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week 3 notes

by: zoe stone

week 3 notes HIST 111 - W01C

zoe stone
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Notes on course
Ancient & Med Civ
Robert Frakes
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by zoe stone on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 111 - W01C at Clarion University of Pennsylvania taught by Robert Frakes in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.

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Date Created: 09/21/16
Zoe Stone 9/15/16 Winter’s Bone Extra Credit Throughout this movie I noticed Ree was not the most traditional female; according to today’s society standards. One way Ree is not a traditional female is by her speaking her mind and having a voice. Throughout the movie she would always snap back to any one she felt was coming at her the wrong way. For example when tear drop wasn’t trying to help her when she first came to him looking for her dad. This was not a traditional thing for a female to do because in society the norm for us would be to not back talk a man. Our “place” is to stay polite and agree with what is being said instead of speaking out and having an opinion. A second way Ree is not a traditional female is by her hunting/ providing for the family. In the movie she is always hunting squirrels for dinner or finding a way to provide for her family. In a “traditional” society it is usually the man of the house that is supposed to provide for the family. The women are just supposed to cook and clean while handling the domestic work. Ree uses guns throughout the movie which in society is deemed “unlady like”. She learns how to provide for her family and does so in an untraditional way. This movie puts a female in a position to challenge the traditional female role. Although Ree is put in a challenging position she still does handle the domestic work of the house. For example she would cook and clean while taking care of the children. Throughout this movie Ree challenges the social norm for not only just being a female but being a 17 year old female. She pushes for a voice while taking care of the domestic work. She also shows that a female can do both traditional and nontraditional roles, and successfully. Winters Bone has shed light on the issue of women’s roles in society. Ree pushes the boundaries of these roles by managing both at the same time and dealing with extremely difficult situations with her family. She lives the motherly ole by taking care of the children by feeding them, making sure they go to school, and by making sure they go to bed on time. Ree also pushes for the male role as well by providing money and food for the family and handling any business that comes along.


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