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Ace The Histology Practical

by: BenWilliams

Ace The Histology Practical Bio 121

Marketplace > Parkland College > Natural Sciences > Bio 121 > Ace The Histology Practical
Parkland College
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About this Document

This is everything you need to know to get a perfect on the histology practical with the exception of tissue identification. Disclaimer: These materials are the interpretation of lecture. The ma...
Anatomy and Physiology
Class Notes
Biology, Histology, anatomy, Physiology




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by BenWilliams on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 121 at Parkland College taught by Erbach in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Anatomy and Physiology in Natural Sciences at Parkland College.

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Date Created: 09/23/16
Histology Practical Study Guide    This is everything you need to know to get a perfect on the histology practical with the  exception of tissue identification. The book has good pictures of every tissue to memorize.  Remember that you will need to write the full name of the tissue. For example “simple  squamous epithelia” is acceptable as well as “adipose connective tissue”. Also, remember that  spelling counts. ­Ben    Epithelia  One Function  One Location  Associated Terms  Simple Squamous  Filtration  Alveoli    Stratified Squamous  Protection  Epidermis  Keratinized  Nonkeratinized  Simple Cuboidal  Absorption  Kidney tubules    Stratified Cuboidal  Excretion  Mammary glands    Simple Columnar  Secretion  Digestive tract  Goblet cells  Pseudostratified  Secretion  Nasal cavity  Goblet cells  Columnar  Ciliated Columnar  Propulsion  Trachea  Cilia  Goblet cells  Transitional  Stretch and return to  Urinary bladder    normal          Connective Tissue  One Function  One Location  Associated Terms  Areolar  Protect organs  Under epithelia  Elastic fibers  Collagen fibers  Fibroblasts  Adipose  Store energy  Kidney wrapping  Adipocytes  Reticular  Support  Spleen  Reticular fibers  Fibroblasts  Dense Regular  Attach muscle to  Tendons  Collagen fibers  bone  Fibroblasts  Dense Irregular  Resist stretching in  Surrounds organs  Collagen fibers  multiple directions  Fibroblasts  Dense Elastic  Recoil after  Aorta  Elastic fibers  stretching  Fibroblasts  Blood  Transport gases  Inside vessels  Erythrocytes  Leukocytes  Elastic Cartilage  Maintain shape but  Outer ear  Elastic fibers  provide elasticity  Lacunae  Chondrocytes  Hyaline Cartilage  Protection  End of bones  Lacunae  Chondrocytes  Fibrocartilage  Support  Intervertebral disks  Collagen fibers  Lacunae  Chondrocytes  Bone  Support  Humerous  Osteocyte  Osteon  Lacunae  Haversian Canal  Canaliculi  Lamella    Muscle Tissue  One Function  One Location  Associated Terms  Skeletal  Voluntary movement  Bicep brachii  Multinucleated  Striated  Smooth  Involuntary  Digestive tract  Mononucleated  movement  Nonstriated  Cardiac  Pump blood  Heart  Cardiocytes  Mononucleated  Intercalated disks    Neural Tissue  One Function  One Location  Associated Terms  Neural Tissue  Transmit action  Brain  Neuron  potential  Neuroglia  Cell body  Neuronal process   


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