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Human Geography Chapter 1

by: Hannah Ahmed

Human Geography Chapter 1 Geog 1101

Marketplace > University of Georgia > Geography > Geog 1101 > Human Geography Chapter 1
Hannah Ahmed

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About this Document

Introduction into geography
Human Geography
Dr. Rice
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hannah Ahmed on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Geog 1101 at University of Georgia taught by Dr. Rice in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Human Geography in Geography at University of Georgia.


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Date Created: 09/21/16
Human Geo Chpt. 1 pages 3-6 & 22-29 Chapter 1 “Pop” Quiz 1. China a. 1.4 billion China b. 1.26 billion India c. 323 million USA 2. English a. Mandarin Chinese b. Spanish c. English 3. $35,000 a. $51,000 median b. 31,000 per person white c. 30,000 per person Asian d. 18,000 per person black e. 15,000 per person Hispanic 4. 600 dollars 5. 200,000 a. 21 million refugees b. 65 million forcibly relocated c. Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan 6. 15% a. 54% 7. 75% a. 195 million b. 1 and 7 households in the US food insecure c. Athens Clarke county poorest county in GA 8. 90% a. 33% food wasted 9. 25% a. 40% 10. 45% a. 34% Defining Geography  Geo: “earth”, graphy: “to describe (or write)  “…Science that studies the relationships among natural systems, geographic areas, society, cultural activities and the interdependence of all these over space.” Space, Spatial  Interested in the relationship between people and the space  How spatial context affects the contents Human Geo Chpt. 1 pages 3-6 & 22-29 Geography is not only descriptive but considers:  Why are places/people where they are?  How is a place changing (over time, across space?  How do humans influence their environment? (And vice versa)  How and why are resources (of all types, not just natural) unevenly distributed?  How and why are socio-economic characteristics… Geography is INTERDISCIPLINARY Span physical sciences and social sciences o on test  Human geography, Physical geography, Geographic techniques Geography Matters  Geography matters because it is specific places that provide the settings for people’s daily lives.  Provide opportunities and constraints for people  Places and regions are highly interdependent, each playing specialized roles in complex networks of interaction and change.  At the same time, specific places are unique Places  Are specific geographic settings with distinctive physical, social, and cultural attributes  How we put meaning into places o We socially construct this as humans o Not just there, but made o Constantly changing and contested  Places reflect difference/ inequality  Example o The UGA arch is a place o Socially constructed has a lot of meaning o Students don’t walk through unless you don’t want to graduate in time o Also “contested”- who gets to enter? o UGA desegregation 1961  Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes first to desegregate UGA  Example o “Downtown Athens” Human Geo Chpt. 1 pages 3-6 & 22-29 o Non white students discriminated against at the bars/ downtown  Example o Haiti & Dominican Republic: one island two worlds o Haiti very improvised and DR is pretty well off o Has to do with colonization of the island  Why hold the 1963 civil rights march at the Lincoln Memorial? o Symbolic o Produces memories  Places can be specific or generalized o This type of place is found across Georgia  Places influences people’s well-being and their opportunity  Places are controlled o Most of DT Athens is on camera Regions  Are territories that encompass many places, all of most which share attributes different from the attributes of places elsewhere. Landscape  Visual representations of society o Murals, parks Sense of place  Feelings associated with a place  How we feel about a place / how a place makes us feel Maps Matter!  Simplified the world o Choice of what to map makes it a reality  Gall-Peters Projection o Created to make more accurate representation of continents  Mercator Projection o Not relative to size of countries o Makes things bottom and top larger  Projection takes 3D surface and makes it flat o Causes distortion Spatial Scale  What is the spatial extent  What happens on one scale does effect other scales Human Geo Chpt. 1 pages 3-6 & 22-29  What is important and the outcome of things differ from scales Developing a Geographical Imagination  It is useful to think of places and regions as representing the cumulative legacy of successive periods of change


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