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General Psych notes Chapter 1

by: Tristen Griffith

General Psych notes Chapter 1 Psyc 201

Marketplace > Alabama A&M University > Psychology (PSYC) > Psyc 201 > General Psych notes Chapter 1
Tristen Griffith
Alabama A&M University
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About this Document

these notes cover psychological theories and key figure heads
General Psychology
Class Notes
Freud, structuralism, Funtionalism, Watson




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tristen Griffith on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 201 at Alabama A&M University taught by Dr.Morales in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychology (PSYC) at Alabama A&M University.

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Date Created: 09/24/16
Chapter 1 Psychology Saturday, September 24, 2016 4:37 PM  Wilhelm Wundt is the father of psychology o In 1879 Wundt established the first laboratory of psychology @University Leipzig o Wundt declared that psychology would be modeled after chem and physics  The subject matter was to be consciousness o Psychology: study of consciousness experience  Battle of the school begins: Structuralism vs functionalism o The first 2 major schools of psychology  Structuralism  Functionalism o Structuralism  Edward Titchener= founder of structuralism  Structuralism: notion that the task of psychology is to analyze consciousness into elements an investigate their relation  Basically break consciousness into parts and look for relation  Most structuralist work concerned sensation/perception in vision hearing and touch  To study consciousness structuralist depended on introspection (self-reflection) o Functionalism o William James: he was a major influencer in functionalism o Functionalism: the belief that psychology should investigate purpose not structure o James Argued that structuralism missed the real nature of consciousness o Believed that consciousness was consist of a continuous flow of thoughts "stream of consciousness"  Women Sound Psychology o Mary Watkins  Studied under William James  Founded one of the first psychological lab  First women to serve as the president of the APA o Margret Floy Wachburn  1st woman to receive a PHD in psychology  2nd woman to serve in the APA o Leta Stetter Hollingworth  Did pioneering work on adolescent development, retardation, and gifted children  She coined the term "gifted" as advanced  Proved that men are not more intelligent than women o Freud and Unconsciousness  Sigmund Freud  Most influential/ controversial psychologist in the 20th century  Treated people troubled by psychological problems such as (obsession and anxiety)  Treated them with psychoanalysis: therapy that forces on recovering the conscious  He believed in the unconsciousness  "the unconscious contains thoughts memories and desires below the surface of awareness but influence behavior"  The little voice in your head  Studied dreams and "involuntary actions"  Psychoanalytic Theory  Attempt to explain personality motivation and mental disorders by focusing on unconscious behavior  Suggested people were not of their own minds o Behaviorism Makes its Debut  Behaviorism was founded by John B Watkins  Behaviorism: Psychology should study only observable behavior  Watson purposed that psychology abandoned consciousness  He said that you can't study the mental process using the scientific method  Shift to a more scientific behavior  Maintained that nature vs nurture : were nurture wins  Behaviorism contributed to the rise of animal testing  Skinner Questions Free Will  Skinner did not deny the existence of internal mental events  There was no need to study mental events because they couldn’t be studied scientifically  There was no need to study mental events because they couldn't be studied scientifically  "Organisms tend to repeat response that lead to positive outcomes and they tend not to repeat responses that lead to neutral or negative outcomes  He asserted that all behavior is fully governed by external stimulus  Actions are out of our control…Free will is not real o Humanist Revolt  By the 1950s Behaviorist and psychoanalytic theory had become most influential scholars of thought  Many psychologist found them unappealing "dehumanizing"  During the 1950s this diverse opposition to behaviorism became humanism  Humanism: emphasizes the unique qualities of humans such as freedom and the potential for growth  Humanist take an optimistic approach people are not pawns of their heritage  Because humans are different from animals research on animals wasn't relevant  Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow were the prominent architects of humanism  Rogers argues that human behavior is governed by each individuals sense of self  Both of them believed that to the fully understand human behavior psychologist need to understand human drive for growth


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