrogation I am Egypt of ole you’ve got big posters of peasants on the wall but with instruments of torture surrounding them Living in an age of censorship and torture then he himself has been tortured how has he pulled that off? Subtitled it a one act comedy Make it expressionistic its’ just the creation of the playwright not the state In another context he would be a comedic or unlikeable character Play it as a particular person or everything is another form of torture, it is scary Leave the play aware but also maybe confused


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