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Sample Upload DO NOT BUY

by: Anjani Sarpal

Sample Upload DO NOT BUY Biol 490

Marketplace > St. Cloud State University > Biol 490 > Sample Upload DO NOT BUY
Anjani Sarpal
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Sample- DO NOT BUY
Cancer Biology
Dr Meerschaert
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anjani Sarpal on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Biol 490 at St. Cloud State University taught by Dr Meerschaert in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views.


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Date Created: 09/23/16
Biol 490 Cancer Biology Section 54 (on-line) Dr. Meerschaert WSB 220 This course is being offered as a 3 credit elective in the Biomedical Sciences major. As a temporary course number it may need to be added to your elective list after completion of the course by your major advisor. This course will cover the basics of how cells become altered. Some basic cell biology will be needed to fully understand all topics. If you have limited background in biology and need help understanding anything covered in this course, please contact me using the e-mail address given above. st Required text: Principles of Cancer Biology by Lewis J. Kleinsmith. 1 edition, 2006. ISBN: 0-8053-4003-3 Published by Pearson Benjamin Cummings ( Course structure: Content is provided mainly through the assigned text. Additional educational videos and files will be provided or linked to the D2L Brightspace Content page. There are 12 chapters in the text, which will be broken down into 4 units each covering 3 chapters. Communication will be done mainly using e-mail or by posted notifications on the D2L Brightspace course Announcements page. Grading and assessment of learning: The Content page contains detailed information on what you should accomplish for each unit. The deadlines for assignments are same for everyone in the course so that we all will work on the same topics at the same time (that is, this is not a self-paced course). Homework and Learning Assessments will not be reopened for any reason. If you fail to submit something by the deadline you will receive a zero for that assignment. Homework: The Quiz page under the Assignments pull-down menu will contain all of the graded assignments. You will be expected to complete 1 homework assignment per chapter. These homework quizzes will contain auto-graded multiple choice, True/False and matching type questions. Additional educational videos and content will have associated homework quizzes of a similar type as the chapter homework quizzes. These are meant to be worked on as you read and study the material for each unit. More formal learning assessments will contain questions related to all the content covered in that unit (unit test). These may contain questions that relate content of one chapter to another, either covered within the unit or from an earlier unit (in particular if it relates to an introductory concept). Learning Assessments: Overall comprehension will be determined using Learning Assessments in the Quiz section. These will be open for a shorter time frame. It is recommended that you study all the educational content in the unit before opening the Learning Assessment. Questions will be multiple choice, True/False and matching type questions, worth a total of 80 points. Set aside 2 hours in which you will not be disturbed to take the assessment, there is only one attempt allowed. Make sure you are working in a quiet area on a computer you can be relatively sure will not kick you out of D2L Brightspace. Grades: All assignments will be posted to the grade book as soon as possible so that you may keep track of your progress. The course will be graded on a straight percentage scale. D2L cannot determine shaded grading, therefore shaded grades will be determined according to the chart included below. %: Letter grade: Assignment type: points: >94 A+ Homework 45 points per unit180 points 90-93 A Learning assessments 80 points per test 320 points 87-89 A- Total for course 500 points 84-86 B+ 80-83 B 77-79 B- 74-76 C+ 70-73 C 67-69 C- 64-66 D+ 60-63 D 57-59 D- < 56 F Student Responsibilities: It is assumed that all students enrolled in this course will work to the best of their abilities and adhere to the SCSU Student Code of Conduct ( Any deviations from these expectations will be reported to the office of Academic Affairs. This includes cheating (taking credit for someone else's work) and enrollment issues (enrollment solely for maintenance of student status etc). If necessary, the last day of attendance will be determined using the last date the course web site was accessed.


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