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Week One Notes

by: Precious Bartush
Precious Bartush
UWF - Pensacola
GPA 3.75

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About this Document

These are the notes to help with the assignment at the end of the week!
Literacy Instruction for the Intermediate Learner
Dr. Manning
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Precious Bartush on Sunday September 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to RED 3310 at University of West Florida - Pensacola taught by Dr. Manning in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Literacy Instruction for the Intermediate Learner in Education and Teacher Studies at University of West Florida - Pensacola.

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Date Created: 09/25/16
Weekly Class Newsletter ELL Experience Preparation for Discussion As a class, the students will watch a video from national geographic called, My students are planning to have a “spacewalks”. This is a video that discusses the dangers of traveling in discussion answering the question, “If you could travel to Mars, would space, what the astronauts wear in space you go? Why or why not?”. This is and how the equipment works, and a based on the current event article, brief history of space exploration. The ell student(s) will watch the video again “Astronauts Return from Year in with the peer professional for more in Space”, by Monique Conrod. In her depth understanding of the video. article she writes about a NASA I will have small groups, involving a mix of my ell student (s) and my other astronaut, Scott Kelly and a Russian Cosmonaut, Mikhail Kornlenko. students. We will discuss terms about the Monique explains why the topic, traveling in space/space, to help astronauts have been in space for a the students better understand what they are reading and terms to use in year and what they have been their reasoning in the discussion. I will doing. provide the ell a guided notes page to go over with their peer professional individually to help prepare for the Creating a Successful discussion. Environment During the Discussion My Space Reason The students will write on a slip of paper, For our discussion, we will have some ground rules to make sure it their main reason on why or why they doesn’t get out of hand. The would not travel to mars. Using this piece of paper, the students will stick their ground rules will be posted during paper under the two categories, yes or the discussion in the classroom and no, on the board and then explaining to they will be practiced before it is the class their main reason for traveling time for the discussion. Here are or not traveling to mars. This will help the student to think critically and analyze the ground rules: their situations as if they are the  Listen actively astronauts their selves.  Participate  Raise your hand to speak  Use only kind words and gestures  Clap after each speaker is finished These rules are to help students be considerate to their fellow classmates during the discussion and for future discussions. Writing Experiences: The students will write a pros and cons report, as discussed in class, about traveling to Mars. They will then answer the question in their report, “Would you Travel to Mars? Why or why not?”. For the ELL students, they will use a two- column notes guide, prepared after the discussion by the Peer Professional or References myself, as a guide for their dictated letter Conrod, M. (2016, April 17). Astronauts Return From Year In Space. to the Peer professional, answering the same question as the other students, Retrieved from “Would you Travel to Mars? Why or why not?”. The students will use a new resource by 16/04/17/astronauts-return-year- Sarah Benton Feltlinger called, “Scott space/ Kelly’s Historic ‘Year in Space’ Mission Brings Us One Step Closer to Mars”. In this Feitlinger, S. B. (2016, April 8). Scott article Sarah explains what the meaning Kelly's Historic "Year in Space" of Scott Kelly’s mission was in relation to traveling to Mars in the future. Mission Brings Us One Step Closer to Mars. Retrieved from DOGO News: Oral Language Assessments: I will use two different types of oral 4/8/scott-kellys-historic-year-in- language assessments after the space-mission-brings-us-one- discussion and writing experiences. step-closer-to-mars First I will assess the students doing a small group discussion where the students Reutzel, D. R., & Cooter, Jr., R. B. discuss with each other the reasons (2013). The Essentials of stated during the discussion earlier about Teaching Children to Read: The why or why their other classmates didn’t Teacher Makes the Difference. want to travel to Mars. There will not be a Boston: Pearson. guide provided, the students are to reflect on their discussions in class and explain the reasons. If the students were to fail this, I will pull them aside after the group has been dismissed and have them do a one-on -one discuss on at least one reason but explained in detail and understanding. Precious Bartushhe second oral language assessment I plan to use is a one-on-one meeting, where the student will explain to me what they have learned from their discussion and the resources provided to them. They will explain to me the challenges faced with being in space for a long period of time like Scott Kelly. If the students were to fail this


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