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SA 100 Week 4 Lecture

by: Andolina Ziolkowski

SA 100 Week 4 Lecture SA 100

Andolina Ziolkowski
Erie Community College
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About this Document

This week's lecture covered different treatment methods/formats, approaches to treatment, the characteristics of substance use counselors and characteristics of outpatient treatment.
Chemical Dependency Treatment Systems
Jerome Puma
Class Notes
Counseling, Substance Abuse, treatment, counselor, treatments




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Andolina Ziolkowski on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SA 100 at Erie Community College taught by Jerome Puma in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Chemical Dependency Treatment Systems in Mental Health Substance Abuse Counseling at Erie Community College.

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Date Created: 09/21/16
To start using this template, click “File” ­­ “Make a Copy” MM/DD/YYYY SA 100 Treatment of SUD and the SUD Counselor Lecture Notes – Week 4 ____________________________________________________________________________ ____ From previous sections ­ SUD – substance use disorder ­ Substance Abuse – use of a drug by a person when there is no legitimate  medical need to do so ­ TX (tx) ­­ treatment ____________________________________________________________________________ _ Treatment of SUD ­ Term ­ definition ­ When people are in tx, it saves money. ­ More cost effective than law enforcement activity used to battle  substance abuse ­ Healthcare cost of individual with SUD are often more than the  non­SUD person ­ Tx lowers healthcare costs due to careful  monitoring ­ Tx programs are medical­based ­ Tx plan needs medical  history/physical ­ Many forms of SUD tx have been tried & are being conducted, some more  successful than others ­ the field of SUD tx has gained more professionalism & credibility  over the years ____________________________________________________________ Characteristics of the SUD Counselor To start using this template, click “File” ­­ “Make a Copy” MM/DD/YYYY ­ Counseling relationship is of critical importance to bringing about change. ­ The SUD counselor must not have any major personal  issues (active addiction and/or failing recovery) & must never bring those issues  into the counseling relationship ­ Strong interpersonal skills, well­adjusted, & accepting  of others and their differences ­ Must be caring & empathetic, but you must never  knowingly protect patients from consequences of their negative behavior ­ Empathy is more effective than the confrontational  approach. ____________________________________________________________ Treatment Approaches ­ Minnesota Model ­ 1  tx approach where researchers looked at addiction ­ Originally focused on alcohol alone ­ Originator of 28­day inpatient program ­ Insurance would only pay for 28 days ­ Today's avg is 15­19 days (due to insurance  payments) ­ key was the tx team ­ Allows people with various specialties to work  with the patients To start using this template, click “File” ­­ “Make a Copy” MM/DD/YYYY ­ Referrals are important because coordinating tx to person's  needs is necessary ­ The tx plan ­ Must be unique to each patient ­ Contains summary of mental & physical health ­ Contains diagnosis (abbreviated as dx) ­ Long & short term goals of tx ­ Patient's perception of the "problem" ____________________________________________________________ Tx Formats/Modalities 1. Detoxification (detox) ­ medically managed withdrawal; through medical  management the person can safely remove substances from their system a. Three modes of detox: i. Medically managed ii. Medically supervised iii. Medically monitored b. Offers safe place for withdrawal c. Under the supervision of medically personnel d. Could be outpatient 2. Accupuncture a. Evidence of effectiveness is minimal b. Not used widely in SUD tx 3. Family & marital therapy a. SUD have major impact on family of user b. specialized 4. Group therapy a. Core of many outpatient tx b. More patients at one time are exposed to tx c. Instant feedback & learning 5. Harm reduction model a. Opposite of abstinence model To start using this template, click “File” ­­ “Make a Copy” MM/DD/YYYY b. Philosophy is to limit harm or negative consequences related to SUD  activity c. EX. Needle exchange, nicotine patch, methadone maintenance, suboxone ____________________________________________________________ Outpatient Therapy ­ Involves 1+ counselors ­ Designed to work with active users ­ Can use various modalities ­ Allows patient flexibility & independence ­ Government funded tx cannot mandate patients go to AA & NA ­ Has cost advantages ­ Less disruptive ­ Patient always has a right to privacy


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