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INTL 101

by: Jane Notetaker

INTL 101 INTL 101

Jane Notetaker
Virginia Commonwealth University

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About this Document

Key terms and class notes for Test 1... Chapter 1 breakdown key terms defined
Human Societies and Globalization 101
John Froitzheim
Class Notes
INTL101, INTL, Globalization, International, InternationalRelations
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jane Notetaker on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to INTL 101 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by John Froitzheim in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 2 views.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
Chapter 1 Key Notes Matell- Theory determines what you see and what you look at (ontology vs epistemology) Giddens & Modernity- Defined- IR vs WST Sovereignty & Westphalia Core, periphery, & semi-periphery -Nation-State system -World Capitalist Economy -World Military Order -Inter. Division of Labor Hoffman- Clash of globalizations Terrorism Problem of globalization- realities Types of globalization: economic, cultural, political Benefits- undeniable but fragile- why? Globalization critic- high level skeptic Global Governance- Working together to resolve some of the problems in the world- states, organizations, etc. Sustainable development —Acid rain, ozone depletion, deforestation, marine threats Global commons: Oceans, air, etc. Club of Rome- Limits of growth thesis Stockholm convention of 1972 Global problems- Potential solutions- 1. Voluntary restraints 2. Regulation 3. Partition 4. Community ownership 9/17/15 Problems of Global Environmental Politics- 1. Veto Power 2. Political dynamics and trade 3. Economic power 4. Public opinion and NGOs Historical Background- Limits of Growth Paradigm- The danger of growth and the problem of technology Carrying capacity? Sustainable development- 1992 Rio Conference Post Rio? - Globalization and the Green Economy. Use the power of the market and technological innovations to save the day. What happened to sustainable development? Geography Kaplan- Geography is determinative and structural. Politics often evolves in response to it. Klare- End of everything easy- time of easy extraction of resources is passed. Going forward will be problematic. Goldstone- New population bomb Population problem Malthusian problem IPAT- Impacts= Population X affluence X impact per unit of income as determine by technology. Major challenges- Food insecurity, energy, human factors, Global response? Al Gore- An Inconvenient Truth The nature of the problem- A moral question? Weeks- Global warming Why is the country so divided and the scientists are not? Pre-industrial revolution is 280 million parts per million. Now it is 401 parts per million. Problem of politics- highly polarized- why? Is crisis inevitable? How much carbon can we take? Strategies for dealing with global warming? 1. Mitigation 2. Adaption 3. Global engineering Carbon tax and cap and trade- Tax a persons use of carbon Bill McKibben- Climate change Some answers to some questions- Shorr- the problem of environmental treaties? Voluntary restraints? MMRV’s measurement, reporting, and verification Is the answer top down or bottom-up? Technology- The world is flat? Friedman Globilization of communications- How? Two periods Consequences? Ghemawat- Not quite so flat? Crossing boarders- Digital age- Digitalization Information revolution Digital divide Historically- the problem of the time and space? Recall Giddens and Modelski as well as our reading about the history of globilzation How- Industrial revolution- New technologies Computer age- Note military connections Early computers Technology and crossing boarders- Political boarders- Terrorism/cyber-terrorism/cyber-crime and cyber espionage Nye- Information revolution and power- Information revolution and power Power more distributed Hard vs soft power Economic boarders- Changes in supply chains New firms Capital transfers Social and cultural boarders Facebook, Youtube, Ted Talks, More? Global trends- Mega trends- a. Individual empowerment b. Diffusion of power c. Demographic patterns are changing d. Scarcities of food, water, and energy Game changers- a. Crisis prone economy b. Governance gap c. Potential increased conflict d. Wider scope of regional instability e. Impact of new technologies- i. New information tech ii. New manufacturing and automation iii. Security and vital resources f. Role of the U.S. Alternative World Stalled engines Fusion Gini out of the Bottle Non-State World?


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