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The Limey (1999) Notes

by: Christina Horton
Christina Horton
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Detailed movie notes with quotes from IMDB
Cinematic Auteurs
Kevin Esch
Class Notes
english, cinematic, auteurs, auteur, soderbergh, Film, The, Limey
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Horton on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 303 at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Kevin Esch in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Cinematic Auteurs in Literature at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months.


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Date Created: 09/21/16
THELIMEY(1999) - Set in LA - (W)Wilson – Terrance Stamp - (TV)Terry Valentine– PeterFonda - (StH)Stacy theHitman– NickyKatt - (ER)Eduardo Roel– Luis Guzman- (JA)Jim Avery –Barry Newman - UncleJohn– JoeDallesandro - (E)Elaine –Lesley AnnWaren - (J)Jenny –Melissa George - (A) Adhara - Amelia Heinle  First lines: “Tell me, tell me, tellme aboutJenny!”  Wilson riding in thebackseatofa taxi  Enters hotelroom,unpackssuitcase  Songopening“The Seeker”TheWho  Wilson thinkingaboutJenny,imagesofheras a younggirl(on a beach with a hat) andnow(riding in a car)  Wilson takesa cab to a houselookingfor EduardoRoel  ER wrote WaboutJenny(J andER were friends)  Wwants to knowwho snuffed herJ  J was in a car crash,neck broken,thecarwas onfire and possiblyevendroveoffa cliff.  BothW andER were in prison  J lives with Terry Valentine  J andTV hada fight,J droveaway  Kidsin a parkgiveWa gunand bulletsfor cash undera table  Wloads thegunin thecar with ER  Jennyinvolvedwith badmen, sheasksER to comewith herto see these“badmen”in an industrialwarehouse section  Wclips a fence to get access to this building  Imagesof Wslowly travelingalongsidea wall  Wgets TV’s addressout ofrolodexwhile heassaultsa manat hisdesk fordenyingthat heknewTV  Jennyhadalso previouslyquestionedthissameman(like W) andasked whohe is to TV(her boyfriend)  Men beat upW, kick himwhen he is downand throwhimout ofthebuilding,themen displayedthat theywere notintimidatedby W.  Themen go backinside, Wslowly gets up andheads backinsideafter themwith a gunin his handand shoots(4 shots,then2more). Samecamera angleof where Wwas droppedoff, viewer doesnot seethe shooting.Ayoungerguyrunsout ofthebuildingand off camera…  Wsays“Tell him I’mcoming!”(no oneknowswho he is talkingabout)  Manin a suit,overlookswhathappenedwith men and Wfrom a rooftopcloseby  TV bya poolwith Adhara (babein thepool)  Jim Avery is theSuitOnlooker,JAtalks toTV, tells him aboutWilsonand theshooting  Thekid who gotaway called JAand toldhim what Wsaid  J was in ER’s acting class  Shotsofwomanat a grocery store(she lookssad)  Wgoes to woman’shouseandwomanknowswho heis right awayand asks“Whydid youcomehere?”  Shedoesn’tlet Win, Wcalls thehouseand thenshelets him in  Thewoman is namedElaine  Wand Ego fora walk.E knowsER. Shotsofthem walkingand talkingand shotsofthem in a diner  A cares forJ, we learn that J’smomdied when shewas 6  Wsaysheknewwhen J died ->hewas outsidein theyardand hecouldn’tlet go of thenewspaperand that’swhen heknewsomethinghappened“shewas magic”  Wis always smokinga cigarette  Wand ER are in thecarspyingon TVwith binoculars  Wand ER go into thepartyat TV’s house,TVis in thebathroomflossingwith A in thetub  Welearn thatTV is (or was predominantlyinthe60’s)a Rock andRollproducer/promoter Terry Valentine:Didyouever dream about a place you never really recall being to before? A place that maybe onlyexists in your imagination? Some place far away, half remembered when you wake up. When you were there, though, you knew the language. You knew your way around. *That* was the sixties. [pause] Terry Valentine:No.It wasn't that either. It was just '66and early '67.That's all there was.  Wgoes upstairsandfinds a pictureofJ on thewall (Wsees images of youngJin his mind)  TV says“hi”to ER at theparty,ER filling his platewith food  Win TV’s bedroom,Ais in thetub  Scenes flashing from TV’s roomandW in it to TV at thepartymingling andlaughing  Wis tiptoeing around,Wspieson A onthephone,thenhe leaves theroom  TV is stillsmall-talking,Ais at theparty now.Wand ER are onpoolterrace  Wsees TV forthefirst time, entranced.Soundis muted(only music,no talkingfrom theparty)W imagines what hewantsto do to TVand it replays overand overeach a slightly different way.Then W headsback insidehouse,allthewhile imagining shootingTV overandoverandthen ER stopsW  Wand ER go backoutside,Wgrabs a smoke  JAnotices W, Wtells ER to go get thecar  JAsendsGordonto talk to W. View is Wand Goutside,perspectiveis from insidethehousewith view ofWand Gordon.WthrowsGoff theterrace  TV sees thisout ofthecornerof his eye,he goesoutside,sees G in thebushes(far down)and otherparty-goersgoto see  Wand ER speed away in a Taurus,JAfollows them in a Benz  Imagesof Jdriving (like a memoryin thepast)drivingdown thesameroadfrom TV’s house,twistyroad.  JA’scar hits theTaurus,JAshootsthecar with a shotgun.ERbacksinto Benz andsends it downthecliff- side  ER and Wspeed away,Wwanted to kill JAbutER said no andpulled him away  JAgoes back totheparty  JAtells TVthat Gflipped outandcommitted suicide(they bothknowit’s a lie)  Win prison fornineyears forarmed robbery.  TV nowknowsthat Wis coming after himto kill him  JAsays“peopleclose toyoukeep falling into canyons”toTV  TV noticesthat J’sframed photois gone,W hasit.  BLACKSCREEN  Pooltable, bar, newguys  JAat this bar,calls Stacy(the Hitman)overtosit down,JA hires StHtokill someone(W)  S “this is a lifestyle I embrace”  JAleaves, S headsto his truckand a DEA agent is watching him  S is tracking E, Eis at a playground(on-setofa showormovie)  E+ Won set, noaudio justthesamemusicusedthroughoutmovie  W+ Ewalking in theparking garageandS approacheswith a gun,shootsandmisses  DEA stepsin, savestheir lives andasksW+ Eto comewith them  W+ Ein theircar, DEA leaves themin a weird room with toolsand other things  Wremembers J “in increments”J saysWwas a “ghostin her life”  Showsscenes of WandJ’smom (scenes pulled from themovie PoorCow(1967))when they were young  J usedto say she’scall thecopson W. Itwas a “joke”butthen it wore off  Thelast job, J toldW thatshewouldn’tbearoundafterhe gotout ofprisonthis timeand shewasn’t  DEA leads Wbythearm to theHead DEA agent in a suit at a desk.  Wtries totalk himselfout ofit Wilson:Howyou doin'then? All right, are you? Now look, squire, you're the guv'nor here, I can see that. I'm in your manor now. So there's no need to get your knickers ina twist. Whatever this bollocksis that's going down between you and that slag Valentine, it's got nothing to do with me. I couldn't care less. Alright, mate? Let me explain. When I was in prison - second time - uh, no, telling a lie, third stretch, yeah, third, third - there was this screw what really had it in for me, and that geezer was top ofmy list. Two years after I got sprung, I sees him in Arnold Park. He's sittin' on a bench feedin' bloodypigeons. There was no-one about, I could've gone up behind him and snapped his fuckin'neck, *wallop!* But I left it. I could'veknobbled him, but I didn't. 'Cause what I thought I wanted wasn't what I wanted. What I thought I was thinkin' about was something else. I didn't give a toss. It didn't matter, see? This berk on the bench wasn't worth my time. It meant sod-all in the end, 'cause yougotta make a choice: when to do something, and when to let it go. When it matters, and when it don't. Bide your time. That's what prison teaches you, if nothing else. Bide your time, and everything becomes clear, and you can act accordingly. Head DEA Agent:There's one thing I don't understand. The thing I don't understand is every motherfuckin' word you're saying.  H-DEAD-AasksW’sconnection to TV, Wtells thetruth thatTV andJ were together  Agent showsW photosofTV’s houseand TVand JAtogether  Behind Agent’sdeskin a largewindowand men burnblocksofheroin, let’s Wleave  BLACKSCREEN– Steppenwolf’s“MagicCarpetRide”  TV andA driving  A sees SUVfollowing them(JA andmuscle)  J,ER andE in car  TV andA at a restaurant  “muscle”drinkscoffee at the car. JAcalls barthat StHis at andStH slams thephonedownbecauseJAchewed him out.StHtalksshit  BLACKSCREEN  car with J+ER+Edriving along thecoastheading totheBig Sur  ER asksW if hehasfriends, Wsaysthat a lot are dead  Arrive at theBig Sur  TV at thewater(like W) andsmokinga cig  TV andJAspeak,JAassuringTV thathe’s takingcare ofit  A questionsbodyguards,wantstoknowwhat’sgoing on  TV saysit’sa precaution,doesn’ttell thetruth  BLACKSCREEN  Different shotsofW  J’sashes were scattered from a boat,J lovedtheocean. Shewas from an Island.ShotsofW thinkingaboutJ,loadsa gun  A bathingagain,Wout offocus is outside,walks byA  TV andJAon couchwatching television  All (including muscle)hear a caralarm. Oneguygoes to check it out….  Alarms stops,guydoesn’treturn,anotherguygoes  TV getsantsy,nervous  JAgrabs Aand bringsherwith everyoneelse tokitchen (a “safeplace”)  Whas knockedoutfirst guy andduct tapedhis mouth  A startsto panick,wantsto call thecops  JAshootssomeonehesees moving,hithis own Hitman,S  S’sfriend (UncleJohn)shootsJA,then JAshootshimback  WattacksTV, hashim closeto thefire, Welbows A in thenoseand TVstabsW with a BBQ fork  TV runs,Wcomesafter him  JAis still alive, butdies before hecan shootW  TV headsdownstairs to thecoast (manystairs),W follows (classic chasesceneof flipping back between two people)  TV falls and sees a dead guy,ontherocks as herunsaway hebreaks hisankle(boneprotrudes)and heshoots W  Wsaysfirst lines and reaches overTVon thegroundandshakeshim “Tell me, tell me,tell meaboutJenny!”  TV sayshecared for Jennybutshefoundoutabouthis dealand shewanted himto stop.J said she“would call thecops”(like what sheused tosay to herfather, W)  TV killed her, muscleandJAsaw theaftermath  Fire happenedafter, theyburnedthecar with herdead bodyin it  Wis nowat peace, themusicsignals thatbecauseit is uplifting.He nowknowsthetruth  Won an airplane,woman sits next tohim…  Talks aboutgoingto LA  Speakabouttraveling  Flashesof Epatching upWafter the“final battle”andsayinggoodbye  Wtells womanon airplaneabouthis nineyearsin prison  Womanis very courteous“Soundslikeyouneed a rest” “Yea could be” – W  Wplaying a guitarandsinging when young(from PoorCow(1967))  MovieEnds.


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