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Reading in Narrative 3383 Week 6 Notes

by: Ann McCarty

Reading in Narrative 3383 Week 6 Notes ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946

Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 > Reading in Narrative 3383 Week 6 Notes
Ann McCarty
OK State
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Cover the first few parts of Crime and Punishment. Also discusses the Psychology of the main character. I had a different version than my class, so the names are spelled different, however, after c...
Reading in Narrative
Edward J. Jones
Class Notes
crime, and, punishment, Reading, In, narrative, 3383, Fyodor, Dostoyevsky
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann McCarty on Monday September 26, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 at Oklahoma State University taught by Edward J. Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views.

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Date Created: 09/26/16
Reading in Narrative Week 6 Crime and Punishment Part I - Chapter 1: Our current main character, Raskolnikov, lives in an apartment place, he barters valuable things for money. We currently know that he has bartered a watch, a ring and plans to barter a silver cigarette box. After getting paid for the watch, he goes into a bar for the first time and has a drink. He notices that there is another fellow there that seems to be looking around. - Chapter 2: Ras. Gets to know this man, Marmeladov, finds out that he is a drunk with a wife, three step children, and one of his own. Ras. Learns that Marm. Drinks all of their money away. But he did try to do right by them by getting a job, which he held for a whole pay check, but then, he took the rest do the money plus some from his wife, and drank if all away. Eas. Goes with Mar. To see his wife, and she beats him. Ras. Leaves because there is a group of ppm that gather to watch. - Chapter 3:mRas. Learns that his sister was shamed by the lady of the house that she was tutoring in. She was shamed because the woman thought that his sister, Dounia, was trying to seduce her husband. After the husband tells it that it was him trying to seduce Dounia, the lady of the house clears her name and then, Doumiamgets a marriage proposal from a man named Pyotr Petrovich. It is a sudden event and Dounia agrees to the marriage. Ras’s. Future brother in,aw is coming to Petersburg, and the two men will meet. After Petrovich has a chance to find a place for the wedding ceremony, Ras’s. Mom and sister will also come to Petersburg, AMD the four of them will be together. Ras. Seems a little upset, or evil happy at the end of the second chapter. - Chapter 4: Ras. Is quite upset at his sisters’ engagement. From his mother’s descriptions, Ras. Is convinced that his future brother in law is a cheap man. He3 is very distraught that not only his mother can’t see through this, but his sister cant either. On his walk, he runs into a very young girl who seems to be drunk, and goes to try and help her when he sees that some other man is following her. A police man gets involved, and Ras. Explains that he suspects this other man of trying to have his way with her. The police man takes care of it. Ras. Then goes on his way to see his friend from the university. - Chapter 5: Ras. Continues to walk around. As he is going by downtown, he hears that the sister of the woman that he sells items to is going to be absent from the home leavening that woman alone. He plans to kill her. - Chapter 6: the day before he plans to kill the pawn broker, he ends up with a fever. He sleeps past 6pm and has to hurry with his preparations. When he gets to the place, he is somewhat nervous but then gets his resolve back. He rings and waits. - Chapter 7: He arrives at the pawnbrokers place, distracts her with the “pledge” made of “silver”. When she turns form him, he axes her in the head, killing her. He grabs the keys off of her, careful to not get blood on him, and goes to try and unlock the dresser. When he has no luck with it, he goes back to her body and takes the pouched necklace from her. After that, he goes under the bed and finds the lock box there with many “treasures” in it. After a time, he hears someone in the front room, and finds that it is the Reading in Narrative Week 6 Crime and Punishment pawnbroker’s sister. He kills her too. After that, he tries to get out of the apartment, but there seems to be too many ppl about. Two gentlemen come to the pawn broker’s apartment in order to do business with her, but upon not being welcomed in, they go to get the Porter, Ras. Is able to make his escape at that point, and becomes very exhausted. He hardly has the energy to put the axe back where he got it form. - END OF PART I - Chapter 1: Ras. Is paranoid that his things are still covered in blood, and in a sleepy stupor goes about finding all of the blood. Later, after waking from a long nap, he finds out that he is being summoned by the police. However he is sick and the “maid” lady says that he should not go, but he does. He gets into an argument with the clerk. He finds out that the summons pertain to him not paying his rent and his relief could not be more. On his way out, he hears some of the officials talking about the murder and he faints. After coming to, he is asked questions that lead Ras. To believe that some of the officials believe that he might be a suspect. - Chapter 2: because he is afraid of the police searching his house, he gathers the items that he stole from the pawnbroker, and buries them under a rock. After that, he goes to see his friend Razumichin, Raz. Raz tries to give him a job but he refuses the job. Later, in the middle of the night, he is woken up by the screams of the landlady. Ras. Concludes that she is being beaten by Ilya Petrocitch, one of the officials. When Nastasya, the “maid” comes in to nurse him, she tells him that no such thing has occurred and that it is just his blood curdling. - Chapter 3: Ras. Finally comes out of his sleeping state. There is a stranger in the room with him and Raz. And Nastasya. The strange man is a messenger carrying the 35 rubles that Ras’s mother has sent him. Raz continues to tell him about everything that has taken place the last few days. At the end of the conversation, Raz takes 10 of the rubles and goes off. Ras falls into another sleep that lasts 6 hrs. When he wakes back up, Raz shows him all of the cloths that he had bought for him. Ras isn’t necessarily happy about this, but he puts up with it. At the last minute, Zossimov, the official comes in. - Chapter 4: When Zo comes in, he and Raz talk about Ras and the house warming party that is taking place that night. Ras overhears them talking about the pawnbroker. Through this conversation the reader learns that through very specific events, the painter, Nikolay is suspected of the murder. Ras finds out that ear rings were found by Nikolay behind a door. He has an upset reaction to this. Raz ends by giving his idea of how the murders went down. What Raz doesn't realize is that his idea is rather spot on, and that his friend is the one that committed it. At the end of the chapter, a stranger comes in. - Chapter 5: After an awkward exchange of the stranger figuring out which man is Ras, we find out that the stranger is Dounia’s husband to be. Ras decides that this guy has dressed just for show, and that his cloths are too new. Ras and Raz are both starting to not like Pyotr die to how cheap he is in the placement of the women. Ras learns that Raz thinks that the man who killed the pawnbroker was a newbee at killing. Pyotr tries to appear informed to Ras Reading in Narrative Week 6 Crime and Punishment in his knowledge of the murder of the pawnbroker (PB) Ras acuses Pyotr of wanting to marry Dounia so he can control her After insults are thrown btwn the ‘brothers to be’ Raz and the Dr. are also told to leave. - Chapter 6: after everyone is dismissed, he gets up, dresses, grabs the remaining 25 roubles and change, and goes out. He is interested in a street band and gives them money. He then goes into a bar, gets all of the newspapers form the form the last few days and reads Zametov (The official) is there and they talk. They talk about crime in general as well as the death of the PB, and Ras talks as if it were him that did the killing, and then acts like he is only pulling the guys leg. He leaves the bar after that and while walking across the bridge, he sees a woman jump into the river and everyone comes to watch while one police officer jumps in to save her. After that, Ras find hmself walking. He ends up at the PB’s building. When he gets to her old room, there are two men. He decides to tell them details of the murder. This frightens the men, so all three leave and go to talk to the porters and the whole situation gets confusing for a while, and then Ras leaves. - Chapter 7: From the PB’s place, he is walking in the street, a there is a commotion in the street that he is walking on. When Ras finds out what is going on, he realizes that it is Marm that was trampled by a carriage. He offers to pay for the man to get health care and to get Marm to his house. Ras has the Dr. called, who says that Marm is dying and there is nothing that can be done for it. A priest comes and tries to get Marm to say his final prayers. Sonia also comes, and when her father sees her, he cries out for her and she goes to him. He dies in her arms. His wife wants to know what and how she is going to do for the children. Ras leaves and goes to Raz’s where the party is happening. He shows up just to say that he came, and then leaves, but Raz and the Dr. come with him. On their way to Ras’s, Raz admits that the official had suspicions of Ras being the killer of the PB. Ras almost tells Raz about Marm, but doesn't. When he notices a light in his room, they go in and find out that it is Ras’s mom and sister. He becomes frozen in place and when hugged, he faints. Raz tries to pass it off as nothing, and lays Raz on the couch. - END OF PART II - Chapter 1: Ras becomes ill again and sends his mom and sister away. Raz tries to further convince them to leave. It is also noted that he is looking at Dounia a certain way that alarms her at first. He finally gets them to go to their lodgings, he comes back at a later time to tell them how Ras is doing and even later, send the Dr. to explain even better Ras’s health condition. After a while, Raz and the Dr. leave together. Raz has fallen for Dounia and when the Dr. makes a comment about how pretty she is, Raz tries to distract him with the landlady, saying that it would be a favor if the Dr. could take her off his hands. I believe that the landlady that they are talking about is the one at Ras’s place. - Chapter 2: Raz talks to Dounia and her mother abut many things including Ras, his reactions and doings, Dounia’s husband to be and a combination of all subjects. Raz finds out that the two ladies had gotten a letter form Pyotr says that he didn't want Ras at their meeting that night. Dounia wants him Reading in Narrative Week 6 Crime and Punishment there anyway. When they get to Ras’s he is looking for them and closes the door upon seeing them. - Chapter 3: at first he seems happy to see them, but almost instantly becomes sad. He makes up with them and the Dr. as well as with Raz. Ras tells them tat he gave all the rest of the money away and about Marms family. He realizes that they are afraid to talk to him. He tells them to talk to him and then remembers the murder and becomes weak. The Dr. leaves (who has been there before the ladies and Raz got there). Raz is happy to find that the gold necklace watch that Dounia has, isn’t form her husband to be. Mom and Dounia want to know what Ras thinks about the letter and he replies with that the man is not that great of a writer. But he does consent to be at dinner. They decide how the man reacts will determine his character and who he really is. - FOR ALL FURTHER NOTES, SEE KNOWN WEBCITES 9.19.16 Crime and Punishment - He has in fact killed both of the women. - We need to understand that there is a difference between motive and Reason. - Raz. Pays Ras’s rent - The poor class is the class that needs the pawnbroker - Civil servant: have money etc. however, they seem to be creepy. Observations: - This novel is a psychologic profile. - Psychology is a new idea still, so he is still trying to figure out how to present the idea - We need to ask the question about “Motive” - Set in context of poverty - All about condition, factures environment - How is the novel structured in view of change meetings - Random events: live happens because of these. - The only thing that was planned was the murder itself. - Sociopath: this novel is an oversimplification of Ras as a character. - - he doesn't have all of the specific details of a sociopath, or the wrong ones. Plot approach/ Development: - 1. Murder of pawn broker and sister. - - she gains interest - - down payment, and she takes some of the profit form the sale - - predatory nature of lower class - - is reffered to as “that” event - - July is significant due to heat crime goes up in warm weather. - 2. Meets drinking dens - - meets Marmalodov Reading in Narrative Week 6 Crime and Punishment - 3. Better from home - - gives history - - foreshadow 9.21.16 How is reading Crime and Punishment helping me read other novels? What is the major proposition on ea. Novel? - Plot - Character - Environment - Narration - Inside v. outside - Economics - Character development - Philosophy based on the Characters beliefs - Narration/ authors voice: will go away w/ advancement - Motivation - Perspective - Manipulation - Negotiation btwn reader and author - Judgment of characters v. authors written description Swimming Treading Extinction. 9.23.16 Ras’s description - Sociopath - - Bi-Polar - - multipul personality /DID - - the language represents too much emotion. St. Petersburg: - Filthy, dangerous, impoverished, “Detroit” - History: university and courts and state, Drinking Dens - Events: - - Sonya has to convience him to confess the murder - - she is a prostitute, however the most innocent - - Mass/ Church.


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