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DFW: DFW as Special Places

by: Taylor Gipson

DFW: DFW as Special Places 3351

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > History > 3351 > DFW DFW as Special Places
Taylor Gipson

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About this Document

Week 5, Sept 22 notes
DFW Metroplex
Robert Fairbanks
Class Notes
dallas, fort, worth, DFW, history
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Gipson on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 3351 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Robert Fairbanks in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see DFW Metroplex in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/23/16
Dallas and Fort Worth as Special Places th 19 century, no doubt that DFW were cities. There were special places that draw people to the cities themselves.  Size and Diversity within Cities o Distinctive characteristics  Pull of the City  Foundation of Neiman Marcus  Robert Lee Thorton, born in poverty, had enormous ambition.  William McDonald, an African-American, came to Ft. Worth in 1855 as a teacher. Republican and became active in the party. o Establishes own bank, which allows blacks the opportunity to get loans etc. o Mason o Biggest millionaires in Texas, wealthiest man in Ft. Worth.  Miguel Martinez came to Texas in 1922 when fleeing the Mexican Revolution. Opened a restaurant with his wife, serving for the first time, Mexican food. El Fenix, then, became extremely popular.  Amon Carter created Star Telegram and first radio station.  Population concentration= opportunity  40k by 1900 in Dallas o Increased drastically within years.  Irish and German populations  Diversity  Non-Economic Functions o Cities as magnets for Hinterland  Early Fairs  Agriculture attractions  Brought in many people from all over the state, mainly by horse.  Fort Worth Stock Show  1896 in North Creek, with no buildings in an open setting. To encourage better breeding and feeding of animals. (Shorthorn versus Longhorn) o Next year, activities and buildings etc. Dallas and Fort Worth as Special Places th  In early 20 century raised $50,000 that builds the Coliseum that stands there to this day. Indoor rodeo.  Texas Spring Palace o City as Education Center  Culture and libraries  1899, Dallas Public Library  A little later, Ft. Worth Public Library o Carnegie contributed to BOTH libraries.  Schools  Cities and Entertainment o Playing in the City  Saloons, minstrel shows and red light districts and higher culture  Hell’s Half Acre o Brothels, high and low class o Drew people to the city (THEME)  Vaudeville  John Hoblisell  Fast-paced variety show, arguing that catches the tempo of the urban life.  Department Stores  Changed the nature of shopping for DFW o Used to be male-centered in the 19 th century o Chore to entertainment  If you could make shopping for enticing for women, amount of money spent would greatly increase.  Sanger-Harris  Neiman Marcus  Tea room’s, safe’s, began to hire women as clerks, marked lists, clearance basements, buildings had picture windows to show off product.  Baseball  Major League started to come down to Texas for spring training in the 1920s.  Golf


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