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Italian unit 2 vocabulary

by: Katie Thedford

Italian unit 2 vocabulary 21127

Marketplace > Fort Lewis College > Ital 101-1 > 21127 > Italian unit 2 vocabulary
Katie Thedford

GPA 3.8

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About this Document

these notes cover vocab such as pastimes, activities, sports, celebrations, weather, and climate in Italian 1
Fiorella Mazanti
Class Notes
italian, pastimes, activities, sports, celebrations, lafeste, weather, climate, natale, gelo
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Thedford on Sunday September 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 21127 at Fort Lewis College taught by Fiorella Mazanti in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Italian in Ital 101-1 at Fort Lewis College.


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Date Created: 09/25/16
Italian – unit 2 vocabulary Andare in piscina- to go to the pool Bazzicare- to hang out Collezionare- to collect Fare esercizio- to exercise Fare festa- to party Fare jogging- to go jogging Fare le parole crociate- to do a crossword puzzle Fare yoga- to do yoga Giocare a dama- to play checkers Giocare ai videogiochi- to play videogames Godere- to enjoy Incontrarsi-to meet up Lavorare a maglia- to knit Noleggiare un video- to rent a movie Ospitare- to host Passare il tempo- to spend time Praticare la vela- to go sailing Rilassarsi- to relax Le arti marziali- martial arts Il baseball- baseball Il biliardo- pool Il canottaggio- rowing La ginnastica- gymnastics Il gioco dei birilli- bowling Il golf- golf L’hockey- hockey Il lacrosse- lacrosse Il rugby- rugby La scherma – fencing Il battesimo- baptism Il capodanno- new years day La comunione- communion La festa del lavoro- labor day Il giorno dell’independenza- independence day Il giorno del ringraziamento- thanksgiving Il giorno di san valentino- valentine’s day L’Hanukkah- hanukkah Il natale- christmas La pasqua- easter La vigilia- eve L’acquazzone- shower La brezza- breeze Il diluvio- downpour Il gelo- frost La grandine- hail La nebbia- fog Il nevischio- sleet La pioggerella- drizzle La raffica- gust La tormenta- blizzard Il clima arido- desert climate Il clima boreale- continental climate Il clima nivale – polar climate 2 Il clima temperato- temperate climate Il clima tropicale- tropical climate Giocare a carte- to play cards Giocare a scacchi- to play chess Suonare la chitarra- to play guitar Ascoltare la musica- to listen to music Guardare la TV- to watch TV Leggere i giornali- to read the newspaper Leggere i fumetti- to read comics Andare al cinema- to go to the cinema Andare al concerto- to go to a concert Andare in citta- to go to town Andare in discoteca- to go to the discos Andare in teatro- to go to the theatre Uscire con amici- to go out with friends Fare una passeggiata con il cane- to walk the dog 3


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