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Practice Upload

by: Elizabeth Martinez

Practice Upload MATH 109

Elizabeth Martinez
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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About this Document

Pre-Calculus Algebra 109
Md Istiaq Hossain
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Martinez on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 109 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette taught by Md Istiaq Hossain in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Pre-Calculus Algebra 109 in Math at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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Date Created: 09/24/16
ELIZABETH MARTINEZ 1289 Woodland Trail, Lake Charles, LA 70611 | 337-496-9887 | EDUCATION Class of 2016 Sam Houston High School GPA: 4.30 Class Rank: 1 out of 245 ACT: 28 English 31 Mathematics 26 Reading 31 Science 26 Gifted Program Advanced Placement Program HONORS, AWARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS AP Scholar Student of the Month (November) 2015 ServSafe Certification 13 – 2014 Microsoft 2010 Word Specialist – Microsoft 2010 Excel Specialist 2014 – 2015 Microsoft Office Specialist Master 2016 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Specialist 2015 Microsoft Word 2010 Expert 2015 Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert 2016 Microsoft Access 2010 2016 Club Service Award (SHHS Teenage Republicans Club) 2016 CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES SAM HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOL NATIONAL BETA Bell ringing for Salvation Army 2 hrs. (Rang bells to collect money for Salvation Army outside the Wal-Mart located on Hwy 171) Breakfast with Santa at St. Theodore’s Catholic Church 2 hrs. (Served breakfast to those waiting for a picture with Santa and helped clean up afterwards.) Moss Bluff Middle School Mardi Gras Ball 2 hrs. (Chaperoned the Mardi Gras Ball hosted at Moss Bluff Middle.) ELIZABETH MARTINEZ PAGE 2 TEENAGE REPUBLICANS Judge Jeanine Pirro Event 3 hrs. (Helped the staff with the event by collecting tickets and passing out pamphlets) Westlake Homecoming Parade with Ronnie Johns Campaign 2 hrs. (Walked with the campaign in the Westlake Homecoming Parade and handed out push cards and candy) McNeese Homecoming Parade with David Vitter Campaign 3 hrs. (Participated on float with the campaign in the McNeese Homecoming Parade and threw candy, beads, and promotional cups) Law Enforcement Breakfast at Sam Houston High School 3 hrs. (Served the law enforcement staff and helped clean up) Volunteer Service St. Theodore’s Sorting Thanksgiving Baskets 2 hrs. (Helped prepare baskets full of Thanksgiving foods to be passed out) Breakfast with Santa at St. Theodore’s Catholic Church 2 hrs. (Served breakfast to those waiting for a picture with Santa and helped clean up afterwards.) EXPERIENCES Trip to London, Venice, Florence, and Rome November 21, 2015 Toured these four iconic cities to learn about their histories and cultures to gain worldly perspectives that could be used in day-to-day life. Confirmation Retreat at Eunice, LA Youth go on an overnight mini-pilgrimage. They have the chance to encounter God in new ways with peers from other parts of the diocese. Trip to Phoenix, AZ Traveled on a three-day trip to enjoy the baseball game at Chase Field when the Houston Astros played the Arizona Diamondbacks. Enjoyed the pre-game festivities, which were held to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. After the game, a concert was held in the field by a very active Hispanic Millennial, Luis Coronel. On the last day, we visited the Phoenix Zoo and got to learn about region and the different animals found within it. Trip to Acapulco, Mexico Traveled on a week-long trip to immerse in the culture along the coast of Guerrero state in Mexico. We enjoyed learning about the culture and trying their delicious sea-food specialties. WORK EXPERIENCE Company: Martinez Drywall Boss: Jose Martinez cellphone: 337-540-0309email: Intern Create bids, write invoices, meet clients, manage paperwork and bills, collect money, and pay the workers ELIZABETH MARTINEZ PAGE 3 Company: J R Martinez Countertops Boss: Jose Martinez cellphone: 337-540-0309email: Intern Create bids, write invoices, meet clients, manage paperwork and bills, collect money, and measure at job sites LANGUAGES English – native language Spanish – speak fluently and read/ write with high proficiency. REFERENCES DeFelice, Brenda Mathematics teacher of Gifted (2012-2016) 337-540- 2652 Wamsley, Sarun English teacher of Gifted (2012-2016) 337-526-3538


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