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History 2020-001 Ch.20 Notes

by: Colon Notetaker

History 2020-001 Ch.20 Notes 2020-001

Marketplace > East Tennessee State University > History > 2020-001 > History 2020 001 Ch 20 Notes
Colon Notetaker
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About this Document

This is the note for ch.20 of my history class. We are going over Foreign Affair and Politics. Only ch.20 is in here i will upload ch.21 and 22 next week. This notes are free and is to give you a f...
U.S. Since 1877
Dr. Newcomer
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Colon Notetaker on Friday September 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2020-001 at East Tennessee State University taught by Dr. Newcomer in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see U.S. Since 1877 in History at East Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/16
C H .20: D ISSENT , D EPRESSION , AND W AR I. Foreign Affairs A. The U.S. was starting to be more active with other nations 1. Results: war with Spain on 1898 and World War I in 1914-1919 B. Age of the Imperialism 1. European Expansion: they were looking for ways to gain profit for the economy and make oversea colonies for things like markets, materials, and labor; the countries among them were Great Britain, France, and Germany a) Military: used force to occupy places, by 1914 about 80% of the world’s population lived in European colonies b) This was a major cause of the World War I 2. Imperialism: the practice of territorial expansion for economical purposes C. British Imperialism 1. Expanding to India, Africa, and Asia 2. Social Darwisnt rationale: used the theory of evolution to put Great Britain as a superior nation to other regions of the globe a) Rudy and Kipling said that Britain had “The White Man’s Burden” meaning that by Great Britain being more advanced they had to expand to “Civilize” the globe and their imperialism is a help to the world (1) Because of their belief, Great Britain had to face problems with the countries culture and beliefs when they would colonize them 3. American’s were starting to get suspicious of Great Britain and their intensions a) Born out of Britain, Americans started to question if Britain’s imperialism was a threat to the United Sates (1) There were 2 sides to this: (a) Opposed to imperialism- people wanted to protect themselves and other counties from Britain (b) Engage- believed that to keep up with British Forces they had to become an empire and own territories D. United States Isolationism 1. American Republics: wanted to emerge and have distance from Europe it lasted from 1820s to the World War II in 1930s a) Central and Latin America had the rights to establish their republican government and prevent Europe from colonizing them in 1810-1824 b) Self-determination: any republican country had the right to decide its own destiny 2. 1823 Monroe Doctrine: a traditional foreign policy that warned European powers not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere, in other words if Europe stays away from the Americas, the U.S. will stay away from Europe 3. United State Defense? a) Alfred Thayer Maher 1890s, a well-known navy admiral, wrote a book on the U.S. Policy about creating canals and having a bigger navy rd b) By the 1900s America had the 3 largest navy in the world and built many canals in Central America E. Should the United States Expand? 1. Frederick Jackson Turner wrote a “Frontier Thesis” on 1893 explaining that the reason for the U.S. Western Settlement was because of Democracy a) This got people worried that if there is no more territory what would happen to Democracy? (1) An excuses to make the U.S. expansion different from the European 2. United States started to have interest to go abroad which gain dramatically in the Gilded Age a) Wanting to take democracy abroad business started to seek for foreign investments forming a trade for $1 billion in 1890 (1) Mexico: $15 billion in 1900 of U.S. investments to build railroads and business (2) Central America: had risky political government b) If any business failed in Mexico the Mexican government had protected their investments and it wouldn’t be as bad as if they were lost in Central America because of the unstable government 3. 1890s: Should the U.S. Flag follow the Dollars? a) Americans thinking about expanding to territories were they had investments and used the American dollar


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