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Contemporary Business Chapter 1

by: Porsha Williams

Contemporary Business Chapter 1 BUS 1101

Marketplace > Berkeley College > Business > BUS 1101 > Contemporary Business Chapter 1
Porsha Williams

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About this Document

Notes on chapter 1 of Contemporary Business
Career and Business Essentials
Joel Reichart
Class Notes




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Porsha Williams on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 1101 at Berkeley College taught by Joel Reichart in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Career and Business Essentials in Business at Berkeley College.


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Date Created: 09/24/16
_-r t ( o*.1 Qurpor br5 Bu inost Ch . 1 , ),) T"ot* L\.)Llsrralrq^ ico I Frci lilics >,nd-trr]- {hr,uqs q^ i c,) d,) l.Ldo,ro fr',;d.*fuflht-,r \.*Jr!-K , D u , D E. in ]-\r{or.r ol B.,i; , 6 [ra= ".0 r-urb\ a^{ , a)-tr\*;'rr--Fr"C brsqd on ,D ^oqr.ic\\uru\ P,"od.rt{ion -D *L.) t,.r\us\"is\ frovo\ilM- - l>o9u^ i'n \I 5C - ip or,a\u{i0.. cQ \>b'or + i>.od'.,els A )L)n\ {o 'Q >.\oni5 u"\+. ttittq i- i UrsrV.OrS ts - A c.) Acrt of t^du:\ri *\ E^I"oP" A bus in.tsSiS ttxur {bu nd*td 0n n-il 'lt\",o\ot1{ts a"r { wruthinon\1 * d.) P"or\u(!lo-^ E"a - \>lqr,r in {u^ tg )0s- I r\\ on poo ducl on oS gooas * A F6=;i bnJ -dsla1n"..t\\n^*n.s t )).go !"* or*i\rt - o.\ Ma?b..l-'^ q $rp - l^nb,rv.{{i} ' 5'&\\inj .L>,tq',nntn.\iq B.a^di.' I\'[o^s,'",. 0-i,^{J Q.) Ro\.\i rb -ag{ of to^not{ion\ o * llRnq\b'l,On-r p \-atrJg {r,^i,tOvl-r-l >l; \o'i+\ utlicn opgosuJ {a,"viou; Irtn} ) ) l*r r{qqic N\\ia^t.L 3 ) [vvtqn"Atvt^{ago * rnLo,rpor"lin3 i\svu: (*.r5\snn{-r5-br{'U\oo} r.e. {oS\inq o/'\untnna\\ " \Uol \" lho L.-,${oy^.is t\,iu5s rig,,r{ o focla\ \a.qda i5 u:r.i'l.r' \\trKu+.^$r r.LSa.brc1-tu-'.,--.'.:ric:, $f\sS pron.o\io..S, \uyil\'tc'rcilrlnSt t\"c' t * (ro,-\ri.r0.*l{',r}'r'i.rir.t "l-il},,'.q- of .-)L\'d\L,r'b a.)T.,t rg,l^9 c+ tU popr\ r{icn dv <}*hq Clottd5q in *ho_ \tto. r>oo\ b.) Fi yb"-;t*,in -)h.LUJc,-U-{o"cq l.)A w-.."-d(urrs,r J{.1n. 1yA.*ot Fnort rs.'.'c^+( a"'{ So\u1ron\ ^*i-iu'-tro$n. c.) l*) R*dut.i7s}., a\\qws Qon $kq gBirh :fil..x lo exporl isq )) ilHrl.o",-+ bnd lJ.{a.sho"i^g cl, l')WorI'tui t,r...:sbm a^& {.r,,viv" s\ tt\.l"\hirl\t,1 rnA con*rit,,rtq t,)T n^ ii"*'ox Lo\\rtr. l.)nouuu:iJib, lo ',3^1,;l.r\\l**+, bnJ s !"1\\s-\ toa9, s sit,t- >o\vo- \)roo,lrn5 Dr oepor.junilios -'---2:- *\ aJ*JVr\tof\n \ b.) L,ihca\ TI-.,,Vr,^g 9* c.) ['uu+ir,]u- \ d-)Nri)i]t, \; \ouI chx"...^oJ \,)5\,\tilUbtr ,oi.9; a o+\u,rs Sf,vq'.rr\an-d ko+i ,nf,,.9 \s hr'ovt \or^-,lrd:gca\5 &S 1:.nop)o ),)\Y's| s,g\ dorislb" tcnn$Asb\t ,^.r;{t-. tn\ h)\ \{ [o ?.) )00;1t ^^ J s+radg b.) Qro*\\ 5 C,) SlNq (^r,i'o,-tcttn|- d.) I\ux - quu\ilu oooAs a'rJ SQrviCoS 0,\ R*i^n.I., e(lcl {) In -*Tspo14 >"'i], \\ftl kr,.o*r, N[ No\qs i 1 Vocab",\ afg To"91 \t Career and Business Essentials Contemporary Business, National 16th Ed. Chapter 1 Vocabulary Branding Business Brand Profits Strategic Alliance Not­for­profit Organization Transaction Management Capital Outsourcing Natural Resources Offshoring Technology Nearshoring Human Resources Vision Entrepreneurship Critical Thinking Private Enterprise System Creativity Competition Business Ethics Competitive Differentiation Social Responsibility Private Property Consumer Orientation


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