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Eng 325 Week 5 Notes

by: Clarissa Notetaker

Eng 325 Week 5 Notes ENG 325

Marketplace > Humboldt State University > ENG 325 > Eng 325 Week 5 Notes
Clarissa Notetaker

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About this Document

Middle English
History of the English Language
Dr. Kathleen Doty
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clarissa Notetaker on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 325 at Humboldt State University taught by Dr. Kathleen Doty in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views.

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Date Created: 09/21/16
Week 5 English 325: History of the English Language Middle English (1066-1450 or 1100-1500) External History 1066 Battle of Hastings (Normal Conquest) 1204 King Philip seizes Norman estates in England 1258 Henry III issued proclamation in Latin, French, and English (English was gaining status) 1348 Black Death (Bubonic Plague) mainly affected peasants because of their living conditions also affected the clergy because of mingling and last rites commoners became more valuable as workers were scarce Peasants' Revolt--demands for more money for work 1362 Parliament opened with a speech in English to reach more people and ordered lawsuits to be conducted in English (though this took time to happen) 13-14th Growing sense of Englishness; rise of middle class/skilled craftsmen 1331-1454 100 Years' War--French declined and became the language of the enemy 1377-99 Deposition of Richard II conducted in English as well as the abdication speech and acceptance speech of his successor, Henry IV 1340-1400 Chaucer 1476 First English book published printing had already taken place in England, but books were in French and Latin because those were the languages of the aristocracy Norman Conquest -With the conquest, French became the language of prestige/power -Norman French dialect was different from Parisian French -King Philip spoke Parisian, so the prestige language shifted -Many English people became bilingual, speaking Old English and Norman French vice versa--French became bilingual as well -Accounts for French, Italian, and Spanish words in English 4 Axioms that apply across eras -concerning the relationship of external history and changes in language 1. When social order is fluid, the lower class is more likely to behave like the upper class than when social order is rigid. Fluid refers to the possibility of mobility for lower classes. Rigid means there is no opportunity for ascent into a higher class 2. Social order becomes more fluid during social upheaval such as war, plague, conquest. 3. With high population density, contact of social classes is greater than when the population is thinly distributed. 4. Contemporary observers of a social scene are more likely to comment on the unusual than the usual. Already known phenomena is less noteworthy than the new Peterborough Chronicle -From PeterboroughAbbey monks -English history written in Old English annalist style -Year by year -Chronicles language change -"In this year" begins every entry 1053 "On þissum geare" became 1154 "On þis gear" * This progression shows the simplification of English and the decline of case and gender


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