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African American Studies

by: Omarah Lewis

African American Studies African American Studies 004

Omarah Lewis

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About this Document

This is from 9/21/16 These notes are the reading notes from the book "A different Mirror" as well as the class notes.
African American Studies
Professor L. Gant Britton
Class Notes
African Americans




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Omarah Lewis on Sunday September 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to African American Studies 004 at Los Angeles City College taught by Professor L. Gant Britton in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see African American Studies in African American Studies at Los Angeles City College.

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Date Created: 09/25/16
African American Studies: 9/21/16 A different Mirror Notes: Ch.6 pp-131-154: Everyone enslaved at one time or another. -Irish fled British tyranny -Britain takes Irish land for cattle herding -Traditional Irish laws abolished -Deemed “savages” by the British -Irish land becomes estates for British landlords. -By 1700 Irish owed 14% of Ireland. -Great Famine lead to many Irish fleeing to America -Once in America Irish are seen as lower class and cheap disposable labor. -Fought with blacks for better labor jobs, blacks often worked for wealthy families and did domestic work while the Irish were assigned more dangerous labor jobs which had high accident rates. CH.3 Indentured Servants: Indentured servants are servants who work for a “master” for a period of seven years. After their seven year period as a servant they can either be set free, acquire land, or they can choose to stay with their “master” permanently. Many people came to the “New World” under these circumstances because they could not afford the travel costs. -Many blacks were shipped to America under the guise of Indentured servitude, but were made permanent or chattel slaves once here. (Chattel=property) -Laws passed that made only “whites” citizens and blacks were property. -More blacks were brought than whites because rich white ppl were afraid of poor white people since they were citizens and could bear arms. Feared uprisings by poor whites. -Transcontinental slavery changed slavery from being rooted in social class to slavery being rooted in skin color or ethnicity. African American Studies: 9/21/16 Transatlantic Slave trade timeline: -Portuguese: 1441 starts European slave trading in Africa. The Portuguese captains Antao Goncalves and Nuno Tristao capture 12 Africans in Cabo Brancol (modern Mauritania) taken to Portugal as slaves. -1452: Start of the “sugar-slave” complex. Sugar is first planted in the Portuguese island of Madeira and for the first time African slaves are put to work on sugar plantations. -Plantation: Large farms that grow cash crops (ex: sugar, tobacco, cotton, etc.) -Different periods of time had different forms of slavery or servitude. -1501 Spanish: After an 800 year rule by the Moors finally coming to an end the Spanish were broke and wanted to capitalize on the slave trade as well. -African slaves in the new world brought by Spanish settlers to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) -1522 Slave Revolt: the Caribbean slaves rebel on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic) 1562 British: Britain joins slave trade; John Hawkins: the first brit to take part in the slave trade. Makes a huge profit moving Africans to Hispaniola. 1612 British: Tobacco, first commercial cash crop in Jamestown, Virginia. 1619 British: 20 Africans brought to Jamestown, are the first blacks imported into British North American Colonies. Atlantic Slave Trade: Why did it begin? 3 reasons: -Expanding European empires lacked major resource: labor force -Europeans took another route to avoid paying Arab merchants -Africans known for their strength, agricultural prowess were brought to work the land. “Slavery” comes from the word Slav which means unfree conditions. -Chattel slaves: are property (not human) and can be treated as such. -No rights, expected to perform labor (for life) and sexual favors at command. Chattel: property, loss of status as a human being. -Serfdom: A term usually restricted to Medieval Europe. Tenant farmer was bound to a section of land and was under control of landlord. -African captives resisted slave trade. -Africans resisted captivity from the start, fought back. Legs of slave trade: 1 leg: From EU- iron, cloth, guns, gunpowder, brandy and other goods were traded for African “slaves” Middle Passage: often what the journey from Africa to North America is called. nd 2 leg: From Africa- fully loaded with human cargo, ships set sail for Americas were “slaves” were traded for sugar, tobacco, etc. 3 leg: From Americas- once “slaves” are traded for goods, the goods are shipped back to Europe.


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