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T.v and Video Week 5

by: Abi Sommers

T.v and Video Week 5 CTCS 191

Abi Sommers

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About this Document

Here are the lecture notes for Week 5 ,when the screen was Game of Thrones
Intro to T.V and Video
Ellen Seiter
Class Notes
tv, video, Lecture, Game, Of, thrones
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abi Sommers on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CTCS 191 at University of Southern California taught by Ellen Seiter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views.


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Date Created: 09/23/16
Week 5 9/21 Live Event Television TV about TV ­ Television has power to manufacture televisable cultural events ­ event/awards shows  have proliferated in last two decades ­ Cultural prizes have long history but modern televised event emphasize :the nation:  watching together across time zones  ­ Emmys are a way of legitimizing television itself ­ Also a performance by the industry for the industry Value of Live ­ Appointment viewing, red carpet, live transmission ­ Tweeting, fb messaging and news feeds: substitute for “live appointment viewing “ or  enhancement ­ Value in events seen live, to conquer time shifting , skipping commercials, how would  you characterise ads shown during the Emmys? ­ Part horserace part runway show, fashion brands everywhere, swag, festivals of  consumption ­ Mix of stand up, sketch and variety show­ performed live ­ Watching for mistakes, drunkenness, dirty looks, poor sportsmanship ­ Drama of interrupted speeches Emmy Questions: ­ What status differences are apparent? ­ In what ways are the Emmys different from the Academy awards? The Nielsen company ­ Advantage of early adoption ­ Flawed data yet widely accepted    Clientele ­ Sells propriety ­ Information ­ broadcast networks, local tv stations, ad agencies, market research firms,  ­ cable networks , MSOs (multicable system operators), satellite Tv              Percentages  ­ share is based on all the Tvs turned on at that time/or daypart ­ share of audience : the percent of households using tv who are tuned to a  specific program, station or network Rating  ­ based on all households with a tv/ all possible viewers ­ rating : estimated percentage of universe of tv households tuned to a program  in average minute ­ 1% equals 1 point ­ Viewers Live + SD = same day viewing of show on a DVR plus live broadcast More data for sale ­ Publicized “horse race” data tiny subset of what is collected by Nielsen ­ Sliced and diced for particular target markets ­ Expensive subscription ­ Why do we hear so much about box office receptis and ratings nowadays?  ­ New since the 90’s


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