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POSC 100, Week 4 Notes

by: Camryn Hohneker

POSC 100, Week 4 Notes POSC 100-04

Camryn Hohneker
Long Beach State

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About this Document

Class lecture notes from Week 4!
Intro to American Government
Professor Larry George
Class Notes
Posc, PoliSci, political science, Government, notes, study, WesternEuropeanPolitics, European Politics
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camryn Hohneker on Monday September 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 100-04 at California State University Long Beach taught by Professor Larry George in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Intro to American Government in Political Science at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 09/26/16
Week4Polisci DifferencesinGovernmentPerformance  WesternEUPoliticsareEasierforthe PeopletoUnderstandandUse o WesternEUgovernmentswerereformedafterWW2(withallthefascismand communismgoingon) o Governmenthasmoreresources o Powerofbusinessesandwealthyindividualsisrestrainedbygvmtandamore politically activecitizenry o Governmentstructuremakesiteasierforpeopletogetthegovernmenttodowhat they want  Greaterinequalityin theUS=someAmericansaremuch richer,andmany are morepoorer,than WesternEuropeans  Europeanspayhighertaxes,andgetbettergovernment  Most thingsthat governmentdoesaredone betterinWesternEurope(becausetheyhavethe moneyforit)  ProblemswithEuropeanSystem o Hightaxes,especiallyonbusinessmeansmore“protectionism” o Higherstructuralunemployment o EntrepreneurialopportunitiesaremorelimitedthaninUS o Lessinitiativeand“cando”mentality o Ethnictensionsoverassimilationofimmigrants  AdvantageofUS System o Cheaperconsumergoods o Lowertaxes,especiallyonbusinesses o Economicmobilityandflexibility  Both apositiveadnegative;sometownswillgetabandonedinpoverty,andit’s easiertoget firedfromajob o Excellenthighereducationsystem o Possibilityofgreatpersonalwealth o US economyismoreopen,entrepreneurialandcompetitive  US businessestendtobeefficientandresponsive  Strongwork ethicamongAmericans  Differencesinattitudestowardswork,career,status  BUT withsomeexceptions(militaryandhighereducation),government intheUS doesn’twork as wellasit doesinWesternEurope Whythe USGovernmentDoesn’tWorkAs WellAs European Governments  In theUS, thepublicsectorisgenerallyweakandunderfunded  TheUS politicalsystemmakesithardto getthingsdone forthe people o Governmentandpoliticsaredifficulttounderstand o Americanshistoricallydistrustpoliticsandgovernment o Multiplelevelsofgovernmentmakesithardto reform o US governmentwassetupto limit popularinput(makeithard to do thepeopleswill)— moreon thislater o Americansarealmostentirelyreliantontheprivatemarketforincome,jobs,security, health,housing,etc.  “FollowtheMoney” o 2 sourcesofpowerincapitalisticdemocracy  Money  Politicalpower o In theUS, wealthyandpowerfulinterestscanstopmostprograms theyoppose o Money(wallets)tenstowinoutovervotes(ballots) o Wealthyindividualsandbusinessesfinancethe candidatesofbothmajorpolitical parties  LifestyleDifferences(USvsWesternEU) o Americansaremuchmore economicallyinsecurethanWesternEuropeans o AmericansworkMUCH more  About315 hoursmoreperyear o Americanstendtoheavilyindebted o “Europeansworkto live,Americanslivetowork”  EconomicInequalityintheUSvs WesternEurope o In anycapitalisticsociety,somepeoplearegoingtomakemorethan others o In bothUS andWesternEU, professionalsearnsignificantlymorethanbluecollaror averagewageworkermakes……(checkslides) o Theamount that privatebusinesses….(slides)  Thetop 1% in US o Two peoplefromPOSC100 o Americansmakingover500,000/year o 3 millionpeople o 90% white o Almostallareeitherheirsorrankingofficersoflargecommercialorfinancialbusiness corporationsorextremelysuccessfulentrepreneurs o Bestoffpeopleintheworldeconomically o Pay moreintaxes(becausetheymakeore) o Thisis whyreducingtaxesistheirprimaryconcern(akaRepublicans) o Don’trelyon governmentservicesotherthanlawenforcementandnationaldefense o Politicallyopposetaxes o Tendto beconservative(Republican) o Theyprovethefundingbehindthe“TeaParty”  Top 20% inUS o “symbolicanalysts” o Firsttwo rowsinPOSC o Collegeeducated o Predominantlywhite,butincreasinglymoreAsian-AmericanabdLatinos o Earn a salarythroughmentalactivities  Numbers(accountants)  Words (writersandteachers)  Images(artistsandarchitects)  (computerpros)  Managers o 60 millionpeople o Americanpublichighereducationsystem o Materiallycomfortablelife o Careerand jobinsecurityisaproblem o Willhavetoshare theUS with240 millionincreasinglyeconomicallydisadvantaged frustratedAmericansinthebottom80%  TheBottom 80% of Americans o 240 millpeople o Non-collegeeducatedwageearners o Bluecollar(manufacturing,construction) o Whiterpinkcollar“service sector”(officeworkers,hospitalworkers,restaurant workers) o Economicopportunitiesarenotpromising o Almostonrealincomegrowthsince1970s o Jobsdon’tgivegoodbenefits o mostwillbeworseoffthantheirparents o Middleclassbluecollarjobsaredisappearing  Beingreplacedbymachines  outsourcesbyothercountries o forcesyoungerworkersareforcedintowhitecollarservicesectorjobsthatarelower paying(McDonalds,Walmart,etc.)  profitsinthesecompaniesgototop executivesandstockholders,notworkers  TheBottom 40% o Thingsare goingto getworseforthese120 mill.Americans o Wagesare decreasingovertime o Theirstandardof livingisdependentoncheapimportedgoods(toys,sportequipment’s, etc.)and unsustainablycheapenergy,likeoil o Increaseinunsupervisedchildrenandteens o No jobsecurity o Unreliablehealthcare  Epidemicobesity,diabetesandcancer o No pensionorretirementplans  No CollegeDegree? o Avghighschoolgraduateearns12,000$ LESS than avg highschoolgrad didin1980 o Collegegradearns25,000$ MORE thannon-collegegrads  46.2 millionAmericanscurrentlyliveinthefamilieswheresomeoneisworkingbutearning underthepovertyline  Poverty:familyincomedoesnotcoverbasicneeds(food,clothing,housing,transportatio, healthcare,etc.) o By thisstandardthereare 146 million“workingpoor”Americans  Thus,it’snot surprisingthatmostpoliticalcontroversiespitrichvs.middleclass vs.poor Americans The Bottom80% : USvs WesternEurope  WesternEuropesaysthisgroup can relyonthe publicsectorservicesandgovernment regulationofbusinessesfor o Jobsecurity o Wage increase o Healthcare o Familysupport o AndallotherbenefitspreviouslydiscussedthatWesternEUgovernmentprovides  AccumulatingProblemsinUS o Veryhighlevelofpoverty(1/3ofchildreninLACounty) o Highunemployment9>10%) o Youth unemploymenthigh(30%) o Leadsto highlevelsofcrimeandviolenceproducemostoftheworldsairand water pollutioneventhoughweconsume¼oftheworldsgoods  More dependentonimportedoil  Oron dangerousenergytechnologies  Increasingdependencyonimportedgoods  Politicalcontroversiesdon’tusuallyarisewhenthegovernmentisdoingsomethingwell  Interestbasedpoliticalcontroversiestendtoarisewhenthegovernmentisdoingsomething poorlyorfailingtodosomethingthatpeoplethinkitshoulddo  WesternEUhas improvedqualityoflifeforworkingandmiddleclasscitizensandprovidehigh qualityservices,whereasSgovernmentcantbecause o Interestgroupsbasedpoliticalsystemkeepstaxesonwealthylow o Provideloopholes o Limitregulationsofbusinessestherichrichandpoorpoor  PoliticalcontroversiestypicallyarrivebetweeneconomicincomegroupsofAmericans(rich, middleclass,andpoor)  EconomicInterestBased American politicalcontroversies o Publicsectorsoltinsgreaterroleforgovernment o Private sectorsolutions lettingbanksandbusinesscorporations…(seeslide) 


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