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Africam Week 5

by: Brianna Alleyne

Africam Week 5 Africam 139

Brianna Alleyne
GPA 2.24

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About this Document

These notes cover the video Crips and Bloods: Made in America.
Selected Topics of African American Social Organization and Institutions
Nikki Jones
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brianna Alleyne on Thursday September 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Africam 139 at University of California Berkeley taught by Nikki Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Selected Topics of African American Social Organization and Institutions in African American Studies at University of California Berkeley.

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Date Created: 09/22/16
September 20, 2016 Crips and Bloods: Made in America ● LA surrounded by disneyland, pacific coast, hollywood is the  section of gangs ● 1950s ○ 3 friends­ Bird, Kumasi ■ Couldn’t be in any scouts that would  take them positive rights ● Black teenagers built their own fraternities because they wasn’t  accepted to any white one ● Slawson ○ Called themselves clubs but the outsiders called  them gangs ○ People were intrigued by them by them being all  the same and community ○ It wasn’t about destroying anyone it was about  competing ○ Collective and their territory was the streets and the park ● 1950­66 ○ Chief parker ran police department like a military ○ Cops were treating young black men as if hey were in warfare and as a threat ○ Tacit duty for police was that people were where  they was supposed to be ● Culturally disoriented, alienation­ views of the young people ○ They got self hatred ● 40 year feud ● Elders wanted them to bite the bullet and not use violence, they  were hanged (they view that LA looks wonderful), youth feel like the elders took it but they won’t ● Riot ○ 5 days ■ Friday ● Brought national  security army ● People were shot due to them making a wrong turn or for trivial expenses ○ Sense of pride for Blacks ○ 60s riot ■ Black people were getting pissed ■ Rebellion helped regain  consciousness/black pride movements ● Hoover started a plan to execute or arrest all black leaders ● Crips were developed due to ending of movements ○ Before 60s riots ■ White going to black neighborhoods  and caused ruckus ○ The black people that lived there didn’t see it as a  riot due to the blacks knowing what they was doing ● Crips ○ Raymond washington founding member ○ blue ● Bloods ○ Red ● Sayings ○ get caught slipping ○ Watch your back ○ Most don’t ever leave their block ○ Never let see yourself be weak ○ Always look good ○ Kill or be killed ○ Need to be respected as a man ■ respect=fear me ● Reasons why join gang ○ Protection ○ Family ○ Love ○ Community ○ Raised into it ○ Need a male figure/role model ● Most of the male father figure are in jail Screening Questions ● What social factors converged to produce gangs in  LA? ○ Police with the stop and seizures­  the hatred of the police and being in wrong “neighborhood” ○ Constant arrest and stopped for no  reason ○ Them constantly not being accepted  in society ○ Killing of the good black pride  movement ○ Crack cocaine movement ○ Absence of father figure/no role  model ○ War on drugs ● How did policing shape the formation of gangs in  LA? ○ They would use force on the young  black men constantly ● What kinds of interventions could be used to  respond to violence? September 22, 2016 Crips and Bloods: Made in America Screening Questions ● What role did these social forces play in the  development of the Crips and Bloods in LA? ○ Rodney king ● Historically, what role has policing played in the  development of gangs and community violence in LA? ○ Prisons segregation ■ Black and browns on  one side ■ Crips vs. bloods ● How is the discussion of gangs and violence in LA  gendered? How is black masculinity and black femininity represented in  the film? ○ Masculinity ■ Guns ■ Protect their women ■ No emotions ○ Femininity ■ Vulnerability ■ Mothers,  grandmothers ■ Always a spectator ■ Silenced ○ Shared vulnerability ● How do we tell the story? ○ both./and ○ either/or Rosa Parks ● Father ○ Marcus garvey follower ● She/Herself ○ she was a detective and activist for nonviolence  against black women ○ She represented black female vulnerability (fit the  face) ● Mother ○ teacher Key Questions/Review ● Redlining to blockbusting ● Housing practices ○ Shapes space ○ How to police these areas ○ Environment ● Quiz ○ Use one example from each of the readings in the  short answer ○


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