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Communication Lecture Notes

by: Casey Kemeny

Communication Lecture Notes 80943

Marketplace > Florida Gulf Coast University > Communication > 80943 > Communication Lecture Notes
Casey Kemeny

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About this Document

Includes announcements and detailed notes
Fundamentals of Communication
Miles Mancini
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Casey Kemeny on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 80943 at Florida Gulf Coast University taught by Miles Mancini in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Communication in Communication at Florida Gulf Coast University.


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Date Created: 09/24/16
Key: Definitions Vocabulary Communications Lecture Key words Friday September 23, 2016  Extra Credit Tracker Chapter 5 (continued) Verbal Communication  The Rules the guide verbal communication      Constitutive  How to interpret actions      Regulative  The right time, place, person  Things that are socially acceptable to talk about  The Demand­Withdrawal Pattern o Punctuation (Artificial)  Telling you when something is ending or coming to an end o Communication is an endless cycle  Symbolic o Are nothing but…  They have abilities and power o They define  Ex. “that bald guy” “liberal” “conservative” o They evaluate  Slanting your perspectives  Are not neutral, always meaning behind what is said  Hypothetical Thought o Thinking about the future o Language is only thing that allows this  Self­Reflection o George Herbert Mead  The ‘I’ and the ‘me’   Enhancing verbal communication o Even though someone’s opinion is different you try to see it from their point of  view  ‘You’ vs ‘I’ language chart o ‘you’ language is a lot easier for us  o People are less likely to fix or work harder if you use the ‘you’ language *** language allows us to be articulate Chapter 6­ Nonverbal Communication  All aspects from communications except the words themselves o Surround the words  How we say something  Any features of the environment  How you present yourself o i.e. clothes, makeup, hair ex. (video) Inside Amy Schumer, Defense of Bill Cosby  Verbal vs. Nonverbal o Similarities & Differences o Ex. emoji’s when we text  Symbols that are reflecting nonverbal communication  Relationship Level Meanings o Responsiveness  How people respond  How someone is receiving others  Liking o Do you like the person you are communicating with? o i.e. holding hands, kiss  Power o CEO office vs. assistant desk o Tall vs. short chair 9 Areas  Kinesics o Body language o Facial expressions o How you sit  Close to someone  Closed arms, holding hands  Haptics o Physical Touch  Ex. football butt slap is OKAY, not okay in public  Artifacts o Personal objects that identify with us  Proxemics o How we use personal space o If someone comes in our ‘bubble’ we lean away or move  Created Environments, Personal Environments o How you decorate  Chronemics o Time o Culturally learned  Paralanguage (vocalic)  o How we say the words o Vocals, not the language  Silence ****Project due Friday the 30  th


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