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"Testing Your Knowledge Quiz"

by: Christina Horton

"Testing Your Knowledge Quiz" GEG 101

Marketplace > University of Rhode Island > Geography > GEG 101 > Testing Your Knowledge Quiz
Christina Horton
GPA 3.3
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About this Document

These are the answers to the "quiz" from the first class, plus more precise answers with occasional descriptions. Happy Studying!
Intro. to Geography
William Gordon
Class Notes
geography, world, GEO101




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Horton on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEG 101 at University of Rhode Island taught by William Gordon in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro. to Geography in Geography at University of Rhode Island.


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Date Created: 09/24/16
GEG 101: WORLD GEOGRAPHY 9/13/16 “Testing Your Knowledge” Quiz Name five Canadian Provinces bordering the Atlantic Ocean: Other Provinces: Territories: 1. New Brunswick Manitoba Yukon 2. Nova Scotia Ontario Northwest Territories 3. Prince Edward Island British Columbia Nunavut 4. New Foundland and Labrador Saskatchewan 5. Quebec Alberta What is the capital of Canada? 6. Otowa What is the capital of Australia? 7. Canberra What is the capital of Ecuador? 8. Quito From base to peak what is the tallest Mountain in the world? 9. Mauna Kea Elevation: 13,796’ (Hawaiin – Emperor seamount chain) What is the longest mountain range in the world? 10. The Mid-Ocean ridge 40,389 miles around the globe Other than the Sahara name two other deserts 11. Libyan Desert Kalahari, Karoo, Namib, Mocamedes, Guban, Grand Bara,Ogaden, Chalbi,Nyiri, 12. Danakil Desert Lompoul, Eastern, Nubian, Bayuda, Atlantic Coastal, El Djouf, Tenere, Djurab etc. Name two tributaries to the Nile: 13. Blue Nile Achwa River, Adar River, Atbarah River, Bahr el Ghazal River, Sobat River 14. White Nile What is the largest lake by volume in the world? 15. Lake Baikal (Siberia, deepest point: 1637 meters, holds 20% of world’s fresh surface water, largest freshwater lake by volume) What is the largest lake by surface area in the world? 16. The Caspian Sea (143,200 square miles) Lake Superior (US/Canada) for freshwater lake: 31,700 Name some Villages in South Kingston (there are 15) 17. Kingston, West Kingston, Wakefield, Peace Dale, Usquepaug, Snug Harbor, Tuckertown, East Matunuk, Matunuk, Green Hill and Perryville, Ocean Ridge, Indian Lake, Curtis Corner, Torrey Hill What was the former use of the Kingston Free Library? 18. Capital building for RI Name a sea that borders the U.S: 19.Bering Sea (Caribbean, Beaufort Sea, Gulf of Alaska) Name another sea: 20. The Gulf of Mexico What is the largest island on earth? 21.Greenland (2,175,598 square kilometers) Australia does not count because it’s a continent When did South America gain their independence? 22. A. 1780s – 1830s B. 1830s – 1870s C. 1870s – 1920s D. 1920s – 1945 E. after 1945 When did Africa gain its independence? 23. E. after 1945(in 1960 gained independence from French and other European colonies) Three lethal diseases by the mosquito: 24. West Nile Zika Virus 25. Malaria Dengue 26. Yellow Fever Chikungunya What is a hurricane called in the Indian Ocean? 27. A cyclone What is a hurricane called in the Western Pacific? 28. A typhoon What is a hurricane called in the Eastern Pacific (Mexico)? 29. A hurricane What is Russia’s former name? 30. The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1922) What is a county named in Louisiana? 31. A parish Two islands in the Viking fraudulent claim 32. Greenland 33. Iceland Name four Mexican Deserts that touches the U.S.? 34. Chihuahua Desert Tule Desert (Arizona and Mexico) 35. Sonoran Desert Gran Desierto de Altar (Sonora, Mexico) 36. Baja Norte 37. Baja Sur


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