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Algorithm Design and Analysys - Week 4 Notes

by: Judy

Algorithm Design and Analysys - Week 4 Notes CSC 3110

Marketplace > Wayne State University > Computer Science and Engineering > CSC 3110 > Algorithm Design and Analysys Week 4 Notes
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About this Document

Chapter 2 material covered. Topics include Analysis Framework Measuring Input Size and Running Time Primitive Operations Order of Growth Worst, Best and Average Case Big O, Big Omega, Big T...
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Alaa Khalaf Al-Makhzoomy
Class Notes
algorithms, BigO, analysis, InputSize
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Judy on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CSC 3110 at Wayne State University taught by Alaa Khalaf Al-Makhzoomy in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Algorithm Design and Analysis in Computer Science and Engineering at Wayne State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/16
OneNote Online Week 4 Notes Tuesday, September 20, 20161:00 PM *Note: This also includes material that was covered in the video lecture to make up for a missed day during week 3 CHAPTER 2 Review properes of logarithms and become familiar with them Also review properes of summaons and become familiar with them Lastly, review proof techniques The Analysis Framework Analysis of algorithms is looking at efficiency with respect to running me and memory space Time Efficiency (me complexity): how fast an algorithm runs Space Efficiency (space complexity): amount of memory required in addion to input and output We will focus on me efficiency Measuring Input Size We look at efficiency as a funcon of n indicang input size Somemes choice of a parameter indicang input size maers (matricies) Choice of the appropriate size metric can be influenced by the operaons of the algorithm Somemes the input is one number and the magnitude of the number determines the input size Units for Measuring Running Time There are drawbacks to using units of me (seconds/miliseconds etc) Dependent on the speed of the computer/machine Dependent on the quality of the program using the algorithm and of the compiler There is difficulty in clocking the actual running me of the program Could count the number of mes the algorithm's operaons are executed – both really difficult and unnecessary The thing to do – idenfy the most importan operaon of the algorithm (the basic operaon, usually the most me consuming operaon) Time efficiency is analyzed by determining the number of repeons of the basic operaon as a funcon of input size (n) Should be used with cauon, as if does not account for operaons that are not basic, but it can give a reasonable esmate of the algorithm's running me Primive Operaons Basic computaons performed by an algorithm Assumed to take a constant amount of me Examples: evaluang an expression, assigning to a variable, indexing an array, calling a method, returning from a method. Orders of Growth For large values of n, the funcons order growth is what counts The funcon growing the slowest is the logarithmic funcon Exponenal 2^n and n! Grow extremely fast Worst Case Efficiency for the worst case input of size n for which the algorithm runs the longest among all possible inputs of that size Bounds the running me from above Guarantees that the running me will not exceed that amount Best Case Where the algorithm runs the fastest among all possible inputs of that size Bounds the running me from below Average Case Must make some assumpons about possible inputs of size n Divide all instances of n into several classes so that the number of mes the basic operang is executed is the same OneNote Online Big O O(g(n)), all funcons with a lower or same order growth as g(n) Big Omega Omega(g(n)) - all funcons with a higher or same order of growth as g(n) Big Theta Theta(g(n)) - set of all funcons that have the same order of growth as g(n) Properes of Asymptoc orders of growth •f(n) € O(f(n)) •f(n) € O(g(n)) iff g(n) € W(f(n)) •If f (n) € O(g (n)) and g(n) € O(h(n)), then f(n) € O(h(n)) •If 1 (n) € O1g (n)) an2 f (n) € 2(g (n)), then f (n) + f (n) € O(max{g (n), g (n)}) 1 2 1 2 Using Limits for comparing orders of growth Much more convenient method for comparing orders of growth Compute the limit of the ratio of the two functions in question If limit = zero, top has smaller order of growth than bottom If limit = c , top has the same order of growth as bottom If limit = ∞, top has a larger growth order than bottom Useful Asymptotic Observations All logarithmic functions log base a of n belong to the same class Theta(log n) for all a>1 All polynomials of the same degree k belong to the same class Exponential functions a^n have different orders of growth for different a's Order log n < order n^a (a>0) < order a^n < order n! < order n^n Simple Loops Time Complexity: T(n) = (a constant c) * n = cn = O(n) Nested Loops T(n) = cn^2 = O(n^2) Sequence T(n) = O(n) Logarithmic Time Algorithm Binary Search Exponential Time Algorithms Towers of Hanoi


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