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American History 1 Notes (Week 3)

by: Mikeila Ramos

American History 1 Notes (Week 3) History 2010- 34

Marketplace > Austin Peay State University > History > History 2010- 34 > American History 1 Notes Week 3
Mikeila Ramos

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About this Document

These notes do not cover the entire week because I was sick and unable to attend the lecture. Therefore, I apologize for the lack of content. However, anything missing can be located in the require...
American History I
Dr. Kelly Jones
Class Notes
puritans, religion, America, history, London, economy
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mikeila Ramos on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 2010- 34 at Austin Peay State University taught by Dr. Kelly Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see American History I in History at Austin Peay State University.

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Date Created: 09/27/16
th September 6 , 2016 Early English Colonization (continued) *They did not come for religious freedom because expressing such feelings was “wrong”. *  Transitions  New Charters, 1609 &1612 ­People weren’t making enough money.  John Rolfe and Tobacco: John Rolfe brought tobacco to Virginia and the new found cash  crop led to the neglect of necessities and focus on money. Last Year of the London Co. ***There was still no profit but a need for reform. ***  Headright System (not the same as indentured servitude) basically was a system where if  you pay your way to Virginia, you get 50 acres for each person who’s way you pay. So,  the mores you pay, the more land you gain. ­The land goes to the person that pays. ­indenture ~ a contract where something is   Racial Chattel Slavery= a labor system that bought or sold (contractual servitude in a  exploits a human for life and perpetuity in the  sense because there was a term limit) family … a perpetual inherited status based on race… the development of the modern concept ­the people who had their ways paid for them  of race have to work off their debt to the headright moveable ­ Not limited to but, mainly African Americans which was easier because they didn’t  property know the land well *** The contract is the difference between “being human” and being cattle. Slaves weren’t *** seen as human but had the status of a property (equivalent to cattle). Diversified Economy (First Slave Importation, 1619) General Assembly,1619  ­    Self­government (Council & House of Burgesses (elected representatives) was the first set up ­    The company appointed a crown approved governor that had veto power Disaster “Jamestown Massacre”, March 1622 ­ New Palatan leader… Natives realize that the English aren’t as caring as they portray  and that ALL THEY WANT IS MORE. ­ Bad winter September 6 , 2016 “Jamestown Massacre”, March 1622 (continued) ­ Conflict with King James because he wanted to buy tobacco form Virginia and sell it  himself  Economy’s       ­Colonists said no because they would lose money Backbone:                         ­They lost their charter, 1624 - Land                         *Now a  royal colony  with a crown appointed governor but their own house of  - Tobacco - Sl                           Burgesses Religious Context for Puritans in America Protestant Reformation in England Calvinism= predestination (you are predestined to go to heaven or hell and you can’t  change it… you find out once you die) ­    The elite (destined for heaven) ran the economy picked out by the people because they acted holy so they were believed to be able to see what happens after life  Puritan opposition to the Church of England ­ Purify the Church by leaving it (Separatists (Pilgrims of Plymouth, 1620)) ­ Non­separatists= purify from the inside (Mass. Bay Co., 1629 ­ “City on a Hill” ­ The elect(elders) rule the colony *Church and state work hand in hand  ­ The church was tax supported ­ General court and church supported each other


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