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Week 3 Notes

by: Kirsten Notetaker

Week 3 Notes

Marketplace > Lewis University > > Week 3 Notes
Kirsten Notetaker
Lewis University

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About this Document

Week 3 Notes
Loss and Mourning
Ms. Rzeszutko
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kirsten Notetaker on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at Lewis University taught by Ms. Rzeszutko in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 09/21/16
Week 3 Notes Birth - 6 6 months - 2 2 years -5 5 years - 9 months years years years Characteristics Basic needs Lots of growth, Egocentric, Values life, of age met, beings to understand develops consistency, individuate, cause and effect, intellect, tries need to develop remember there is no order to increase trust and love, faces, full range of importance feelings of caregiver = emotions for the things control love they like (teddy bear is just as great as grandma) View of death No death Experiences of Magical causes, Death = concept, no grief - only if itsense loss, ghosts, death sense of is a significant aggressive is irreversible, finality, reacts other, no behavior, death is to lost control over worries who will permanent, caregiver, emotions, care problems with reacts to regressive blaming caregiver's behavior themselves distress What helps Nurturing and Support, Remind of loss, Clear, concise comfort (even support give realistic info, educate more than caregiver, information, help them, dispel before), minimize stress, put their feelings fears, tangible maintain avoid another into words, means to routines, loss, structure, involve in remember, disengage from and schedule farewell help them to the caregiver ceremonies, express their progressively reassure them feelings 12 years - 21 20's - 30's 40's - 50's 60's - 70's 70's and years Characteristics Physical Looking for Focus on "Young old", "Old. Old.", of age changes, person relationships, emotionally view of life and they know has more of a career, starting rewarding death, time to they are logical and adult life, getting things, start to retire, their dying, and analytical married? Identity see that death is career is over - are accepting thought process, is pretty well approaching, their identity of it, hopefully social found, friends are career is still a career they have awareness, starting their lives important, but person is lost, achieved friends are more too, prime of life, life around you some feel that what they important, start a family, is important, their lives are wanted, values are maybe some mid-life crisis over, pretty much changing , confusion, time, everyone emotions are around them hot/cold, focus is leaving, on the future least anxiety about death View of death Look at death Realize that See their They are Ready for more in terms of everyone dies, parents dying, thinking of death, you violence (media, finality of death, more aware of death in terms know that it is video games), look at death in death, can see of how they going to not that it is general event, that it is have lived life, happen, if you going to happen feels rage and coming, how what have I are doing well around them, disappointment if much time do I really done?, you are living view is more a loss occurs have left? have I finished life to the global, don’t that bucket fullest, or think about list?, taking a may be death and general miserable if themselves, assessment of things are not think about how their life, nice, body is our life can naturally falling apart affect our death happens **need to talk - becomes a because of the about death little obsessive, realization that and grief links in with death is looking to the imminent future What helps Listen actively Listen, group Rituals, talking, Support Support (empathy), make work, education, reminiscing, systems, systems, sure you hear structure doing things to elderly elderly why they are make them activities, activities, angry, offer happy, education, education, support, music schedules, what they are getting therapy, lyrics stability, feeling is services that help with normal, retiring are needed personal can cause a for them - identification, grief process, it give them the group work is okay, getting ability to have services that a productive are needed for life, MEDICAL them SERVICES Four kinds of death  Thanatology - study of death 1 Physical (biological) death - our body and everything about our body is gone, people cannot do anything, organs shut down, what is going on within our bodies refers to physical death 2 Psychological death - awareness of self in the world ceases to exist, you are psychologically dead and physically alive, dementia, Alzheimer's, psychotic breaks 3 Social death - interaction with others ceases to exist, you don’t want to interact with others, "You're dead to me", occurs for many about a month before death because they are preparing themselves to not be here anymore 4 Legal death - A.M.A - Veatch: 4 criteria for deal to control 1 Irreversible loss of flow of body fluids - heart stops pumping, you cannot eliminate wastes 2 Irreversible loss of soul from the body - a person really being able to truly socialize, presence of the person feels gone 3 Irreversible loss of the capacity for bodily integration - our systems have begun to shut down, brain is pretty much shut down 4 Irreversible loss of the ability to socially interact -


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