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Week 5 Lecture: School Health

by: Victoria Snow

Week 5 Lecture: School Health 620

Victoria Snow

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About this Document

This week we had Dr. Nichols give the lecture on public health schools. She is the State School Health Nurse Consultant of NC Division of Public Health. We discussed what types of things are seen i...
Exploring Public Health
Karin Yeatts
Class Notes
Public, health, school
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Snow on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 620 at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill taught by Karin Yeatts in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Exploring Public Health in School of Public Health at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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Date Created: 09/23/16
SPHG 620 Week 5 School Health Lecture 9/22/2016 Lecturer:Ann O.Nichols StateSchoolHealth NurseConsultant ofNCDivision ofPublicHealth Worked in thefield for 40years CoversALL schools(including public,“independent”(private),residential (blind/deaf),and charter) Positives of working inpublic health - Work isforthe“greatergood” - Abouttherelationshipswiththepeopleyouserve(aswellaspeopleyouworkwith) o Bc itsduringthetimetheyareexperiencingacrisis o Involvedintheirlivesandhelpsthemmakedecisions - Has largerimpact onpeople-populationbasedissuesinsteadofindividually - Asthmaisa bigproblem o But on populationlevel-ifoneschoolhashigherratesofasthmathanotherschools- lookintopollution,pollen,otherthingsthatmaybeaffectingasthmaflaresand influenceotherphysicalactivitythatisnotoutside - Can becreative,researchanideaandimplement - Lots ofautonomyand independence - Make decisionsontimingandschedulingyourday - Publichealthnurse-takescareofalltypesofpeopleandresponsibleforlookingat outbreaks,continuous(vsepisodicandlookingatsmall#of peopleinhospitalordroffice) - Good Jobsecurity - Rewarding - Haveconnectionswithpeopleinotheragenciestotryto solveaproblem-youserveasthe pivotalmember Negatives: - Salary- o Jobsin thepublicsector,typicallylowersalary - Bureaucracy o Workingforthepeoplethatareincontrolof politics o Appointedbypeopleinpoliticpositions(insteadofcompetitivelyhired) Education structurewithpublichealth: NC Board of edu.  statesuperintendent  local superintendent  principal AND Local board of health principal  school nurse supervisor  School Nurse Publichealthstructurewithschoolnurse: DHHSDPHLocal health directorDirector of nursing School nurse supervisor nurse - Always have to have all actions fall into the 3functions of public health :assessment, etc. - Schools are population communities- meaning that problems in the community are going to be the sameproblems in schools. o Obesity,communicable disease,chronic disease,healthdisparities,mental health needs NC – 30% of pop is obese.#22 in the nation. Food services inschools are not controlled by the schools or in the school budget. In order to be financiallysolvent,schools sold lots of cookies,candies,sodas,etc. But now, that has been more regulated. School nurses report that they spend 32% of their time on mental health issues. Asthma is #1 chronic diseaseinschools #2 ADD/ADHD #3 Severe/Life-threatening allergies Help students with self-regulationwith thesechronic diseases andteachthem how to deal and livewith thesethings. NC is envied for theschoolpublic health bc theyhave had yearly reports (85 pages)for 20 years with 100% participation and it is all voluntary. School nurses-Not somuch about the actual health side,but about access totheir educations (in regards to health) NC student pop: 1.5 million School nurse to student ratio: 1:1112 Percent of students returned class whenseen by a school nurse: 88% WSCC model: Whol school,whole community, whole child NC DPH School Health Unit - School health nurse consultant (7 people on this team, which is vgood. Normally its just1 person) - NC Adolescent Healthcoordinator, clinical services coordinator, school health centers - Behavioral HealthClinical Consultant - Nutrition program consultant Roleof school health consultant team - Consultation and tech assistance-helping withmaking policies too - Continuing education - Monitoring Goal ofNC DPH: healthy students, in school, and ready to learn


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