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CSE 100 Week 3 Notes

by: Ren K.

CSE 100 Week 3 Notes CSE 100

Ren K.
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These are the notes for Union Pacific, Lecture 3.
Computer Science Profession
m. mutka
Class Notes
cse, 100, CSE100, M.Mutka, Mutka, Computer, Science, Compsci, Engineering
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ren K. on Sunday September 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CSE 100 at Michigan State University taught by m. mutka in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Computer Science Profession in Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University.

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Date Created: 09/25/16
CSE 100 ­ Lecture 3 ­ Union Pacific    Dan Pittsley     Fast Facts  ● 44,500 employees  ● 32,100 route miles  ● 8,500 locomotives  ● 23 States  ● 7300 communities served  ● Primarily working with the transport of raw materials.     Technology   ● Applications are ½ of the IT department.  ● We write our own software for the company.  ● Java training.     Transportation planning  ● Operations support  ● Net Control  ● Replacing our 40+ year old Transportation control system TCS  ● 10 year project  ● 200 mill investment    Other Responsibilities  ● Network engineering  ● Network design  ● Voice technologies  ● Transmission engineering   ● Microwave fiber optics   ● LAN/ MAN / WAN engineering and design    Projects  ● Train Imaging  ● Creating images of train wheel structures ­ bits of information is sourced from the Image,  and generates the models.   ● Mobility  ● Mobile apps for employees   ● 4 mill views  ● 19k users  ● 119000 views per month    ● Positive train control  ● Government mandated collision avoidance technology  ● Continually calculating braking distance  ● 2+billion cost  ● Challenges  ○ Interoperability  ○ Communication spectrum and coverage  ○ Device installation  ■ 1200 wayside devices  ■ 6800 locomotives  ■ 1500 base stations    Technologies used by Union Pacific  ● Simulations via unity  ● VR oculus rift, Microsoft Hololens, R and D     Internships  ● Technology  ● Modern gaming platforms  ● At least 1 position available.   ● Omaha Nebraska ­ rated best city to work in tech    Pros  ● 5 fortune 500 companies HQ   ● Other tech branches  ● Low cost of living, lots of shit to do, colleges, kansas city + Lincoln    Internship Details  ● Real work  ● Salary and relocation  ● Housing  ● Transportation  ● Work with other interns  ● At the end, do a presentation to the CTO Chief Technical Office    Internship projects   ● Drone, Raspberry pi wave conversion     Predictive costing system  ● Costing for unit trains  ● Used by finance to provide information to marketing  ● Purpose ­ calculate costs for new and existing business     MyUPRR subscriptions and notifications  ● Update external customer facing application ­ used by 20k union pacific customers  ● Customers were not receiving all of their notifications and updates during shipping    IT candidate requirements  ● 3.0 gpa requirement  ● Compsci comp egr electrical engineering mis hci cognitive psychology  ● Goal orientated motivated team player  ● Strong time management skills   ● Desire to learn and utilize emerging technologies.     


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