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Mythology, Week 2 Notes

by: Julia Owens

Mythology, Week 2 Notes 2260

Marketplace > Troy University > CLA > 2260 > Mythology Week 2 Notes
Julia Owens
Troy University

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About this Document

Continued from Week 1
Classical Mythology
Dr. Howard
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Owens on Monday September 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2260 at Troy University taught by Dr. Howard in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Classical Mythology in CLA at Troy University.


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Date Created: 09/26/16
Mythology – August 30th **possible question: Mozart’s symphony no. 41 “Jupiter” Myths of Creation I 1) Sources a) Hesiod, Theogony – a poem, the theology of gods leading up to the familiar gods (Zeus, Athena, etc. b) Ovid, Metamorphoses – hundreds of mythological stories in this one, not folk but literary c) Aristophanes, Birds – said the world hatched from a big egg d) Homeric Hymns 2) Chaos a) “yawning void” b) chaos’s offspring -> ge, tartarus, erebus, eros, night 3) Ge a) Gaia, Gaea (the earth) b) Earth c) Female d) Fertility mother 4) Eros (love) a) Roman name: cupid b) Force of love c) Other versions: son of Aphrodite d) Usually depicted as a young guy e) Wings 5) Tartarus a) Depths of the earth b) Later a place of punishment in the underworld 6) Erebus a) Erebos b) Darkness of tartarus c) Later = tartarus (used interchangeably, meaning the underworld) 7) Night a) Nyx b) Darkness above the earth 8) Ex tenebris… (out of the dark/dark places) a) Erebus + night give birth to: i) Aether (upper atmosphere) ii) Hemera (day) 9) Ge (geia) gives birth: a) Uranus (sky) b) Ourea (mountains) c) Pontus (sea) 10) Uranus a) Ouranos b) Sky god c) Male 11) Makes up heiros (sacred) gamos (marriage) a) “holy or sacred marriage” b) between sky and earth 12) Ge + Uranus birth… a) Cyclopes (3) b) Hecatonchires (3) c) Titans (12) 13) Cyclopes (Cyclops) a) “wheel-eyed” b) create lightning and thunderbolts 14) Hecatonchires a) Hecaton = 100 b) Chires = hand c) “hundred-handed” 15) The Twelve Titans a) 6 male, 6 female b) gigantic c) represent forces in nature d) known primarily for their offspring 16) The Titans by Name a) Males i) Oceanus ii) Coeus iii) Crius iv) Hyperion v) Iapetus vi) Cronus b) Females i) Theia ii) Rhea iii) Themis iv) Phoebe v) Mnemosyne vi) Tethys 17) Oceanus (river ocean) a) Early concept of the earth b) Stream encircling the disc of the earth c) Oceanus + Tethys i) Oceanids (1)3000 male (2)3000 female (3)***take a name and put an –id at the end, it means “the child of” (4)rivers, springs, ponds, and other bodies of water 18) Hyperion a) The initial sun god b) Sun c) Four-horse chariot d) Merging identity with Helios and Apollo Mythology – September 1 st 1) Hyperion + Theia a) Helios b) Selene c) Eos 2) Phaethon a) Son of Helios b) Etiological myth 3) Selene a) Second moon goddess b) Daughter of Hyperion c) Two-horse chariot d) Merging identity with phoebe and Artemis 4) Endymion a) Shepherd b) Eternal youth with eternal sleep 5) Eos a) Goddess of the dawn b) Aurora (aurora-borealis) c) Two-horse chariot d) “rosy-fingered” 6) Tithonus a) Lover of Eos b) Eternal life but not eternal youth c) Grasshopper, cicada (Tithonus got older and older and older and turned into this, but didn’t die) d) Sensuous youth vs. debilitating old age 7) Cronus a) Last-born of titans b) Roman: Saturn c) Uranus hates his children and hides them under the earth d) Ge gives Cronus an adamantine sickle e) Cronus castrates Uranus (his father) 8) Castration of Uranus a) Earth: furies and giants


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